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Dumbed down version of Criminal Minds

Author: ppiper-979-128270 from France
17 February 2011

Seeing the first episode was really a major disappointment. The Role of Jonathan (Michael Kelly)telegraphs the ending "drama" in such a predictable manner that I nearly have to say this review is a spoiler. It seems like all of the characters lack real emotional commitment and are basic stereotypes. The first episode of this series does not have either the layers of complexity or commitment of Criminal minds. This seemed to be a "buddy" show. Forest Whitaker can find and play far better roles than this. Don't watch it, it's a complete waste of time. Although not all of the character have been properly introduced in the first episode it does not appear to have the makings of a good show.

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Decent...more detective work than profiling

Author: superflynat from United States
17 February 2011

This review will reference the original Criminal Minds a lot and is solely based on first and only episodes released so far, therefore my opinions may change as the season progresses.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior follows a Rapid Response Team (aka RED Cells) consisting of SA Sam Cooper (Forest Whitaker), the "level-headed" leader, Mick Rawson, the calm "foreign-accented" pretty boy, Simms, the trouble-some, angry vigilante, Beth Griffith, the overly attached empathizer, Gina LaSalle, the yet undeveloped personality, and lovable tech-savvy Penelope from the original CM. The team contains the typical garden variety of character archetypes.

Like I mentioned in the title, CM: SB is more detective work than profiling unlike the original series from which it took its name. Also unlike the other series which utilizes natural dialogue to explain what they are doing, CM: SB crowbars this in awkwardly with pointless conversation and ridiculous monologue. Characters also jump from one conclusion to another without much thought and rely much on assumptions. Other details such as when the team found the location of the body annoyed, since it is rather impractical to take your whole team without police help to canvass an area for a body. I know the opening title said "untraditional" but seriously, an FBI team operating from a gym? Little stuff like that bothered me in this series for some reason.

One last thing, in CM, the unsub was revealed more and more as the episode progresses and based on what the team concludes which I think is a very clever method. However in this, the unsub was hidden and then totally shown midway through the episode even though RED Cell didn't have a clue as to who he was. The hints of his identity came after his identity was already revealed.

All in all, it is an average detective show but no way on par with the original series.

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Author: rwburkhardt
27 March 2011

Poorly written with scripts that are at best,improbable.The story ideas aren't bad,but they are poorly written.The dialog is I'm guessing,supposed to be urgent and tense,but is merely rushed.There is little empathy between the characters and no cohesion in the unit.It's like every time they show up to work they're meeting each other for the first time.The acting is dismal-even Forest Whitaker turns in marred performances.The premise of the show has promise,yet the writers and the director(s?) churn out a very flawed product.I am surprised that this show has not been canceled yet.I will be further surprised if it's picked up for a second season without drastic changes in front of,and behind the camera.

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Just cannot get into it

Author: dmcd07 from United States
15 March 2011

I was pretty excited to see that they had made a spin off of Criminal Minds, as that is one of my favorite shows on TV. I'm three episodes in now, and just cannot get into it. I even stopped watching one of them, I was that uninterested. In fact, I'm in the middle of "watching" the show I DVR'd last week, and stopped to type this review.

They either need to get creative with the casting, maybe bring in some cameos from the original version to spice it up for an episode or two or flat out replace some of these people.

The cast is blah, the content is blah....whole thing is blah.

Overall, very disappointing.

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Not a bad start

Author: paddy0192 from United Kingdom
18 February 2011

I liked it ... If you watch the pilot and first season of L&O SVU, which is also a spin off show, it was very poor. But the producers identified what (and who) worked and what didn't and by the second season fixed it and most people would now say that the show is better than the original. It's always the case with spin off shows, they are very difficult to get off the ground because people can't let go of the original and are reluctant to accept and get comfortable with new characters in the world, created by the "mother ship". Even in the original show new characters are hard to integrate when they are the replacement of a former character when Rachel Nichols came in to fill A.J Cook's position she wasn't greeted with open arms by the shows fan base even though she is a great actress and plays her role very well. But after one episode of CM:SB I would say there is room for improvement but on the whole, if you can forget about Hotch, Reid and the rest of th BAU and try to view it as just another drama series then you'll enjoy it a lot more.

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Not a "true" criminal minds

Author: sasazg-1 from Croatia
18 February 2011

I was very disappointed with the first episode of this show and it seems this will be what show is about, a lesser version of true Criminal Minds.

Not a single character of this show is convincing, Forrest Whitaker has seen far better roles then this one, as a team leader he is weak, not all too likable. Basically, this show is a copy of the real Criminal Minds, only far, far worse, actually it can't stand in the same sentence with the original show. Matt Ryan character, for example, you basically couldn't understand what the guy is saying.

In all honesty, I would be very surprised if this show survives the first season, it just isn't worth it.

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Stop comparing it to Criminal Minds while watching, and it will be okay (but not good)

Author: Stian from Norway
24 March 2011

Most people probably dislike the show because they were expected, basically a Criminal Minds, from this point shortened to CM, clone, and no, that is not what you are getting or should expect.

The show have after 3 episodes done a bad job at making you bond with the characters, it's almost like they expected you to have seen the episodes of CM where these people appeared, and then assumes that they don't have to give you a better insight.

In difference from CM, these people don't seem to make much of a profile, they seem more obsessed with finding small hints, that other have overseen. Only the main character seems to have some insight in the minds of the criminals, since he try to place himself in their shoes, and understand why they did what they did.

However it isn't all bad, the criminals are somewhat interesting, as well as their crimes, and there seem to be a element in the series that have been poking my mind, but I have yet to put the finger on, which might make it better with time as one get used to that element (assuming it exists, and my mind aren't tricking me). Currently this seems to be all it is living on, but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt(for now), but it really do help to not think of it as an attempt to clone CM, and stop comparing it to CM.

Will not recommend it, at least not in it's current form.

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Quite a letdown.

Author: p w from United States
17 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this first episode with some hopeful anticipation. The story was stereotypical of this type of show....a kidnapped child, a pervert and the "heros". We have seen this plot so many times on Law and Order spin-offs and the ending was also to be expected. In case anyone hasn't watched it yet, I will not reveal the ending. I was really disappointed. This spin-off doesn't have the pizazz of the original. While Forest Whittaker is an excellent actor - this part isn't for him. In fact the entire cast was pretty bad. Apart from Penelope, they don't seem to have the professionalism, intelligence or looks that their counterparts do in Criminal Minds. I hate to be so negative, but their appearance, clothing, speaking style etc.....just doesn't work. An English accent is totally out of character for the FBI. Iwill not watch it again. It was indeed a flop.

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So, so disappointing

Author: sagebrush-9 from United States
24 February 2011

Criminal Minds (the original) is probably my favorite show on TV now, so when I first saw there was going to be a spin-off, I was so excited. And then I saw the cast. I was already put off when I saw Forest Whittaker as the lead, and then I noticed Jeneane Garofalo as well, and my suspicions for the show being a dud ramped way up. I watched, though, hoping that I would be wrong. I was, but only because I couldn't guess just how bad it would be.

Whittaker seems to slur his words a bit, making him a bit hard to understand, and even beyond that hasn't managed to create a credible seeming character.

Garofalo is just a seriously poor actress. She also manages to make things seem political in a very off-putting way.

Based on these two, the casting director should be fired and banned from the industry.

As a previous reviewer mentioned, another one of the characters is foreign with such a heavy accent that it's hard to follow what he's saying.

And then there's the guy with the inflated bad apple given a new chance past which also doesn't feel very believable.

Garcia (a character I love in the original) seems to be part of the cast for no other reason than because the producers could tell already they'd messed up with the rest of it and needed an already established and loved character to connect with the audience. Even this fails, though, because her scenes feel like inauthentic add-ons.

We're left with one member of the team (the other girl) who feels somewhat genuine, and unfortunately that's not enough to carry the show.

I also felt that the ultra-elite "red cells" premise was a bad idea, because it sets them up as being even better than the original characters. The situations don't seem any more dire or complex than those for the original, so it fails at establishing even why there's a need for a more specialized unit to deal with them, and the actors fail at creating characters that even seem equal to, let alone more elite, than those in the original series.

All in all, it is a thoroughly wasted opportunity to create a self sustaining spin-off (like SVU was to Law & Order)... and because this one will fail miserably, they likely won't ever end up trying again, let alone succeeding.

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What the H***

Author: hzlnut_28 from United States
25 July 2011

Nothing gets under my skin more than when a network cancels a show after one season. It takes so much time to build up characters, and to establish a following. The original Criminal Minds didn't even come into my radar until the second or third season. I only hope that in the future, networks will learn that it might take a little while. I can't believe after all the success of Law and Order and CSI spin-offs, CBS won't even give this show a chance. I imagine they will at least give a conclusion to the impressive season finale in the original series to satisfy people like me, but if they don't, it might just end my love for CM all together.

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