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Still funny but not as good as the previous two specials
bob the moo16 January 2011
With the regularity of a third world country, another power cut hits the Griffin house and it is with a weary sigh that everyone knows that the telling of Jedi is on its way.

This film has not been particularly well received but for me I found it funny enough to like if not love. The Family Guy Star Wars parodies are structured on the movies themselves so the fact that Jedi is not particularly good sort of makes it harder to do as a comedy everyone will like. In combination with this is that the spoof "franchise" is perhaps not as fresh as it was when they did Blue Harvest. This leads to some bits that are amusing but drag on far too long (the nodding bit for example, or that country singer) as well as material that is funny but is a bit obvious and seen-before. I still laughed though and there is enough here to draw regular laughs from those that like Family Guy – although I will caveat that by saying I do not watch the TV show so perhaps It's a Trap feels fresher for me whereas for regular viewers it may just be more of the same.

The in-joking is overdone even if it is funny. I liked them sticking it to Seth Green even if it did lack teeth in terms of what was said, but they did do it for too long. The rest of the material is reasonably good but, like I said, there didn't seem to be much enthusiasm or imaginative wit in the writing, like the obvious jokes were enough and if everything could be made to last a few more seconds it would only help the writers fill it up. The voice cast are typically good and the animation cannot be faulted (I do love how they look just like the original films), but the material just needed more spark.

I'm not sure if the "we were forced to make this by Fox" line is a joke or true but there is certainly a sense that it is an expectation rather than a good idea. I still found it funny and it provided me some good laughs throughout, but they were mostly silly gags and most of them ran on for a few seconds after my laugh had finished. Worth seeing and certainly not the dire spectacle that others here have said, but not as good as they first managed and it certainly had room to be sharper.
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It's... a Bit Dull!
thomdibble29 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Without a shadow of a doubt this 'final' instalment in the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy is the weakest, but that doesn't mean that it is a bad film. It doesn't demand your attention (but whenever has a Family Guy episode?), and is an easy viewing. There are moments of originality and a couple of clever and rewarding jokes, but ultimately, it feels clichéd and slightly stale, but is still rather enjoyable nonetheless.

There are some moments of pure gold in the film (a Stormtrooper pillow fight, 'Death Star' design flaws, Green versus MacFarlene and Louis / Leia's protestations about her treatment in captivity, for example, are standouts which raised big laughs), but on the whole, it's a simply watchable affair.

The first Star Wars spoof was endlessly enjoyable, casting favourite Family Guy characters as the now classic characters from the Star Wars universe, providing a fresh slant on the old story. That formula however grew stale quickly. Something, Something Darkside suffered a noticeable drop in quality from Blue Harvest as does It's a Trap! from Something, Something.

The problem with this Star Wars run is simple, they ran out of gags to tie in to the universe. There are too many predictable moments in it. Sure enough, Meg was cast as the Sarlaac creature and I was awaiting the 'appearance' of long-time running 'joke' Conway Twitty in this episode, and, sadly, it came. There is an enjoyable, if somewhat overlong, nodding gag, but is instantly recognisable as a time filling device. This episode even has to resort to dragging in characters from MacFarlene's extended universe, The Cleveland Show and American Dad! in a bid to, not only fill out the ever growing cast, but one feels, as an attempt to reinstall some originality to the proceedings. It fails.

Though it may not be a classic Family Guy episode, it is still worth watching, if only for completions sake, but perhaps waiting for the price of the disc to drop, or even wait for it to be aired on TV. Family Guy has long been declining in quality, but has had a recent resurgence, hopefully this latest dip is due to, as MacFarlene suggests, FOX demanding another Star Wars instalment against the will of the writers, only the next series of Family Guy proper will tell.
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Not even as funny as a regular episode
shez_ziauddin5 January 2011
Oh dear. In Peter's own words, "For crying out loud, somebody throw a pie!"

This third entry is joke-lite. The recipe seems to have been: copy-and-paste some clips directly from the Star Wars movie, manipulate them to look cartoonish, and then look for places to put jokes. Then look harder because Fox is pressuring you, then give up.

In the "scrolling-up text" at the start, it even says this is a poor show. They're basically saying "sorry this one's not funny. But you've just parted with $30 and that's the important thing". If I'd paid for this I would be seriously upset.

There's a 'head-nodding' skit which is the least funny thing I've ever seen on a Family Guy episode. It feels like it lasts 10 minutes. It doesn't work at all, and it feels like filler.

Don't bother buying this DVD. Wait a month or two until this is on some comedy channel. Or find it in a bargain bin. Or just find it in someone's bin.
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marcus2593876081 January 2011
The Family Guy series did a decent job of parodying Star Wars in general before introducing this trilogy of parodies and this shows that the parodies for Star Wars have gotten somewhat stale. Even the opening crawl said that the episode is not as funny as the predecessors so you know when they're just flat out saying it at the start there are glaring problems and whilst I know its supposed to be humorous and tongue in cheek but it shows that even they are running out of steam. Dare I say the same can be said for the series in general? Well that's a different debate altogether but the episode isn't horrible. It plays out like a regular episode as opposed to a special and loses some of the charm of the predecessors where you get the feeling they really enjoyed making them and that isn't there here.

The jokes are quite good mostly with a few good laughs here and there. The ewoks finishing off the stormtroopers at the end of the battle was very funny and whilst I would of thought I'd see it as a mere shock value gag it really amused me. There's the usual jokes about the flaws in the plot etc but like I say its growing stale and merely leaves me hoping that they don't touch the prequels because there will be no jokes outside of flaws which will make for a very boring episodes indeed. On the other hand the true weakest joke of the episode came in the spoof of the Sarlaac scene on Tatooine where they make fun the nodding of acknowledgement of the plan. This was amusing at first but it went on far too long like so many jokes on this show. While that joke was weak the only terrible joke was the 'Darth' Twitty gag which had me cringing. It wasn't funny once and it wasn't funny in any of the subsequent times and superimposing a Darth Vader helmet on does not automatically make it funny. In spite of these complaints it was more or less amusing with the Emperor played well by Carter Pewterschmidt and I'm glad they got him to play the role. There were some good in jokes about Seth MacFarlane and Seth Green especially during the lightsabre battle which during this scene anyway didn't feel like they were dragging it too long. To summarise this was an decent episode that I did enjoy there were just more flaws in this one than the others. I now hope they lay off the Star Wars parodies because even they know they are stale now surely
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It's Definitely a TRAP...
firehawk-ws626 December 2010
Let me preface this bad review with the following statement: I'm a HUGE Family Guy fan. I loved the Star Wars parody. I chuckled a few times during the Empire parody. But this latest installation? Not ONE laugh. Not even close. At least McFarland makes a "sorry about this one" statement during the initial "scroll". He covered his butt on it.

It's painfully obvious that this one was rushed through. It's cliché and tired, and it never seems to get off and running. I can rank it as worse than the season-ending "stuck in the bank" episode that recently aired. The extended "nod" joke in the Tatooine desert was just...I dunno, PAINFUL to watch.

Don't go into this one expecting good entertainment. It's just not there. As a matter of fact, I didn't even make it to the ending. I woke up as the end credits were rolling, pulled the DVD out of the player and put it back in the case. That's likely where it's gonna stay for a long, long time.

If I could ship this one off to a galaxy far, far away...I'd do it. Watch it once if you're a fan..and then let it go.
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My final goodbye to the Family Guy series
pentium199422 December 2010
Family Guy was a regular staple part of my TV diet in the last decade, but like everything else fox has touched (Sliders, The Simpsons), the show has steadily declined in its entertainment value and reminds me more of Ren and Stimpy than a well balanced show featuring equal amounts humor and slapstick comedy.

This downfall has unfortunately also transposed onto the movie series. The first movie was great, the second was so-so and it falls off the cliff with this. In the beginning itself when the credits are rolling, the script pre-warns viewers that the movie stinks and that they were forced into making one more as its a cash cow for Fox. Funny at first, but as the movie begins, you realize that they were right-it does stink.

The movie is very predictable and has few original scenes. In fact a lot of the movie is quite repetitive and just wastes time with a silly nodding routines and the now trademark time kill- Conway Twitty. All in all, it was an average film. not representational of the glory days of the show and a shadow of the first movie.

I already stopped watching the show on TV, and watching the movie was full circle for me. With confirmation that the second trilogy is also to be made into a parody movie, I'm confident I will not be watching that set anytime soon. It was a fun ride family guy, but I want off now.
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That's no moon, its a pretty awesome star wars parody
Leroy Camdog9 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I won't be jumping on the Family Guy Hate bandwagon, people have been knocking family guy for the last few years and I honestly don't know why, it has consistently provided me with easy viewing and a lot of laughs; I'm not quite sure what anyone else expects from their Family Guy episodes.

It's a Trap is pretty darn good, it begins telling you not to get your hopes up, and it is sort of right; its not quite as good as the other 2. This is because: 1) The first two were hilarious and (Blue Harvest in particular) a bit more groundbreaking. 2) Return of the Jedi wasn't as good a film as the other 2

But nonetheless it was a very good film/episode (whatever it is, i'll be referring to it as a film). I particularly enjoy how Family Guy exposes a few minor plot-holes - the inefficiency of storm trooper armour - R2D2 waiting till the last moment to give Luke his lightsabre and the list goes on, but you'll have to watch.

I also was happy to see Darth Conway Twitty make an appearance, I was also much more happy that it was as brief as it was. I also enjoyed that the Wilhelm scream featured as it does in the film! And the fact the film is called 'It's a Trap' its little 'in-jokes' like this that make me enjoy it even more; especially the tirade of abuse that goes Seth Green's way during the film.

I think it is a thoroughly well done parody of a great film, and I enjoyed that they don't overhype it for you; the film begins with Stewie saying "oh god we're doing Jedi aren't we", and the film acknowledges that it isn't going to be as good as the others, which is admirable and correct. However definitely worth a watch, and it's better than your average Family Guy episode that's for sure.
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Seth Green, not Macfarlane
hyosuke9223 December 2010
Normally I don't see the point in doing movie reviews, but this seemed like a good time. If you are a huge an of the original Star Wars movies like I am then this is not a parody you want to watch. Trying to squeeze a 2 1/2 hour move into the course is a bad Idea to begin with, but it seems like they didn't even try. I didn't find "Blue Harvest" very good, but it was funnier then Empire, and much more then "It's A Trap". For some stupid reason they feel the need to drag out a single joke over a whole minute. Seth Macfarlane and Seth Green always have their who's better arguments, and after watching Robot Chicken Star Wars III I'd definitely say Seth Green. Rbt Chkn 3 is full of laughs non-stop, they actually tried with it, instead of just releasing it because it was expected. If you want a parody that is hilarious, but doesn't make you want 45 minutes back go with robot chicken.

I was overall Very Disappointed. I gave it a low rating because of, poor or next to no entertainment, about 15 minutes in I was already thinking please god end this, and At the the main title "scrolling space text" Macfarlane didn't exactly build it up at all. If you don't believe me watch it yourself, I am almost positive you will be disappointed.
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edwbur26 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
this wasn't the best star wars out of the family guy trilogy but was good. i got this for Christmas and i had a few doubts because like the real movie return of the jedi it got boring a lot. but at least macfarlane was wise enough to cover those boring parts with comedy. i am a huge family guy fan. i especially liked when stewie (darth vader) and lois father (the emperor) started to insult seth green while talking to chris (luke). it just so happens seth green is the voice of chris but every family guy fan knows that. anyway chris goes into defense for seth green and kept getting mad about them insulting seth green. and that is how the battle between chris and stewie started. i especially laughed about the way darth vader (stewie) died. hilarious. buy this movie. you wont regret it. seth macfarlane is a comic genius. especially with family guy and the cleveland show. American dad not so much.
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Gave it 3 Stars because thats how many times I laughed
rperez14-608-66789731 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a big fan of Family Guy and have been for a long time as well as a Star Wars fan and wow was this movie is just crap! You'd think after all the references Seth uses from Star Wars and having an interview with George Lucas he would have put effort into something he claims he "loves." Yeah he covers his ass by saying it sucks in the beginning and that the company was basically forced to write it and you wonder why even make it then? Does family Guy suck that much that another network wouldn't just pick it up like honestly he rags on his own network like crazy yet still does what they tell him to, lately I think both FOX and Seth only care about dollar signs because as the seasons have gone on they seem to imitate The Simpson's in many aspects one in particular is that both Homer and Peter seem to get stupider as the seasons drag on. I loved the beginning of the seasons and the first 2 Star Wars movies but ahh I guess it's good that you can stream all the seasons on Netflix for 7 bucks instead of wasting 40 for a 3 disc season or now a movie that was made that you'd want to clean your butt with. All in all this movie shits on Star Wars with lack of effort and repetitive jokes to waste time!
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