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Nicely done Episode
gordonl5619 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I LED 3 LIVES "Hit and Run" 1956

This is episode 21 from season 3 of the 3 year and 115 episode run, of the Red Scare series, I LED THREE LIVES. This 1953 to 1956 series is based on the exploits of, Herbert A. Philbrick. Philbrick spent 9 years undercover for the FBI keeping tabs on the Communist party. Richard Carlson plays the title role.

Carlson is contacted by his Commie Cell leader and told to report to a meeting. He shows and finds that there is no meeting, instead he is told to hand over his car keys and wait. The cell leader, Valeri Gratton, exits to another room and hands the keys to Red agent, Coulter Irwin. She then gives Irwin instructions on a package he is to collect.

Irwin heads off but gets himself involved in an accident. He clocks a woman at a crosswalk as he turns a corner in Carlson's sedan. Irwin does the old hit and run bit and races back to Cell Leader Gratton's place. There was a witness to the hit and run and the Police are summoned. Irwin now bursts in on Gratton and Carlson and lets slip about the mess up. Gratton has him exit the rear and head to a cab stand. She tells Carlson he best forget about the incident.

Carlson goes out to his car and sees the broken headlight from the hit and run. He now returns to Gratton and asks what is going on? Gratton tells him to be a good party member and take the collar if the Police ask about a hit and run. Carlson leaves and contacts his FBI handler, John Beradino. He fills the FBI in on what he knows about the Commie agent and gives them a full description of the man.

Matters come to a head quickly as the LA Police soon run down his car and but the grab on him. The Police are not in on the gag with the FBI. The FBI however save the day when they collar the Commie agent off the info Carlson gave them. The FBI then hands over Irwin to the Police and the hit and run witness identifies Irwin as the driver, getting Carlson off the hook.

A pretty good episode with veteran b-film man, Lew Landers at the directing controls. Landers helmed over 120 films for the big screen between 1934 and 1953 before moving to television work.

John Beradino was a major league baseball player from 1939 to 1952, except for three years in the U.S. Naval Reserve. He played second baseman and shortstop for the St. Louis Browns, Cleveland Indians, and Pittsburgh Pirates, winning the World Series with the Indians in 1948. He retired after a leg injury and took up acting.
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