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"Desperate Housewives" - "Moments in the Woods" - April 17, 2011

Secrets and lies tonight on Wisteria Lane.

The major storyline here Andrew is working his way through the AA steps when he gets to the one about amends. He decides that he must confess to Carlos that he ran over his mother and to ask for forgiveness. Bree thinks this is a bad idea as it will cause Carlos to kill Andrew. She derails his first attempt to come clean and instead they both give Carlos his thanks for taking such a kind, fatherly interest in Andrew when Rex died.

Later, however, when Bree discovers that Andrew has gone on a camping trip with Carlos she panics. She and Gaby race up to the cabin in the woods and when they discover Carlos with blood on his hands and a shovel with fresh dirt on the tip and Andrew is not there in the pouring rain. Bree and Gaby do that thing that only happens on television, and they reveal that Andrew ran over Mama Solis - thinking Andrew already told him. Of course, he didn't. Andrew arrives back to the cabin alarmed. But not as alarmed as Carlos who is, justifiably, seething with rage: that Andrew ran down his mother in the hit-and-run, that Bree covered it up, and that Gaby knew and said nothing. At first Carlos tries to get Andrew to drink to his mother-- thereby ruining his 30 days of sobriety-- then he stalks off into the rainy night even though the access road to the cabin has been washed out.

The next day the trio finds Carlos at his mother's grave. They all try to apologize but he only wants to talk to Andrew, whom he apparently forgives for being a kid and making a mistake. But when Bree brings him a muffin basket later to express her gratitude at this gesture Carlos tells her in no uncertain terms that they are no longer friends since Bree covered up Andrew's hit-and-run that killed his mother. Carlos also tells Bree that she is not to come over, call, or ever speak to both him and Gaby again, and do not much as wave at them on the street. Gaby says he can't speak for her, but Carlos says he just did and slams the door in Bree's face.

Meanwhile, things are getting both better and worse in the Scavo house since Tom took his hotshot new job. He comes home with a $100,000 signing bonus but has to work all the time. Lynette tries to go "crazy" with some of the money but only manages to buy a fancy new coffee maker. Disgusted, Renee takes her on a proper shopping spree for fancy clothes, shoes, and jewely to get off on the "rush" of spending lavishly and foolishly. But when Lynette wants to show this stuff off to Tom at a celebratory dinner she planned, he calls and says he's on the corporate jet on the way to a big meeting in Montreal. Lynette being the sneaky and desperate Lynette as always, bribes the pilot to delay the flight a half hour and brings the fancy dinner and her sexy self to the plane, trying to seduce Tom into a little pre-flight nookie. He points out that she's only made him late and he's got to go. She wonders about this new job and it's demands but he admits that he's having the time of his life, he loves the new position and finds and it fun and exhilarating. He thanks her for making him jump at the job, compliments how she looks and sends her on her way. Lynette realizes that Renee was right: wealth and power come with a price.

Susan's kidney transplant was a resounding success says her doctor at a check-up. Susan is happy and wants to chat up her old dialysis buddy, Dick Barrows, who is still waiting on a kidney. The doctor says he's in the hospital so she should stop by. She goes to see him and they chat merrily, apparently having become much better buddies over the course of dialysis than the one episode we saw. Dick jokes she has that "new kidney smell" and calls her lucky and that when he gets out of there they need to go to the casino so her luck can rub off on him. Alas, it's not meant to be as he dies that night. When Susan goes to visit him-- after having cleaned out the other ladies at poker-- his nephew hands her an envelope. Inside is a $100 casino chip with an encouragement to keep the winning streak alive. So, Susan goes to the casino -- where she runs into Roy-- and heads for the poker room where she does indeed keep winning, all the way up to $20,000. But she can't stop crying each time she wins. She explains to Roy that she basically has survivor guilt about Beth and her dialysis buddy. Why is she so lucky and they weren't? He tells her a story about a near death experience as a soldier in the Korean War that claimed a fellow soldier's life and that sometimes you just shouldn't bother asking "why?" and just let life happen.

Just released from prison, the crafty and mentaly deranged Felicia goes to visit Paul claiming that his house is now hers since a convoluted will that Beth wrote years ago gives her a claim to it. Paul responds by throwing her out. The next day she returns full of contrition with her whole "our hate killed Beth, let's be friends" storyline going again and suggests they journey together to scatter her ashes at a nearby lake that Beth loved. They do go and Felicia continues making noise about how this would've made Beth happy, them working together. Paul isn't so sure he can trust Felicia and has brought a gun just in case she tries something. Felicia tries, to no avail, to once again get Paul to admit to killing her sister Martha 10 years ago. Felicia first tries to trick Paul into making a slip about details of the murder conceding that she knew that Martha drove Mary Alice to suicide. Aware of what Felicia is doing, Paul doesn't rise to the bait. Felicia manages to swipe the gun from him and at the lakeside with the urn in her hands says that she could end all this mistrust and hate right now by killing him with one bullet and getting away with it. Instead, she throws the gun into the lake saying that they must put this behind them. Paul takes the urn and scatters the ashes and seems genuinely touched. But, when they return to their respective homes we see Felicia pull out a shoebox and refill the urn, which is really Beth's ashes. Felicia then starts speaking to the urn saying that she will make Paul pay for what he did to Beth as well as Martha, and that killing him is too easy of a solution.


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