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********* educational and great fun
mbmiller-o21 December 2010
I'm writing this review partly because I've been watching the show with my daughter and partly because I read a negative review and thought it was very misleading. I want to set the record straight.

I just finished one adorable episode where the kids traveled to visit reindeer and learn what they eat and how the find it. Next they befriended a spider and learned how a web is made. I didn't know some of the web-making details (I'm a 52-year-old scientist) but it was presented in a fun and entertaining way that anyone could understand. My daughter is 3 years old and I'm sure she doesn't get all of it, but she loves to watch and it certainly isn't too simple for her. It is for children, but Martin Short is doing the Cat-In-The-Hat voice and he is a huge talent and always funny. I think it is very amusing both for children and adults.

I'm watching it in high def on a 1080p HDTV and it looks fantastic. I have no idea what the other reviewer is talking about. The animation is pleasant to watch and I don't see any problems with shading -- I don't think there is any shading.

Anyway, it's a great new show. It is educational and fun. We'll definitely be watching it for a few years.
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Excellent for the kids!
Derek Lipscomb3 October 2010
I've always watched PBA television shows with my kids. They are 9 and 12 and we've been watching these shows since they were born. This is an excellent way for me to spend time with them, reminisce on when I read The Cat in the Hat, and now - able to share the new adventures with them as well. It's an excellent show! The rhymes are great! The stories show huge imagination. All of us who remember the book series also remember that the imagination was always the large part of the series. Now, coming to life on television, is even better. The experiences the kids and Cat in the Hat go through are funny and exciting! My kids enjoy the show. I enjoy the show!
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Entertaining and humorous
ctyankee120 October 2015
I am an adult and watch the Cat in the Hat. I think the images, color and animation are amazing.

They teach a lot of things like today about toads and frogs and animals eating before hibernating. The Cat teaches the kids and lets them experience what the animals do. I have to say as an adult I did not know a lot of these things about animals.

Martin Short does an excellent job as the Cat They teach the kids good manners like "ask your mother" when the Cat wants to take them on a trip.

I find that just the visual colors and the way the characters are drawn are very soothing and entertaining not like the way current cartoons are drawn with multi colored faces and crazy looking bodies. In general the episodes that I have watched are great.
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MrGenre14 September 2010
Surprised this show made its debut on PBS as it doesn't meet their usual learning standards. Martin Short as The Cat is fantastic, of course, but none of the information they provide about animals is detailed enough to challenge youngsters.

The animation was a surprise in that they kept to the original style (this is based off a series of non-fiction books that also parody Dr. Seuss' style), but it seems forced and the shading on some characters seems awkward as they move around. A revamp in how the characters look would have been a welcome addition to a show that really seems a bit short-sighted overall...

With other shows like "Dinosaur Train," "Sid the Science Kid" and "Curious George" in the current PBS lineup, this show seems downright simplistic. Not to mention the confusion of mixing fake words with real science terms: a reason LeSeig never wrote non-fiction.

It's too bad, too. Could've been a great show!
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