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Tracking the rise of each fighter, Champs underscores the incredible skill, talent and fortitude each had on their way to the top, however it never shies away from pointing out the systemic failures that let them down.
Bert Marcus offers more sociology than boxing fans may expect, using mean-streets origin stories not just for biographical intrigue but to comment on hardships his subjects faced later in life.
As a documentary, Champs feels a bit punch-drunk - weaving from one idea to the next while never quite zoning in on any particular target for too long.
The sport is surveyed and discussed as the historic route of the underclasses to change their station in life.
Champs is all over the place and at times too polished for its own good - too many celebrity fan testimonials when more insider insights would have helped. But it comes from a place of caring for an oft-maligned sport.
Often it's the fighters themselves who best sum up the appeal of “the sweet science.”
An unfocused mishmash that thrives only when it fixates on footage of actual bouts.
There's nothing especially new or vital to these familiar scenes; ditto a late excursion into the realm of concussions - undoubtedly an epidemic for athletes of all stripes, but one that further muddles an already unfocused film.
Champs dances around the ring when it should be punching.
The New York Times
Now and then this documentary by Bert Marcus rises above mere promotion, leaving you wishing it had tackled the sport's difficult questions in more depth.

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