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Great pilot episode!

Author: Marissa M
29 July 2014

This aired an a pilot episode on Hulu after it was rejected as a series for the Fox channel.

I actually wish that I never watched this because after seeing it I longed for another episode, but then after a quick google search realized there would not be another. It's a great thriller romance and the plot is fairly original. I think the actors chosen also played their parts well and none of them came with a predetermined character type that they usually play the role of.

Great show and I wish it could have been picked up; I'll just have to read the books to find out what happens.

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Do I Dare Disturb The Universe

Author: georgina10
8 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went into this without knowing it was a TV pilot and without knowing it was not picked up! Probably a good thing to do whenever watching something new - you are left with a very genuine opinion. I LOVED IT and WANTED MORE! That, in one sentence is what my opinion is of Delirium - I thought this was a movie and was glued to it from the beginning. My ONLY disappointment was at the end when I wanted more and went looking for part 2 or information on follow up episodes to learn it was a TV pilot and has NOT been picked up! Disappointed is an under statement!! This was a great story and I was deeply involved in how this would all turn out for them. Great cast, very believable story line, and emotional involvement for both sides of the "Delirium" debate. Would you have the procedure? and to the parents that have had it done are you any better? Could you really spend your life without these deep feelings and emotions? .These were great questions that would no doubt have been dealt with in future episodes. I was on the edge of my seat at the end for Lena and was excited to see what was next for her, would she meet her Father? would she be reunited with her new love interest, would he survive? These are all the right kind of questions you want for a TV series, you want viewers WANTING MORE and Delirium ticked all those boxes!. To those who have read the book and said it is nothing like it etc etc , then I say THIS was just 1 episode , a pilot, a TASTE of the book series and a sample of what was to come and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I agree with others who also enjoyed it and have said they are tired of the endless "cop shows" being picked up , yet we have something different here in Delirium that would suit a whole range of viewers and it failed to get picked up....... WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? I am a huge fan of Criminal Minds and CSI and Blue Bloods or so many of the same style Comedies but there is plenty of room for something completely new, something like Delirium. "DO I DARE DISTURB THE UNIVERSE" = ironic!

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Exceeded My Expectations

Author: toria-18 from Australia
26 June 2014

I just thought I would give my thoughts on this show since I am such a massive fan of the book trilogy and Lauren Oliver's work. When I first heard it was going to be made into a TV show rather than a movie series, I was shocked and scared .. As normally TV adaptions are further from the book than they would be if a movie. However Delirium exceeded my expectations. Yes many things are changed from the book, But i honestly believe that it didn't ruin the series for me at all. I really loved it, seeing how the city was portrayed and the characters come to life on a screen, It was amazing and I thought it was great. Definitely better than i thought and I would recommend that anyone who read the books or is curious about the show to watch it. I actually loved seeing this interpretation of it.. I know it has changed a lot but that's what's supposed to happen, we get a different take on the books and get to see it come to life and I loved that. I am bitterly disappointed that the show was not picked up by a station and I wish we could see the ending to Delirium. I would do anything to see this show finished and completed and I beg whoever is in charge .. to make more! It really needs to be finished off !! I was thoroughly enjoying it and I am hoping with all my heart that it continues on!! Thanks!!

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Major Case of Cliff Hanger

Author: elizabethe1223 from Indianapolis
28 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was AMAZING! I just wish there was a sequel to it because where it leaves off is not a good place. I don't understand why FOX has not adopted this movie project and televised it even, it would make a killing. The actors are AMAZING and you can feel the chemistry between Emma Roberts who plays the female lead: Lena, and Daren Kagasoff who plays the male lead in love with Lena: Alex, just the simple things they do make the movie that much greater. This is a hit and hopefully FOX gets some sense and realizes that. It is not too late for this to be shown and forwarded. Crossing my fingers that a sequel comes to life! There are just so many unanswered questions that people who have not read the books will not understand, and frankly people who have would like to see what they have been envisioning in their heads play out on screen. It is refreshing to see characters come to life through film and these actors do a fantastic job and should continue playing out the love and adventure of Lena, Alex, and all the other characters too!

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Author: tifftoffvolly
10 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After loving the books so completely, I was sad to see this badly made short. It squashed, what was, an entire book into a shabby 40 minute episode that by no means aligned with the book. For a start, Lena's mother, not her father, was locked in the crypts. There were also scenes at Lena's uncles shop that I saw as crucial for the development of the love between Alex and Lena. She also did not live with her sister, but with her aunt. Plus her cousin Grace who is a big part of why Lena does not want to leave is left out completely. Then there is the part where Lena and Alex cross the border just for a day to visit his caravan type thing and what happened to picnics in the abandoned house? Also, when Lena crosses the fence at the end there is supposed to be anyone waiting on the other side, that's why she finds Riven, Tack and the other invalids in the second book. (Note I have not said everything that's missing) To conclude many developmental parts have not been included, the love was rushed, the entire thing was rushed. Over all it was disappointing and only followed the book loosely, revealing different things at different times. Also the amount of knowledge we were given about people that we had not met yet in the books wasted valuable screen time and gave to much away to quickly, diminishing the elements of surprise and/or curiosity. My advice: Don't watch!

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In many ways, Delirium appears inspired by The Giver, but is more angled toward appealing to those who would like something Divergent style.

Author: Amari-Sali from
27 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WIGS is a web station which has a sole focus of having women in leading roles, well for the most part white women, but it has to be said that most of their programming certainly does force the idea that just because something is web based, it doesn't mean it is an inferior product. Especially when compared to something which traditionally would premiere on TV. Delirium is no different for while it does seem like a CW show, or maybe one of ABC Family's weaker offerings back when The Secret Life of the American Teenager was their biggest hit, it nonetheless surely has an audience.

Topic 1: A Loveless Society – Lena & Hannah

Sometime in the future love has seemingly become taboo and banished from a person's emotions when they are 18. Up until then, everything, in school anyway, is separate. Boy have classes with boys and girls have classes with girls, and then when you are 18 you lose the ability to develop love for someone and are paired off. Needless to say, this seems less than ideal, but in their world it solves so many problems.

For example, heartache, and the violence which can come with it, seems to be eliminated. For example, Lena's (Emma Roberts) mother killed herself upon being told her husband died, thus leaving Lena to be raised by her older sister and husband. However, just because people are taught to avoid love like it is cooties, it doesn't mean girls don't get giddy over the prospect of who the government will arrange their spouse to be. Lena's best friend Hannah (Jeanine Mason), for example, is skittish and worries over who her husband is to be. Though, lucky for her, she ends up getting the son of a senator.

Topic 2: Those in Power – Thomas

A group known as DFA, a major supplier of the Deliria prevention drug, is ran by Thomas Fineman (Billy Campbell). A man who seems solely invested in the treatment of Deliria due to his heart being broken by a young lady named Sunny when he was a teenager. But while he may tout the end of the plague, which is love, as being something good, and a nationwide issue, he is a slight hypocrite. Which I say solely because not only does he have banned literature and music in his study, which inspire feelings of love, but also still holds onto a picture of Sunny, the girl who broke his heart. All of which is discovered by his son Julian (Gregg Sulkin) who has yet to be vaccinated, and may not be able to due to a low white blood cell count. Though if Thomas had his way, he would never mind what the doctors say and make sure his son got vaccinated. Something which may have to be done soon since Julian seems to be a bit of a voyeur with Hannah being a prime target.

Topic 3: The Resistance – Lena & Alex

However, Hannah isn't the only target of someone, or should I say something, on the show. Lena is a target as well, but more so of the resistance movement. You see, very much like The Giver there is a fence, or wall, which separates those being controlled and those who are not. Something Thomas worries about especially when the resistance movement attacks his facility and steals documents. Leading to why Thomas and Senator Hargrove (Michael Michele) meet. For his 5 million DFA members, all he wants it the ability to search people's homes without a warrant. Something he gets.

What he doesn't realize though is that the resistance has infiltrated his armed forces, as well as the senator's staff. As for why Lena matters in all this? Well her father, the would-be dead Conrad Holoway, was a major player in creating the Deliria cure. But, from what we learn of the resistance members, it seems he realized how destructive the cure was so he decided to try to reverse its effects. Due to this, not only was he locked away, but his family was told he died. However, with his escape comes a 2nd chance for the end of the Deliria cure and Lena is the key to finding Conrad for they expect him to come looking for her.

Thus leading to them sending Alex (Daren Kagasoff) in to romance her and bring her beyond the fence. For with his position as a cop he has a wide range of movement and, with him being young and attractive, I'm sure they figure him a better operative than someone who could try to convince her with words alone. And damn if he not only befriends Lena, and makes her feel the emotion of love, but to seal her fate he delivers a nice ole' kiss on the girl.

Unfortunately for Lena though, when she decides to have a moment with Hannah and share her feelings, it backfires. Hannah tells Lena's older sister, her sister calls the cops, and Lena is almost forced into getting the Deliria cure. That is until Alex rams the cop's car and saves Lena, though at the sacrifice of himself. Leading me to wonder if Alex is going to be punished, or try to play as if he couldn't keep control of her.

Either way, I got to admit this was kind of a boring show. Roberts just doesn't make for a good lead in this "I have been lied to my whole life" type of story, and none of the characters, whether hero, villain, or in between, really get your attention in this pilot. Making me wonder if the book this is based off of is any better.

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Drying Paint is More Interesting

Author: insertnamehere32
17 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Did the producers, writers, whoever even glance at the book? If you've read the book, don't bother watching this drivel. Can we start with the fact that it opens with the main character in a car with her sister, despite the fact that in the book it says she is poor and hardly anyone owns cars anymore? Also, her sister Rachel is not supposed to really be in the picture. Where are Carol, Grace and Jenny?

Also WHO in the F are the Finemans? Now you're making up characters? The whole initial meeting with Alex is absolute BULLSHIT. And it was supposed to be cows, not sheep.

I stopped watching at this point because it was just so awful and I felt bad for the cast because it must be impossible to put forth your best effort with such shitastic writing.

Never been so disappointed in an adapted movie. Where was Lauren Oliver during the making of this tragic film?

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Equilibrium. with all feelings and non of the fighting.

Author: Jonathan Whittaker from Manchester
9 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The show was a watered down romantic rip off, of the movie Equilibrium. With no fighting. Standard easily readable plot line Two characters fall in love. Get split up. Have to then find each other etc.... All the time the big leaders are living secretly with love. The cure is just to control the masses. With the sub plot of finding her father. That we know will never happen until the very last episode or he'll die after series 2. 5 minutes after finally finding him..

The whole no love but every other emotion is intact..??? Futuristic nonsense, wrapped up in a Romeo & Juliet package. Standard boring teen romance.

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Great plot, bad casting.

Author: ebookerys
6 September 2016

I admire this book, really. It has an amazing story line. And I was delighted when I heard this book to be adapted into TV Movie. When I saw the first time, I particularly liked the casting Emma Roberts as Lena. Because she does look like Lena description! Eyes that aren't green or brown, but a muddle. Not thin but not fat either. The only thing you could definitely say about Lena is: She's short. and I think she's great portrayed as Lena. Daren Kagasoff as Alex, are you kidding? he did not look like Alex. In the book Alex is describe with golden brown hair, like leaves in autumn just as they're turning, and he has bright amber eyes. He's tricky one. and I thought Alex Pettyfer would look great as Alex Sheathes. And poor Hana, she is nowhere near Hana description. Hana has golden hair, halo hair and bright gray eyes, not black. I prefer Ashley Benson as Hana.

Pretty good pilot. I really hope that one day it will become a movie. Because the story of this book is fascinating.

(sorry if my grammar is messy)

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Author: S . from United States
24 August 2014

This is a pilot for a show; it is not a movie.

This pilot was interesting and as much as I wanted to love the show, I did not. I thought it had potential, but however did not live up to my expectations from all of its promotion.

The show is worth the watch at least for the concept. I have not watched anything from the WIGS network before, so that also made the show intriguing.

There are holes in the plot and the special effects could be far better. Where it was going to lead was very obvious; I am not sure if that was bad directing or if that is how the book was written.

If they would have continued the show I would have watched it for the concept, not because I loved the show. There are a lot of shows I watch because I like the type of show it is (like science fiction or fantasy).

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