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Season 2

23 Feb. 2012
Episode #2.1
In Kashmir King negotiates the release of the Mehtas,a British Asian couple visiting their son Mahavi but local police open fire,causing kidnappers Anwar Razdan and English-born Leela Nishad to escape with Mahavi onto a tourist bus,where they hold the occupants hostage. King gets the police to hold fire but Razdan,learning that his family has been taken,threatens to shoot a hostage each hour until they are released. King persuades him to wait until dawn but discovers that Flo,daughter of British Foreign Secretary Robert Holland,is on board. Meanwhile housewife Beth ...
1 Mar. 2012
Episode #2.2
The two kidnappers fall out as the less fervent Leela questions the need to execute hostages. The injured Mahavi is released and Flo slips her passport into his pocket to hide her identity. However he is later seen making a phone call and when the kidnappers agree to release all the women and children she is held back. Eventually all the passengers are freed except Flo and Shaun and Leela offers to release Flo in exchange for immunity for herself. King consents but when he reaches the agreed meeting place makes a grisly discovery.
8 Mar. 2012
Episode #2.3
Angela flies out to console King after the murder of Carrie. Robert Holland wants them off the case as he will pay up but King aims to stay on and avenge Carrie.He meets with Razdan,who has Shaun Cooper hostage,but claims that he no longer has Flo. It becomes clear to King that somebody he had believed to be a hostage is in fact a kidnapper,working with Leela for their own financial agenda. He sets out to expose the duplicity amongst the gang members and bring Carrie's murderer to justice,at the same time releasing Flo and Cooper.

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