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The New York Times
Taking a coolheaded approach to hot-button issues, Fly Away overcomes its neatly bow-tied ending with strong performances (including Greg Germann as a sensitive neighbor) and a spare, intelligent script.
The lovely, heartbreaking Fly Away benefits from superb performances and a gripping story managed with simplicity and grace by writer-producer-director Janet Grillo.
Exceptional performances by two femme leads and sensitive but unsentimental storytelling throughout.
The actors are so exemplary that it is difficult to imagine this is not a documentary. They might not be household names, but they will be.
Fly Away is an affecting portrait of a single mother and her severely autistic daughter.
Fly Away is more situation than story, though, and the Germann character's welcoming, almost saintly vibe doesn't fit.
Fly Away could have been stronger if its antiseptic visual style, which anchors it in old-fashioned TV movie mode, had been more adventurous in shouldering some of the weight of depicting the emotional and psychic anguish of the story.
Rickards tries hard in a difficult role and Greg Germann offers nice support as an empathetic neighbor. But like her character, it's Broderick who keeps things from falling apart.

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