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This show is great.

Author: bballbob09 from Bloomington Indiana
17 January 2011

So i just got done reading the review on here where dude was saying that this show isn't good. And I completely disagree.

First off, David Cross is the man, he's not gonna make a show just for the sake of making a show. He's gonna put a lot of dedication into it. Secondly, I guess I can see how you might not think this is funny if you don't get where the show is coming from. Todd Margret (David Cross) is a guy who is sent to London to sell energy drinks, and he has no experience in business whatsoever he is also a compulsive liar. A lot of the comedy in the show stems from these two aspects. And in my opinion it is hilarious. Pretty much the whole show he's just digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole (as the name of the show implies).

I saw in the review that I read that the guy watched Arrested Development. If your looking for a show like this, this isn't it, And really there is no other show like that. This is the type of David Cross humor that you would love if you were into "Mr. Show" the sketch comedy show he had with Bob Odenkirk on HBO.

Also the in this guys review he wrote that it was similar to Home Alone... WTF? Not even close, I would disregard that review completely, and give the show a chance. Because in my opinion it is great, and I can't wait for the second season to air.

This is my first post on this site, but a greatly needed one, after reading the review i saw on the page.

Thanks for reading.

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Author: derektrotteresq from United Kingdom
10 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just watched the pilot and laughed throughout the show. Very rarely do I find a pilot episode to be engaging and hilarious as its usually setting up the plot for the series and introducing characters but this is fantastic, it grabs you by the balls right from the first sentence uttered and doesn't let go until the closing credits! I'm English, so thought it was nice to see Blake from the inbetweeners in it (a must see show, similar to freaks & geeks) and David Cross is on top form as he was in Arrested Development. It does appear to be more British humour, than American which is strange for a US show, but you can't help but laugh at the predicaments the titular character gets into, no matter where you're from. Also Will Arnett's cameo is hilarious. I recommend this!

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Original and Brilliant.

Author: f-ascaso from United States
31 March 2012

I found this by accident, just did a random click on Netflix. Wow, just wow. I haven't seen anything this funny and original in a VERY long time. It was great, full of surprises, and absolutely impossible to guess where it was going next.

I give it an A+ on every front, originality, comedy etc. etc. They really can produce something that isn't just recycled clichéd CRAP and DRivel when they put their minds to it, and get as far away from the formulaic BS that's produced by the "beautiful people" in the West and East Coast entertainment PC mills.

I haven't ever laughed and been caught by surprise by anything on the small screen, ever, like I was by this. Cripes, I may even write a damn fan congratulatory letter to the folks involved.

Brilliant, just Brilliant.

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British knowledge and humour, well observed...

Author: Bobby Chariot from Tarvu
18 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

nicely constructed, the viewer knows where things will lead to... the main character Todd (revealed to be somewhat inept from the outset, but with the need for bad 'self help' CDs) becomes increasingly trapped, both by his own, comically unconvincing lies, and also by the knowing action of his UK-staff, masterfully played by one of 'The Inbetweeners' cast members...

i love it, but i think it's going to be one of those easily missed, short-run comedy delights..e.g. BBC2 UK's Roman's Empire...Snuffbox, Catterick all spring to mind, just this has a US star in the lead...

I can understand why non-UK folks may miss many of the references, and do wonder how well it'll go down with a USA audience. Personally, i think it's laugh out loud wonderful

PS I miss 'Better Off Ted' too...great comedy transcends if one is open to thought and laughter..

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So well DONE, even you don't get it!

Author: microchipmatt from France
22 January 2012

Yes..this is it folks. You will watch this show, and your skin will crawl, and you will grimace and the incredibly, and increasingly poor decisions of this man. At first, you won't be sure if you actually like it, you'll tell yourself its unrealistic, and that maybe, the writing is bad, but then, lightening will strike, and you'll realize you'll watching pure gleaming brilliance.

You will tell yourself that these situations are unrealistic, and that no person could ever roll on himself this much. And then you realize that Todd himself is a spiritual embodiment of exactly what most of us in an industrialized culture have become, because we have been conditioned to do so. We are the compulsive lying sociopath, who believes in our own intelligence to the detriment of our ignorance...Well, maybe not even North America, maybe the world, or those who have fallen for the reality show overdose, and believe that this is the way culture should be shaped on a base of twisted power.


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Author: pattierney2010 from United States
29 January 2011

I have always found David Cross to be pretty entertaining and humorous, but this show made me a huge fan. He was great on Mr. Show & Arrested Development, but he shines here in a show that was his own creation. Much of the show is about a man trying to find himself in a foreign country, but by doing so, he tries to hard and fails miserably at points, actually a lot. He is completely ignorant to the new culture and since he doesn't understand it, he doesn't grasp that he is insulting every one in sight. The supporting cast is great, including one of the main kids in "The Inbetweeners", another great show. Will Arnet is hilarious as usual and gets funnier as the show progresses through-out it's 6 episodes. The humor is intelligent, although it's hidden in the stupidity, I can almost compare it to South Park in that way, but live action and a little less subtle. Well worth a watch!

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Todd Margaret is a Winner!

Author: MovieMom from United States
16 January 2012

This is a refreshingly hilarious comedy of errors. If you liked the humor of Arrested Development then this is the show for you! David Cross play the biggest liar ever and as everything crumbles under his lies, he just tells more of them. The whole story takes place in 14 days and backtracks over how Todd Margaret ends up in a huge mess. The cast of characters is wonderful, there is Todd's vile boss who spouts politically incorrect comments at everyone in sight, the trashy neighbor who keeps pawning her kids on everyone, Todd's mysterious employee who seems to be behind Todd's misfortunes and Todd's love interest who wants nothing to do with him. Supporting characters add to the mystery of Todd's predicaments.

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Not great.

Author: team_liam from United Kingdom
2 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are some funny moments in this show but overall it's a bit too ridiculous to be classed as anything better than average. I watched it as a big fan of Arrested Development and the Inbetweeners so I wanted to see how Cross, Arnett and Harrison were in the show. One reviewer said that the problem is none of the characters are particularly likable and you don't particularly want anyone to succeed, especially Todd. Though there is some truth to that and the characters are a bit one dimensional there is glimmers of comedy.

The problem is that it's far too unrealistic at every turn. For example, Todd is unbelievably stupid to the point of it making the humour feel a bit too low brow. He doesn't understand exchange rates, he can't pronounce "snooker", he thinks the houses of Parliament is a block of flats and he accepts a briefcase of £30 notes with Helen Mirren on instead of the Queen. Even a fish out of water would not be this dumb. His neighbour is the most stereotypical chav possible, a single mother of four who wets the baby's head by taking it straight on a night out, hours after it's birth.

This is not intelligent comedy but it is a comedy nonetheless and probability states that in 6 episodes a cast like that will make you laugh enough to make it watchable. Basically if you think the pilot shows any promise then watch the rest as it's not exactly a waste of time but leave your brain at the door.

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Gut-busting funny or eye-rolling workout

Author: Fred Schwartz from Hawaii
23 October 2010

Whether or not you like this depends on what kind of humor you like. Though I have enjoyed a few chuckles, the jokes are mostly eye-rolling at best and nose-wrinkling at worst.

On the other hand...

This is my boyfriend's favorite new show. He nearly falls to the floor laughing at every episode, and often we have to pause it to let him wipe his tears of laughter away and compose himself before we can continue. He awaits each new episode eagerly, each and every week.

Truly, I have more fun watching him that the show...but, it's worth checking out and making your own opinion if you're looking for something new and supposedly humorous to watch. Depending on who you are, it'll either be a love or hate scenario!

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The funniest show you never saw.

Author: mykey accident from Drowning in a sea of brown & black.
13 December 2015

David Cross never disappoints but this is an exceptionally great series.And let's not forget that this is Will Arnett's best work ever.It is immediately dismissed by some because of the format, which can be considered confusing to those with lower IQs.The show starts at the end and Todd Margaret is on trial in England for many very serious charges.Then it cuts to the past and we see how a well meaning office temp from Portland has ended up in such a dire predicament.The extensive series of events that leads to Todd digging up Princess Di with a dildo, while also incurring the wrath of Americans for creating a catastrophe while he wasn't even there is something that must be seen.They will keep you guessing and laughing, while making you feel sympathy for people that don't deserve it.In the world of sitcoms with no likable characters, this show is the king.

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