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Aesthetically pleasing
bob the moo17 March 2014
This short film is supposedly based on a book of children's dreams and takes the form of an old man narrating his life – a life of lost love, of card-playing robots, of walrus armies, of hand-grenades for a heart and other such follies. Although as a story this film is a total throwaway, it is worth seeing for the pleasure that can be taken from the flow of images and situations throughout. The story makes no sense in some ways but at least hangs together, while the visuals and randomness of the story is engaging.

Visually it is well presented – not the most slick or seamless effects perhaps, but it still looks good and I enjoyed the invention and overall design of it. The device of the narrator correcting himself doesn't play particularly well but the voice work is good from the old man and it does rather draw you in because it sounds as good as it looks. There isn't much beyond the pleasure of the sound and look of it all, but for me there was enough in those to make it worth a watch.
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Work of Dreams
thorin axe28 February 2014
First of all , i must congratulate the entire crew involved in making this gorgeous short !the acting is top class and the animation is fantastic .The whole story is based on the book "El Monftruo de colores No Tiene Boca " a book based on the dreams of children and the director Brent Bonacorso has done exceedingly well to bring it in form of moving images.The dreams are always fascinating something which you can never define ,something which is stark ,blatant and innocent and this innocence that you will surely feel permeating the overall texture of the short.I can not miss out on appreciating the music because it equally reciprocates the grandness of the scenes,the music is composed by Devotchka , you will hear the accordion playing the tune of life ,sad,funny and so nostalgic .Every great film which is subjective of course but after watching such a film ,when the final scene fades away the images,the sound and the music has already resonated with you and in that split second you see a reflection that is you.A great short film that everyone should see.Go ahead .Dream on...
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