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Courtney Simpson: Strange, isn't it? We almost never get to see each other now that we're living in different places. I mean, they're only 5 blocks apart.

Billy Simpson: Yeah, of course! When we did live together, We spent half the time fighting.

Courtney Simpson: I guess but that can be reassuring sometimes. So, listen, maybe you feel like doing something after school today.

Billy Simpson: I don't know. Maybe.

Courtney Simpson: Look, you're not still beating yourself up about Dylan's concert, are you?

Billy Simpson: I've told you, it was all my fault that it got cancelled.

Courtney Simpson: And I've told you that it wasn't your fault.

Billy Simpson: Dylan asked me to turn in his math assignment and I totally forgot about it.

Courtney Simpson: He should have turned it in himself instead of skipping a day of school.

Billy Simpson: We were really starting to be friends. Now he can't stand me.

Courtney Simpson: Oh, Billy!

Billy Simpson: You heard what he said to me at the party. He just yelled and it was too late for me to apologize.

Courtney Simpson: It wasn't your fault. Besides, who cares what Dylan thinks?

Billy Simpson: I care.

Courtney Simpson: Well then stop caring. He isn't worth it, Billy. He isn't worth having a friend in the first place.

Dylan Blackwell: [after Billy leaves] Listen, I couldn't help hearing what you just said.

Courtney Simpson: Good!

[also leaves]

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Matt Walker: Ashley and Matt have a big fight about Matt's drinking problem and break up

Ashley Frasier: So, here you are. I thought you were gonna come at 4:30.

Matt Walker: I needed to go for a walk to calm myself down a little. It didn't work.

Ashley Frasier: What's wrong?

Matt Walker: [sarcastically] Oh, that's good. That's really good. The innocent routine.

Ashley Frasier: What are you talking about?

Matt Walker: You know perfectly well.

Ashley Frasier: Matt, I don't have a clue.

Matt Walker: I asked you not to mention what happened on Friday night. And what did you do? You went out spreading it all over the school.

Ashley Frasier: What?

Matt Walker: That's it. We're finished Ashley. I don't ever want to talk to you again. Ever!

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Matt Walker: Do I have to keep telling you until I'm blue in the face? I don't want to talk about it.

Ashley Frasier: Matt.

Ashley Frasier: Look, I went out. I had a few drinks and I blew off a little steam. So what?

Ashley Frasier: You didn't just have a few drinks. You got fallen down drunk in the park.

Matt Walker: Oh, here we go again.

Ashley Frasier: Thank goodness, Jake found out about it and went to help. Otherwise who knows what would have happened?

Matt Walker: I did not get falling down drunk.

Ashley Frasier: What else would you call it? When I got there, you were flat on your face throwing up.

Matt Walker: [chuckles] Give me a break.

Ashley Frasier: We had to half carry you home and sneak you in through the basement door so your parents wouldn't see you.

Matt Walker: So this is the first time in the history of the world that a guy has had a little too much to drink?

Ashley Frasier: No! And it isn't the first time you have had a little too much to drink either. Matt, if you only could have seen yourself.

Matt Walker: OK, I was kind of buzzed.

Ashley Frasier: No, you weren't! You were pathetic.

Matt Walker: [sarcastically] Thanks, Ashley. Rub my face in it.

Ashley Frasier: Matt, listen to me.

Matt Walker: No, you listen. This subject is closed. This is the last time we're gonna discuss it and you're not gonna mention it to anyone else.

Ashley Frasier: Of course, I'm not gonna mention it to anyone else but you can't keep pretending.

Matt Walker: I told you this subject is closed.

Ashley Frasier: Matt, I'm only trying to help but at times like this, I honestly do not know why I even bother.

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Kelly: Brooke, I've been looking all over for you.

Brooke Morgan: Here I am.

Kelly: You are not gonna believe what I found out.

Brooke Morgan: He's my geography assignment. Give it to your sister for me, would you?

Kelly: Forget about geography.

Brooke Morgan: I'll pay her $10.00 tomorrow and she'll get the other 10.

Kelly: Brooke, listen to me. I found out what happened on Friday night.

Brooke Morgan: You mean with Matt?

Kelly: It's incredible. I mean it's totally incredible.

Brooke Morgan: What is it?

Kelly: You're absolutely not gonna believe it.

Brooke Morgan: Kelly!

Kelly: It turns out Matt's a hopeless alcoholic.

Brooke Morgan: What?

Kelly: He was dead drunk on Friday night and apparently he does this all the time.

Brooke Morgan: You're kidding.

Kelly: I didn't get the whole story but it sounds like he nearly died of alcohol poisoning.

Brooke Morgan: Where did you hear this?

Kelly: From Jake and Ashley, Matt's best friend and little miss perfect.

Brooke Morgan: You mean they actually told you? Hang on. Where are you going?

Kelly: Oh, nowhere. Nowhere at all.

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Matt Walker: [to Ashley about showing up late] I thought that was supposed to be a short meeting.

Ashley Frasier: So did I. Sorry, I should know better by now. When the yearbook committee meets, it's not short.

Matt Walker: So, are you finished now?

Ashley Frasier: Not yet. That's what I came to tell you. This thing looks like it could go on for another hour.

Matt Walker: [sarcastically] Oh, that's great.

Ashley Frasier: So, there's no pint in only hanging around.

Matt Walker: Another hour? OK, I'll tell you what. Why don't I drop back around 4:30?

Ashley Frasier: Sure! That would be great. We could spend some time together. Just go for a walk. Whatever.

Matt Walker: See you in an hour then.

Ashley Frasier: Thanks, Matt.

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Brooke Morgan: Matt, how are you?

Matt Walker: Hi, Brooke.

Brooke Morgan: Are you busy or do you have time to join me?

Matt Walker: I guess. Just killing time basically. So how is it going with you?

Brooke Morgan: Oh, fine, fine. I guess you've heard. I'm running for student council president.

Matt Walker: Yeah! I heard somebody talking about that.

Brooke Morgan: Well, it wasn't my idea really. But so many people were coming up to me and encouraging me to run I... Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be sitting here making chit chat at a time like this.

Matt Walker: A time like what?

Brooke Morgan: When you're dealing with so many personal problems.

Brooke Morgan: What's that supposed to mean?

Brooke Morgan: Well, we've all heard, Matt about Friday night about your alcohol problem.

Matt Walker: What?

Brooke Morgan: It's nothing to be ashamed of, Matt. It's a disease. And don't ever think that your friends will turn against you. We'll stand by you. I promise.

Matt Walker: Where on earth did you hear about this?

Brooke Morgan: Well, from Ashley of course. She's really upset so naturally she's telling all of her friends about it asking us for help.

Matt Walker: She's what?

Brooke Morgan: Let us help you, Matt. If you ever feel like you need to talk to someone, share something with us and then.

[Matt leaves and Kelly comes in]

Brooke Morgan: There! That should cause a few complications for little miss perfect.

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Kelly: [on the phone] Hi, it's me. I just wanted to let you know it's all set up. Trust me, it's all set up and I cannot wait to see the look on Brooke's face when she finds out what's happening to her.

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Brooke Morgan: Hi, Ashley!

Kelly: How is it going?

Ashley Frasier: Hi!

Brooke Morgan: So, have you heard the news?

Ashley Frasier: What news?

Brooke Morgan: About the election.

Ashley Frasier: Well, what about it?

Brooke Morgan: I have decided to run for student council president.

Ashley Frasier: Yeah? Well, good luck.

Brooke Morgan: Thanks! I'll probably need it. To tell you the truth, I almost decided not to run. It's not exactly that I didn't think I was capable.

Ashley Frasier: No, of course not!

Brooke Morgan: That it's a pretty big job but still, people kept asking me to run. Kept encouraging me.

Kelly: Dozens of them.

Brooke Morgan: And I guess I finally made up my mind after I organized the recycling program. Made me realize that I'm... I guess... I'm someone people can really look up to as a leader.

Ashley Frasier: Right! Well, like I say, good luck.

Brooke Morgan: And by the way, we were just wondering...

Kelly: Are you OK?

Ashley Frasier: Sure? Why wouldn't I be OK?

Brooke Morgan: Well, we were kind of worried when you and Jake left the party so quickly.

Kelly: And we kind of wondered if it had anything to do with Matt. I mean if Matt's in some sort of trouble.

Ashley Frasier: No! No!

Brooke Morgan: And if you ever need friends to talk about it with...

Ashley Frasier: That's fine, really. I got to run.

Brooke Morgan: She's lying.

Kelly: Totally.

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Brooke Morgan: Through her teeth.

Kelly: We'll get to the bottom of this.

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Ashley Frasier: I can't believe how far I'm getting behind in class. With all of this stuff about Matt, I can't find the time to study and when I do find time, I can't think straight and I've got this major history test coming up in just a couple of days.

Jake Deosdade: You'll do OK just like always.

Ashley Frasier: No! It's different this time. I'm totally imprepared and I don't have a clue when I'll find the time to get prepared. That isn't the point. It's not what I need to talk to you about.

Jake Deosdade: Matt?

Ashley Frasier: He's starting to drive me crazy, Jake. What am I supposed to do? What are we supposed to do?

Jake Deosdade: I just don't know, Ashley. I honestly don't.

Ashley Frasier: We got to do something. We have been worried about his drinking for ages and then on Friday night seeing him in that condition.

Jake Deosdade: Well maybe we just have to wait and let Matt calm down a little. Let him start to realize that he does have a really bad drinking problem.

Ashley Frasier: What if he still won't admit it?

Jake Deosdade: Then maybe we'll have to do something drastic.

Ashley Frasier: Like what?

Jake Deosdade: Like tell his parents.

Ashley Frasier: We can't do that. He'd never speak to either one of us again.

Jake Deosdade: I know, but if we really care about him, do we have a choice? I mean we can't just let our friend go down the tubes and if he's drinking like this when he's only 15, what's he gonna be like when he's 18 or 20 or 25?

Ashley Frasier: You never understand, Jake. He'd hate us.

Jake Deosdade: I know. But what else can we do?

Ashley Frasier: I don't think I can handle this anymore.

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