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  • The Agency wants to get a corrupt Venezuelan businessman. And they decide the best way to do is to get to his mistress who unwittingly helps him hide his illegal dealings. And the best way to get to her is through her brother who is a student and Annie is charged with making contact with him.


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  • Georgetown University, Washington DC Annie plays soccer.

    Caracas, Venezuela A group of kids play soccer in the street as a bald dude watches. He approaches another guy and asks who's winning. Suddenly, he's surrounded by men who tell him only the government wins. They shoot at him but he runs. He makes it to his car, where he's quickly garroted to death by his own medallion necklace.

    Back on the soccer field, Annie's team loses to a young Latin man who can't stop staring at her. Diego asks her out after the game, saying he'll do anything she asks. She tells him she needs his help getting to his sister Julia.

    In Caracas, one of the killers brings his mistress the same necklace.

    Annie tells Diego she knows all about his sister, including that she's Victor Ponce's mistress and his personal banker. Over the past few years she's helped skim over $100 million in profits owed US oil companies. She tells him they need to look into the account and see where it's going because they're worried it's going to people who want to destabilize the government.

    She tells him they'll protect him and his sister and pay for his education, otherwise his student visa might get canceled. She needs an answer tonight. Auggie sits down on the bench next to Diego after Annie leaves.

    He reports back to Joan at HQ and she reminds him he's not supposed to do field work. Annie tells Joan her Smithsonian ID is in place. She wants Annie to escort him to Caracas. Jay reports to Joan that their agent Lopez there is out of touch.

    Then he checks in with Annie and reveals he was watching her at soccer.

    Diego calls.

    At home during morning madness Annie takes in the scene before packing for her trip. She tosses her long lost boyfriend bracelet in, then her sister joins her and tells her to let him go.

    In the Caracas airport, Annie looks for Lopez, who she says will be wearing a Bolivar medal around his neck. A woman bumps into her and puts a phone in her hand. It rings, it's Auggie, who points out their agent Rodriguez at the door. Lopez has been out of contact for 72 hours and the station chief is worried. He tells her she might be on her own.

    At HQ, Joan and the team try to decide what to do. They're worried they don't have much time if Lopez is dead because it means someone is on to them. They decide to let Annie go ahead.

    Diego and Annie go meet his sister, where he introduces Annie as his girlfriend. The sister thinks Annie's too old for her 20 year old brother, but Annie explains she's there for her.

    At Julia's house she says Victor is a good man. But Annie tells her he's married, with many mistresses. Annie says Victor will be taken down but she doesn't have to go with him. They want her to tag his account to give them access. Annie gives her a US passport. Julia doesn't like the idea of leaving her home, where she's known as the mother of the neighborhood. Annie cautions her not to get burned by love.

    At HQ, Auggie waits to hear from Annie.

    Rain pours down in Caracas. Julia doesn't want to prove Victor's guilt, but Annie tells her to do it to prove his innocence.

    Annie calls home, saying the account has a password that changes every minute. Victor carries a coded fob and they need it to access the account. She says they're switching Julia's for Victor's the next day after their afternoon delight. Annie and Diego meet up with them. When Victor hears Annie's Smithsonian cover story about looking into a letter Simon Bolivar wrote to James Monroe, he suggests he go look at it with her and Diego drive Julia home, foiling their plan.

    One of the agents watching Annie sees that Julia is wearing a Bolivar medallion that he recognizes as belonging to Lopez (who we know Victor had killed). Joan gets a report that Lopez' body has been found in pieces.

    Joan and the team decide to proceed. Victor tests Annie's cover story and she proves to know plenty about Bolivar. She and Julia go to the bathroom. Julia tells Annie that Victor gave her the necklace Sunday. Annie tells her she's pretty sure it means Victor killed her colleague. She tells Julia to wait for her at the bank. Julia still doesn't think Annie's right about Victor.

    Victor drives like a maniac and asks Annie what she sees in Diego. He thinks she should be dating someone older. He wants her to drive. She grinds the sports car's gears, stops and starts and generally appears like an incompetent driver. He tells her his men searched her car at lunch and found the Bolivar book with relevant parts highlighted.

    She comes to a roadblock and can't help but handle it capably. She realizes her cover is blown. She stops and he pulls a gun on her. She unbuckles his seat belt and drives donuts that pin him to his seat as she swats at his gun. A shot rings out, nicking her and shattering her window, then she opens his door, tosses him out and drives off.

    Annie calls Auggie. She's bleeding on Victor's car. Auggie directs her to a cabbie with a beard who will take her to the airport. She goes in the bank to get Julia. They sit down at the computer with Victor's code fob as he pulls up outside with his men. The cabbie sees them go in and makes a call. Auggie calls Annie. Julia tags the account and the CIA gets access.

    Diego hides from Victor. Julia is having a hard time believing she was wrong about Victor and Annie reminds her he shot her.

    At HQ, they see that the money is tied to terrorist groups.

    Victor heads for the back as Annie and Julia go out the side door, triggering the alarm. Annie tells her someone else will get Diego. After one last moment of indecision, Julia gets in the car with Annie.

    Back in Georgetown, Annie watches soccer with Diego. Julia's having a hard time adapting but Diego isn't worried. They're being moved tomorrow. He joins his sister.

    Auggie reassures Annie it was a job well done. He tells her he thinks Joan envies her being able to do field work. Annie watches Diego and Julia and back at HQ she asks if they were able to trace all of Victor's money. He says there were some small accounts in the Caymans they couldn't get into. Annie wants to know where Diego's tuition money comes from -- Julia's account that traces back to the Caymans.

    At the safe house, Julia lifts the phone of the agent guarding them.

    Auggie and Annie tell Joan that Julia was giving money to kids in the slums and she moved money as recently as yesterday, when she wasn't supposed to have access to phones. They wonder if she would contact Victor.

    Cut to Victor coming into the US on a fake passport and receiving a text from Julia. She tells the agent guarding her she's going down for coffee.

    Annie arrives at the safehouse to find Julia is gone.

    Julia pulls up to a public fountain in a cab. Auggie traces cabs and finds her. Joan tells Annie to stand down, that there are people nearby, but Annie's not listening.

    Julia runs up to Victor, saying she knew he'd forgive her. He has her passport. Annie lets the agent go after Julia but Diego bolts, too. She runs after him.

    Julia gets in Victor's car as she sees Diego running toward her. Victor's goon in the back seat starts garroting Julia as Victor tells her there's no going back - and then an agent shoots the goon through the back window. Victor tries to drive off. A shot rings out and the car crashes. Victor is dead.

    Back home, Annie contemplates her bracelet. She puts it where she can see it, not ready to let go yet.

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