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VTM claims that clip from its early programs show it was 'the' Flemish TV channel for the whole family. Its first, still running soap is called Familie (family). Lots of shows, such as quizzes, certainly aim(ed) for low-threshold humor, whether labeled youthful or general audience. Family is also crucial in most sitcoms and various quiz, dating or wedding formats, ultimately the Pfaff 'family reality soap'. The reality show on twins was presented by the celebrity Coppens brothers. Band brothers Koen and Kris Wauters often present together.
Leading ladies
VTM started a trend in Flemish TV, casting beauty queens in various programs, although most proved too dumb, only a few became genuine presenters, like Lyn Wesenbeek and sexologist Goedele Liekens who even hosts talk-shows, like aristocratic non-miss with the look Marlène de Wauters. Others are recruited from showbiz, like singer-sex symbol Wendy van Wanten.
VTM claims to have promoted humor on TV significantly. Many established comedians as Urbanus, Peter and Stanny or Gaston and Leo got new opportunities to launch their own formats, from theater shows to imitation and sketch programs, or be part of comic panels, actors and others were discovered as comedians. Completely new for Flanders was home-video format 'Videodinges', besides candid camera.
VTM claims these fragments show it discovered and launched lots of talented people. Certain formats are just about scouting, such as Nu of Nooit, (music) Soundmixshow or (for children) Kinderacademie and Mini Playback-show, precursors of present hits such as Idool and X-factor. Also some backup musicians achieved fame, such as pianist Tars Lootens and pop band Plaza. Some were launched in different show segments, such as acting / music, even jury members suddenly achieved wide fame.
VTM shows recordings of its programs featuring Flemish politicians document a transition for many of them from dull professionals to celebrities. So their personal life, emotions and sense of humor became important for their electoral popularity. Many entered entertainment formats, either in quiz panels or as celebrity candidates, not to mention a fiction cameo. Some even accepted doing stunts or complete reality programs. Even those who chose to stay out of entertainment became prey of candid camera.
De wereld
VTM claims its archive show it brought the world closer to Flanders, including international stars such as actors and musicians in talk-shows, award ceremonies and various formats. Other formats, notably reality TV, presented utterly unknown foreigners or ordinary and/or famous Flemings abroad. Even soaps 'visited' countries overseas.
VTM claims it brought Flanders a new generation of presenters, no longer boringly decent but human, friendly, playful, sexy, the summit being Koen Wauters, followed by various recruited Flemish singers and completely new discoveries like Hans Otten. That applies to all kinds of formats, from quizzes and other games to hit programs and talk shows, often presented in male-female duo or by a man plus an assistant.
VTM claims its archive proves it introduced lots of challenges in Flemish TV programs. That includes true stunts, but also celebrity dares and reality programs such as survival variations. Several presenters provided lots of challenged entertainment themselves, sometimes with celebrity candidates/teams. Sometimes it's 'just' crossing over to another branch of showbiz, such as actors and presenters entering a dancing or ice-skating competition.

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