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  • Thanksgiving on Wisteria Lane finds Gabrielle and Carlos hosting Carmen, Hector and Grace to a bountiful feast. But the Solis's discover some surprising news about the Sanchez's that could threaten their time with Grace. Meanwhile, Bree invites Keith's parents to partake in Thanksgiving at her house and learns some family secrets; Susan butts heads with Lynette over her sleep training techniques for baby Paige; Renee continues to remind Tom about their past; and Beth tries to uncover more about Paul's past misdeeds.

  • A Thanksgiving feast at the Solis' results in discovering surprising news about the Sanchez's; Bree learns some of Keith's family secrets; Beth tries to uncover more about Paul's past misdeeds.


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  • "Desperate Housewives" - "Sorry Grateful" - Nov. 14, 2010

    It's Thanksgiving on the Lane and we're spread out tonight as everyone "celebrates."

    First up is Keith and Bree. After Keith's mother Mary arrives with flowers as a peace offering for Bree they have a cup of tea and Mary expresses sadness that Keith won't be spending Thanksgiving with her and her husband, who are no longer getting along as they once did. Bree tells Mary to tell her husband how she feels and that it will make it feel better. Mary says the one thing they can agree on, however, is Keith. Bree is moved and invites Mary and Richard to Thanksgiving at her house.

    She tells Keith this and he is touched. When she goes to rummage up some victuals in his kitchen post-coitus he pulls out an engagement ring and looks at it.

    When Mary and Richard turn up bickering all the way so McCluskey and Roy, whom Bree forgot she invited the previous year.

    Mary and Richard proceed to argue throughout the meal no matter how the other guests try to redirect the conversation. It culminates with Mary telling Richard she wants a divorce, Richard accepting, and Mary thanking Bree for counseling her to speak her mind. Keith of course is upset and runs after them.

    Later, when Bree shows up at Keith's to talk Richard is there. Keith talks about how upset he is about his parents marriage falling apart. Both Bree and Richard tell him not to be scared off marriage, he points out they're both divorced/divorcing. Bree admits she is divorced but says she believes in marriage. She and Keith decide to go for a walk to try and preserve some of the niceness of the day and when he goes to get his coat, Keith's dad hits on Bree.

    Renee invites the Scavos over for Thanksgiving, and Lynette, eager not to cook and clean, happily accepts. She also invites Susan, who, with MJ, was going to come to the Scavo house. Renee wrinkles her nose at the idea of hosting the incongruously "perky and poor" Susan but agrees to let her come.

    When Tom stops by later to drop off a pie pre-Thanksgiving Renee answers the door in a towel. (She was expecting the cable guy and hoping to get free premium channels.) He's all goofy and aw shucks in her nearly naked presence but she points out he's seen it all before,alluding to their past fling. She fishes for a compliment and he easily tells her how beautiful she still is.

    Meanwhile Susan is struggling with Lynette's decision to have Paige self-soothe to sleep. She keeps sneaking around and picking the baby up when she cries against Lynette's wishes. Lynette finally puts her foot down saying that in this case she's the boss and Susan needs to respect that. On Thanksgiving when Susan discovers Porter and Preston are "watching" Paige while also watching a football game, she scoots out of dinner at Renee's, sneaks into the Scavos past a clueless Preston and Porter and soothes the baby. Lynette finally realizes she's gone and goes home and finds Susan in the act. She reiterates she is the boss. Susan says she thinks "self-soothing" is a trick for lazy moms. Lynette takes umbrage to this, pointing out she has five kids to Susan's two and if she needs to have her baby on a schedule so she doesn't go insane she's going to do that and Susan needs to get on board. Instead Susan quits in a flurry of tears explaining that every night she hears MJ cry himself to sleep because he misses Mike in Alaska and then she cries herself to sleep listening to MJ. She's done with crying. Lynette hugs her and says she had no idea and tells Susan to give Mike a call.

    Meanwhile, back at Renee's Tom and Renee are alone together. She talks sadly about being surrounded by married couples and realizes that as she ages her choices are more limited. She's also worried about her beauty fading and laments that she made poor choices in men, going for flashy, rich guys instead of kind, substantial guys, like Tom, a man you can raise a family with. She compliments Lynette on choosing well. Lynette enters and asks what they're talking about. Her, they say, and definitely in a complimentary fashion.

    Paul and Beth are in the run-up to Thanksgiving and Beth is continuing to have sex with him. She goes to visit her mother, whom we now know is Felicia Tillman. Felicia wonders if Beth has gotten Paul to confess to killing Martha yet. Beth says he still insists he's innocent. Martha wonders if Paul is still pushing for sex. Beth says not so much anymore. Felicia figures out that Beth is sleeping with Paul. At first she's horrified at herself for essentially pimping her daughter out. Beth says it wasn't as bad as she thought it was going to be. Felicia realizes if Beth doesn't mind, since sex makes men stupid, maybe plying Paul with it will help him confess. She tells Beth to go digging around during the "afterglow." She also points out that sex makes women stupid as well and she needs to be careful not to confuse sex with love.

    After their next session Beth starts asking Paul questions about Martha Huber. He gets angry and still asserts his innocence. Beth points out that Martha's "sister" certainly thinks he did it. Paul points out that Felicia Tillman is cuckoo. Beth is all "what?" Then he points out that she cut off two of her own fingers to frame him for her murder and asks "who does that?" As he leaves the room Beth has an epiphany and says "that's a good point." He has successfully placed doubt in her mind.

    During Thanksgiving dinner they chat a bit and she talks about her past Thanksgivings and tells Paul after her dad ran off she and her mother stopped celebrating since they had nothing to be thankful for. One year she invited a friend from school over for Thanksgiving dinner. Her mother freaked out and yelled at her that boys only want one thing and they sat there as the boy knocked on the door and pretended they weren't home until the boy left. Paul softens and says her mother was obviously a difficult woman and he figures that this must be why Beth never introduced her. She says she never introduced them because she figured they didn't have much in common. He points out one thing they do have in common, they both love Beth. Beth is taken by this and says maybe she had to wait to have a Thanksgiving because now she has something to be thankful for.

    When she goes back to see her mother Felicia suggests getting him drunk instead. Beth, more forcefully, talks about how maybe Paul didn't do it. Felicia realizes that Paul has gotten to her and orders Beth to move out and "forbids" her from falling in love with him. Beth balks saying he's her husband. Felicia freaks until the guards come over and haul her away.

    Finally, trouble is brewing at the Solis house thanks to an insanely over the top Gaby, even by this show's standards.

    The Solis' have invited Grace and her parents over for Thanksgiving and Gaby makes Carlos cook all the Mexican-influenced dishes the other family likes. When they arrive Gaby and Carlos bicker pettily in front of the couple. When Carlos realizes Gaby forgot to pick up the pies, her only duty, he orders her to go pick them up.

    The dad Hector offers to drive her. But when they run into some kind of back up Gaby orders him to drive up on the shoulder so they can make it to the bakery on time. Of course, this draws the attention of the police, who Gaby is also rude to. They ask Hector for his license and registration and it's revealed that he's an illegal immigrant and they haul him off.

    Gaby drives Hector's broke down truck home and breaks the news. Hector's wife freaks out and gets Grace and tells Gaby and Carlos they're going to run away to some relatives in Texas since she is also an illegal immigrant. This, she says, was the plan in case anything happened. Gaby is devastated she may never see Grace again.

    So she and Carlos hire Bob to help out. Gaby goes to see her and convinces her that instead of running to come hear what Bob has to say. No one, she reasons, will look for her and Grace at the Solis house. But when she arrives Bob essentially tells her it's too late for Hector and that running might actually be his wife's best choice. Gaby can't believe it. When the mom explains that Grace is actually a U.S. citizen by dint of being born in this country you can see Gaby's wheels turning. She goes into the kitchen to help the girls with breakfast-- waffles, Grace's favorite- Grace says she wishes she could live with Gaby all the time. Gaby looks at her and says they might just be able to arrange that.

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