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Not German Twiligt
AgentSniff24 July 2011
Before I begin I will have address the fact that this film has been compared to Twilight a lot in reviews. This is film has very little to do with Twilight. Just because a vampire film has teenagers and vampires in it does not make it a Twilight rip. There where romantic teen- vampire flicks before Twilight( The Lost Boys, Near Dark). It's not an invention of Twilight.

The plot revolves around three decadent and wealthy vampire girls. They move around in Berlin at night in search for blood and pleasure. Their leader Louise(Nina Hoss), is also looking for that special lady, the one you want to spend your entire life together with. This special lady turns about to be dysfunctional youth criminal Lena(Karoline Herfurth).

Louise turns Lena into a vampire and introduces her to the life as a vampire, a life Lena enjoys at first until she has to deal with the disturbing side effects.

First I want to bring up the good things about this movie. The atmosphere is great and the cinematography in simple gorgeous. It's a real treat for the eye and we get lots of very slick and beautiful visuals. The most beautiful scene is Lena's transformation into a vampire when her inner beauty is set free.

Another thing this movie does well is the portrait of vampire life. It often happens in modern vampire films that you get to much of the good side of vice versa, but in best Interview with the Vampire style we get a balanced portrayal. Sure, immortality is great, you can party all night and never grow old and die but all the people you love will grow old and die while you stay the same. If you find a mortal that you really love you can't be with him because of risk you might kill him in the heat of the moment. This is portrayed very well through vampires Charlotte( the very talented Jenny Ulrich) and Nora( the lovely Anna Fischer) who are most well written and well acted characters in the film. Both of them have very heartbreaking scenes in the second half of the movie but I won't tell you more than that.

Other than that, the special effects are done well and the music is great. The soundtrack is filled with great songs that not only add to the atmosphere but works as a Greek chorus, commenting on the plot and the feelings of the characters.

Gansel's directing is outstanding. Following the "show, don't tell" principle he allows his actors to often do the most emotional scenes without dialog. Instead, the looks on the actors faces tells the emotional turmoil behind them. The effect is wonderful. One strange result however is that the word "vampire" is never mentioned. The movie is so good at making us understand that is does not have to.

The negative parts on the other hand is the romance between Lena and Officer Tom(Max Riemelt) I could buy that these people care for one another cause the film builds it up to that in a fine way, but that they fall in love? No, I don't buy that. It douse not feel like there is any hint at romance. As I said, it's oblivious they could and should care for each other but a romance seemed to be forced in by the producers. The relationship between Lena and Tom is to undeveloped for that.

Also, without spoiling anything, the ending was a bit rushed and could have lasted a little longer. It comes off as much weaker than the rest of the film. But it does not destroy the rest of the film.

There is not much violence. Most of it is off-screen deaths and dead, bloody bodies. There is a not graphic bite, but there is also one very graphic scene where Charlotte takes paper cut to a new level. That will sure to satisfy the gore hounds and is the best death in a vampire-movie since the lawn gnome-scene in Frostbitten.

Wir sind die Nacht does not really add anything to the vampire mythology, but has it's fair place within it. The vampires are beautiful, but deadly as it should be. Don't ask for originality( the only one you get is the fact that the girl vampires of the world have killed off all the vampire men), but expect a nice and great looking thrill ride. Wir sind die Nacht also has a great re-watch value which is always a huge plus.

The cinematography reflects the damaged characters. Just as they may appear glamorous they are really hurt inside.Torsten Breuer films the night scenes in vivid and spectacular color while the day scenes are shoot in a way that makes the light of the sun seem cold and the city of Berlin look dirty and not glamorous at all. When brought into light, we see what how tragic these characters are. There are no villains, just damaged people who needs love, but that is denied from them.

In 1979, Werner Herzog showed that Germany knew their vampires, and in 2010 Dennis Gansel shows they still does.
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Unrequited (Lesbian) Love
Claudio Carvalho25 August 2011
The vampires Louise (Nina Hoss), Charlotte (Jennifer Ulrich) and Nora (Anna Fischer) arrive in Berlin after attacking the passengers and crew of an airplane in a flight to Paris. The leader Louise has been looking for centuries for her missed love and Charlotte misses her daughter that she saw in 1923 for the last time. Meanwhile, the smalltime pickpocket Lena (Karoline Herfurth) steals a Russian mobster and is chased by Detective Tom (Max Riemelt).

When Lena goes to a nightclub, the lesbian Louise believes that Lena is the love of her life and transforms her into a vampire. Lena initially feels lost with the transformation, but sooner she joins the trio of vampires in their nightlife. When the pack of vampires attacks a group of criminals, the police department investigates the case and hunts the women without knowing the risks that they are taking. Meanwhile the lonely Tom and the Lena fall in love with each other; but the unrequited love of Lena for Louise jeopardizes the couple.

"Wir Sind die Nacht" is a pleasant vampire movie, with action, humor, drama and romance. The beginning is a sort of tribute to Nosferatu and Dracula of Bram Stoker, with the female vampires killing the passengers and crew of an airplane the same way Nosferatu and Dracula do with the crew of the ship that arrives at Wismar without any living soul.

The plot is very well constructed and actually dramatic and mature, on the contrary of most of the American films of the genre. The actresses are very beautiful and talented; the cinematography and the camera work are magnificent and in the end, I loved this film. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "As Donas da Noite" ("The Owners of the Night")

Note: On 26 January 2015, I saw this movie again on Blu-Ray.
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A Satisfactory Suck
Mart Sander29 June 2011
As a film, it's a nice one. As a genre - a modern vampire - flick, it might easily deserve a full tenner. It's one of the most intelligent, mature (no pun intended on the ladies, who have had about 300 years to ripe), technically apt movies about the life of a vampire in the modern world. The story might be only so-so, but the solid actors, the production values, the direction and the overall classy look of the outcome more than compensates for the (very slight) shortcomings of the structure. Basically a lesbian love (or lust) story, it never gets sappy or lame, whether dealing with girl-on-girl or straight passion. It's quite different from American vamp flicks (True Blood bares similarities in the overall mood), especially those vamp flicks, which pretend to be European. Wie sind die Nacht is a solid piece of good entertainment without most of the clichés of a traditional 'I suck your blood' romp. It's a vampire film, which never once mentions the word 'vampire'. My only negative complaint would be the appearance of Charlotte (the utterly gorgeous Jennifer Ulrich): why do we always assume, that a vampire sort of gets stuck to the fashion of the era he/she was actually young in? Look at Tom Cruise in The Vampire Chronicles: the guy has been around for - what? 250 years? And he NEVER gets tired of ruffs, laces and buckled shoes? Never once ventures to try out jeans, fishnet shirts, disco boots, zoot suits --- no?! I mean come on! - a vampire, if anyone, should be willing to always change its appearance, for the sake of sheer boredom! Yet, Charlotte, who was made a vampire in 1923, never outgrows the Charleston dress, even though she is a remarkably pretty dish. Hard to believe. But hey, the ladies have killed off all the male vampires in the world, so they may very well wear what ever they desire. Enjoyable!
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Awesome vampire movie.
TdSmth524 December 2011
In We Are The Night, a girl, Lena, living on the street and stealing catches the eye of a vampire queen, Louise. Louise is always looking for her soulmate and thinks she can identify her by looking at her eyes. Her previous conquests were Nora a fun young girl and Charlotte a classy girl.

Also catching the eye of Lena is a cop looking to arrest her. But Lena outsmarted him and he fell for her. One night Lena is turned into a vampire by Louise and joins the group. The girls, immortal and rich, just live a life of fun, pleasure, and games. They race exotic cars in the city at night, go shopping in a mall all for themselves, dance in their club. Despite this life of opulence, Lena isn't all that thrilled about consuming blood and killing people. She does enjoy the powers of a vampire- super strength and the ability to defy gravity. But the cop doesn't give up and tries somewhat successfully to seduce her.

This will lead to the cops getting on the trail of the vampire clan, which was responsible for massacring some mobsters.

We Are The Night is a great title for a vampire movie, and the movie is also great. Unlike 95% of vampire movies in the last 15 years, it's not offensive to fans of the genre. It's a real cool, very stylish, and erotic vampire movie full of fantastic actions scenes. This day and age it's harder and harder to impress with action scenes but this movie does it. And the vampires, crawling, walking, and fighting on walls and ceilings looks excellent. The cast is outstanding. Nina Hoss' Louise in particular is very interesting, she's mature but attractive and has something animalistic about her. Anna Fischer's Nora is innocent, fun, playful, yet vicious. Jennifer Ulrich's Charlotte is distinguished and classy, she likes to smoke using cigarette holders and read books but is very deadly when necessary. This movie features the nastiest paper cut ever. Direction is first rate and the locations in and around new and old Berlin are quite unique.

But unfortunately, We Are The Night has to take the moralistic turn 3/4 of the way into it. That's when the "good" guys catch up with the "bad" guys and you know the outcome. The editing cold have been better. The ending still is surprising and interesting but vampires have always been the more interesting and sympathetic characters than the regular and boring humans. This movie should turn into a franchise, not sure how, but fans of vampire movies deserve a We Are The Night II.
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One of the best Vamp movies in recent years...
Saad Khan11 July 2012
Wir sind die Nacht - We are the Night – CATCH IT (B+) A German movie deals with deals with a young woman who gets bitten by a female vampire and drawn into her world. She falls in love with a young police officer who investigates a murder case involving the vampires. Wir sind die Nacht took its inspiration from Carmilla rather than Dacula which was a wise decision and it made the movie really interesting and enjoyable. Wir sind die Nacht has a top notch production value and performance by all the leading actresses. Initially it looked like Karoline Herfurth playing Lena took her inspiration from Lisbeth Slander but once she is bitten and becomes Vampire she transforms into this gorgeous young girl. The transition is so drastic that a person like me who have not seen her previously in any movie was completely stunned. Nino Hoss is powerful as the vampire leader and I saw her recently in "The Woman in Berlin" so it was shocking to see her in such urban movie. Jennifer Ulrich is gorgeous; she literally looked like someone stole her from 1920s. Anna Fischer as vamp party girl brought her spunk to her spunky character. Max Riemelt is the hottest German actor alive, darn he sizzles on screen. His chemistry with Karoline Herfurth made the small love story really interesting. We are the Night is one of the best Vampire movie I have seen in recent years, its urban, chic and filled with strong performances. I would love to see a sequel for sure as the ending was ambiguous.
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Humans break so easily.
Ben Larson31 March 2012
Female vampires are all that is left. Men typically screwed up and were eliminated. Naturally, when one wants a true love, she is going to be searching for the right female to join her for eternity.

This is really a slick production with good camera work, great music, and lots of action - lots of blood, too.

Karoline Herfurth gives a great performance as Lena, the pickpocket that is transformed. She has a hard time warming up to Louise (Nina Hoss), and keeps a tie to a cop (Max Riemelt) she met when she was a pickpocket. Twilight fans may find this story compelling, and would certainly like the ending, but it's for adults.
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Not another Vampire Movie (?)
svalkan21 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I admit I expected to watch another archetypal vampire movie, perhaps not a vampire-oriented romance (Twilight franchise). And the result was quite charming: spectacular scenes, a decent cast of main characters, a dark and seducing Berlin. The cliché ending of the movie was saved by a smart scene, with the cop saying farewell to his comrade. The soundtrack kept track of the plot and its a nice collection of classical tunes and electro-pop and techno tracks of the contemporary European scene. Taking into account these elements, I can say that yes, it was a satisfying one hour and a half that I regretted not watching in a cinema (I preferred the Bluray home edition). But then I became concerned about why a promising and talented director like Dennis Gansel (Die Welle) would write and direct a typical Hollywood-style action-horror movie. Then it came to me. Most probably, Dennis Gansel wanted to make a social allegory disguised with the charming cape of vampires. The outcast girl Lena (Karoline Herfurth) is forced into a previous unknown world of luxury, recklessness and excess by a covenant of three female vampires. Louise (Nina Hoss) sees in her the unfulfilled love of ages. But in the end, they just try to escape boredom with their new toy (Lena). Lena is seduced by the new horizon opened before her own eyes, till she realizes that its all in vain, after refusing the beautiful young cop (Tom) to see the beast that she became. The All-powerful and Immortal Vampires are an image of the high-society people, living in a luxurious fenced environment, recruiting unsuspected outsiders into their world, just as they were in the past. I refuse to believe that such a talented director wouldn't have this in his mind while writing and directing this movie. But here is the major flaw of this movie for me: if this was the scope of the movie, he fails to convey this message to the viewers. If not, well then he just made another Blade-like movie.
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We Are the Night (2010)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain22 January 2012
Vampire films are ten a penny these days. But it's not all the same old crap over and over again. With vampire films, I think you just need to find the right balance between emotional moments that humanise these monsters, and those awesome cool moments. We Are The Night does pretty well in both departments, even if it is in favour of action. The first scene had me absolutely hooked. The camera pans around an airplane where all the passengers and crew have been killed. Still alive are three attractive women that soon reveal themselves to be vampires. After a bit of fun, they open the airplane door and dive out mid-air. From there we are introduced to Lena, a young criminal that soon finds herself involved with the vampires. Unfortunately for them, just before Lena is turned, she catches the eye of a young policeman that's interested in her. Like all vampire films, it starts by showing the luxurious excess. Clubbing, drinking, sex etc. But at the same time the film uses the character of Charlotte as an antidote to all this. She obviously suffers from depression. As the gang go out shopping, she stares longingly at some baby shoes. She also stands in the sunlight causing herself great pain. This character encompasses the strongest emotions, and counteracts the action nicely. We also have Louise. A lesbian vampire that is in love with Lena and feels jealous about Lena's crush on the young cop Tom. It shows that no longer how long you live for, certain human emotions are unavoidable. Towards the end it goes for all out action. With SWAT teams, prison breaks, and a beautifully shot fight that has the vampires moving all over the walls. The music was also enjoyable, but the amount of nightclub scenes did get tiring. Just one less could have made an improvement. We Are The Night is a string Vampire film, with stunning locals and excellent pacing. It was great seeing these girls have fun in a woman only vampire world. Another great example of Gansel's talent.
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The Best Vampire Film Since Let The Right One In
chicagopoetry25 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Wir sind die Nacht (We Are the Night) is simply fantastic. It's scary, suspenseful, and funny in it's own way (sexy, lesbian vampires driving Lamborghinis and shopping after hours, for example), and the most original addition to the vampire genre since Let The Right One In. Controversial in many ways, this is the real deal. The story centers around a coven of four female vampires as their bond unravel when one of them establishes a relationship with a police officer. The film introduces some concepts that I've never seen in a vampire film, such as when one of the young looking vampires visits her elderly, dying daughter, or when another gets shot and then pops the bullet out of her chest. The musical score is exciting as well. I really enjoyed We Are the Night. Don't be fooled by the hokey DVD cover. This is a truly well made, bad ass flick.
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Possibly the best Vamp Movie made so far.
Therion Tiberius Ware10 June 2015
Superb. There are few if any stories that feature immortal women, no Doreen Grey, or Countess de St. Germain,as it were. Which is a pity, I think, for as Anne Cécile Desclos observed, a woman is more implacable than a man and would make an interesting immortal. For male immortals we have Longinus, the wandering Jew, the Flying Dutchman, Enoch, and many others. Where are the women?

Besides, I like to plan ahead...

This movie is almost up to Penny Dreadful (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2628232/) standards, which is a good thing and certainly deserves wider exposure.
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Some seriously fun escapism
MovieSonic2 January 2015
Loved it! Watch the original though (don't be afraid of subtitles, you'll get used to them!)

This was a fantastic bit of escapism. I thought the production value was on par with Iron Sky (2012) and there were some unique and memorable scenes like in the bathroom and then in the bath. There were beautiful sequences like the opening, the car chase and the fight scenes.

I was expecting something like Vamps (2012) with Alicia Silverstone which I really enjoyed, but this was definitely not played for laughs and was fairly gruesome in some parts.

Max Riemelt just became my new favourite male actor! Both he and Karoline Herfurth played their parts brilliantly and they had plenty of chemistry.

I would have liked to have seen more backstory for the vampires, perhaps some flashbacks of their former lives but this is a minor criticism.

If you're a fan of this genre, it's definitely one to watch! 8/10
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A great vampire movie
riccardofolino2420 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Wow what an amazing Vampire movie !!!! Even if the word vampire is not uttered once in the entire movie. For true vampire fans you would be mad to miss this. I am going to buy this movie now , and hoping their is a uncut, extended, special features edition. The story and the characters lead you on a magical journey, with sum superb special effects. I was amazed that they had a small budget for this movie as well as a short filming time. The opening scene gets you hooked straight away. And the lead actresses are great, probably one of the main reasons its such an effective movie. This movie was made in 2010 I really hope they come up with a sequel some time soon, as this is now in my top 3 of any vampire movie ever made.
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Stop Comparing this to Twilight...
SilthDraeth28 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I am writing this mainly because a couple reviews on here start making the "Twilight" comparison. *below will contain some spoilers* The only thing it has in common with Twilight would be vampires, but so does "Let the Right One In", Nightwatch, Bram Stoker's Dracula, etc, there are tons of movies with vampires in them, lest we make a comparison of them all? This movie definitely has adult themes, you even see a locker room with naked men and their penises, sadly, for a lesbian vampire film, that is the only true nudity.

I had no problem following the story of a young girl, living in the drudge of society, not quite sure where she belongs. This is her story more than anything else. The acting by the main actress is superb, as is the trio of vampires. The main male lead pulls off a moonstruck in love young man just fine, wanting to play the hero for his heroin in distress.

Superb movie. I rated it a nine. This, like "Let the Right One In" (watch the original, "Let Me In" the American remake is trash compared to the original), is primarily a movie about self discovery that happens to include vampires, than it is a movie about vampires.

So give it a go, and stop comparing it to Twilight. I wish I could have wrote this review without having to bring up Twilight just to state how different it is.
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"Better than Let The Right One in"
simon-trek22 December 2012
A number of my friends have praised the Swiss film Let The Right One In and the American version Let Me In. But I prefer We Are The Night. Because I prefer a group of beautiful women vampires than a vampire girl who befriends a young boy who is bullying victim.

We Are The Night is about a trio of beautiful female vampires lead by Louise, who is over 280 years old. Her two companions are the quiet Charlotte and the cheerful Nora. These female vampires are just as beautiful as they are deadly. Louise runs a nightclub and one night Louise sees at the nightclub a troubled young woman named Lena, who does pickpocketing for a living. Louise believes Lena to be the love of her life that she is looking for. So Louise turns Lena into a vampire. Lena is initially shocked by this transformation but starts to enjoy her immortal life with the other three women. This life includes fast cars, shopping and all night parties. But this immortal life comes at a price. Lena maintains her conscience and when the murderous lust for blood becomes too much for Lena all hell breaks lose.

This film explores the consequences of immortality and also explores the idea of an all female society. In one scene in this movie Louise explains to Lena that only female vampires exist because the female vampires have killed all the male vampires because they were "too arrogant and too stupid." So the female vampires have vowed not to turn any men into vampires so "no man mortal or immortal tells us what to do."

So if you like a film with beautiful female vampires, than We Are The Night is the film for you.
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just another lesbian vampire flick
trashgang20 January 2013
This is a misleading film. This isn't a horror at all, it's more a drama taking place in a vampire world. There isn't really any biting going on or an amount of red stuff flowing. And that's why so many vampire lovers will tear this flick down. Because it's low on everything. Sure, they all look sexy especially Charlotte (Jennifer Ulrich) but somehow it doesn't work. look, when they are at an inside swimming pool and ask the boys to join. You can see what is coming and yes one girl take of her top to reveal her tits toward the guys but not for the viewers. You are left with a hunger.

And there's a lot of dancing going on in the nightlife. I can take it once but always going to that place were in fact nothing is happening...except for the music itself. There's one scene were the vamps go wandering around and are driving their cars on Nightlife from IAMX. Being a fan of IAMX that was a nice surprise and you can hear the whole song.

But be honest, it's a bit like Twilight, a bit like Romeo and Juliet. The forbidden love between a human and a vampire. Jeaulousy between the vampires, lesbian love between Louis and Charlotte, you could see the fight coming between them. Maybe I'm missing something that I didn't see, what is worth watching is the fight between both of them for the effects but by then it's too late. It's was a long night...

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 4/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
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Promising start before it goes kaput....
aeon6523 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a big fan of vampire films, despite how the Twilight movies and numerous clones all but ruined the genre for me. So I had high hopes for this German movie about 3 female vampires who adopt a new girl into their all girls club. The opening sequence is quite spectacular, the soundtrack an alluring mix of classical and techno, all scenes are beautifully shot. Lena is a scruffy looking delinquent who we first see pickpocketing a Russian pimp, then gets chased by a young cop who of course becomes unbelievably smitten by her, and just manages to escape.

Lena then wanders into a rave and catches the eye of Louise, who's been searching for the special one for a very long time. After Louise bites her and she's given blood to drink she undergoes an incredible transformation from tomboyish rogue into a beautiful woman. She gets spoiled by everything money can buy (fancy clothes, expensive restaurants and a Lamborghini). Then after the allure of the wealthy night life, full of partying and speeding around in expensive cars, Lena quickly becomes unglued when the women kill some night guards {where did she think their blood came from before they drank from the pretty glasses?}. Eventually the police squad descends upon them, and things aren't so fun anymore.

The first half of the film is quite engaging, seeing Lena's transformation and seduction into a lascivious lifestyle. I particularly liked Jennifer Ulrich, who plays Charlotte, by far the most beautiful and interesting actress in the film. I think the story would have been more interesting had they explored the vampires long history together more in depth, and worked on more character development. Unfortunately the last half descends into sappy Twilight territory. The policeman who looks more like a pretty-boy-actor playing a cop than a real cop keeps popping up in the story and the ending is disappointingly weak. What's most disturbing is how the movie reminds me of one of those 1970's vampire movies, where the lesbian element is merely a plot device, intended only to tantalize, but never seriously takes form. The female protagonist is lead astray by the beautiful lesbian vampire, but of course gets rescued in the end by the dashing male hero and the big bad lesbian vamp gets vanquished, and you pretty much see this predictable outcome way before the movie ends. The film makers had the chance to produce something unique but it ends without much bite.

Jennifer Ulrich, the great soundtrack and some stylish cinematography are the only reasons I'd rate it has high as a 5/10.
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A weird cult movie
Gordon-1123 October 2011
This film is about a young woman who got turned into a vampire after a female vampire bit her in the neck.

"We are the Night" is such a weird movie. The plot centres on four vampires, who are immortally young and beautiful. Their hedonistic lifestyle is abundantly portrayed in the film, involving much sex, drugs and partying. The lesbian love featured is intense, and provides a constant undercurrent of lustful tension. It is a cult movie that is probably not for everyone. As a brainless pastime, "We are the Night" is passable. Just don't analyse the contents of the film, and accept what you see on the screen.
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Better than TWILIGHT which does not means much
abisio12 August 2011
Germans tried to create their own Vampire franchise with "We are the Night" with mixed results. Compared with any of the TWILIGHT movies; this looks like a masterpiece; but with really great movies like NOSFERATU (in any of its version) this is just a clichéd movie with a few original ideas.

The most interesting things are dialogs which based on my very limited German and subtitles seemed really smart. Another is that even when vampires are only women and there is a lot of lesbian innuendo; the movie is far from exploitative. There is no feminine nudity, no sexual scenes and a very PC moral message (here, nobody is happy to be a vampire). Even violence in the movie is more suggested than shown (there are a few brief strong scenes ; but mostly for the surprise effect ) . Lena, a minor delinquent is converted by Lena; an old bored vampire looking for her great love. Louise has two other vampires girlfriends; all living like "Sex and the City" in Berlin. An excess of glamour and luxury just to cover their empty lives. Lena is not very happy with her unwanted changes; particularly because she has a certain interest in a policeman; something forbidden by Louise for two reasons; he does not want men and even less policemen. There is not much more happening. The first act is strong but after Lena conversion, the second act looks extracted from "SEX AND THE CITY". The drama could have been really interesting if we knew something about each woman; but aside from a few dialogs and little back story about one of them; the others are pretty much a mysteries nobody cares to solve. The third act is more action driven and it is very effective with just the necessary amount of special effects in order to get things realistic. In brief; it is not a bad movie; but considering it comes for the country that re-invented cinema and the vampire genre; it is below expectations.
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Wir sind die Nacht (2010)- Somos la noche
A. B.26 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well how should I start?. Here I have the possibility to writhe I the very first review, which makes it maybe into the cinemas of a country besides Germany. So I will use it.

I saw this one last week.

Here you have Lena, a poor young woman from a broken home, who tries to keep here head above water as a cut-purse. You also have Louise, the head of 3 attractive female vampires, Charlotte, a former silent movie star and Nora, a young, lively and hip raver girl. They led a luxury live: with sports cars, shopping trips to Paris, sex and last but not least killing people and drinking there blood. Louise falls in love with Lena, she wants here and makes a vampire out of here. The next morning, Lena wakes up as vampire, but the painful metamorphose is not over yet. However direct sunlight would burn here and she has no mirror image. The next night she goes out, to find the thing who did this to here. She meets the 3 ladies. She realises that she has to stay with them and she is also now a being of the night. Lena falls into this luxury lifestyle, but can not kill people and drink there blood. This occurs to conflicts with Louise. Also Lena falls in love with a young police man. Another conflict with Louise, who is in love with here.

Charlotte misses here former live and here husband and child and Nora just wants to have fun.

All in all it is an O.K. movie, I give a 6/10). Lets start with the good things. This no boring movie and you wonder how fast 100 minutes are gone. It is fast, action lasting one, with a great camera image and soundtrack. It deals with: is it possible to find a love for eternity, is an eternal live worthwhile or boring and is morally good kill people and drink there blood (or better to consume there blood).

What I like was that these vamp(ire)s, are evil they do drink human blood and live fast life. (Not like Edward Cullen.)

The weakest point is it has thin plot, but it is O.K however. I deals with a lot of things, but only on the surface. The character development of its figures does not go fare enough. So do the conflicts which occur. Maybe I just want to much: a fast action lasting movie with a great story, deep characters and good intra/inter personal conflicts. Like Avatar!!?- but this is no vampire film

Anyway now I am into vampire movies. So I will watch, Dracula, Blade, Nosferatu and more.
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An Amazing and Epic Movie! It enthralled me.
KatherinePetersdorf30 June 2013
When I first watched this movie it was because I had just gotten Net Flix and this was a free video on instant play. It had vampires on the cover (a different cover than the new edition cover shown) and I thought it may be enjoyable.

At the start of the movie I wasn't sold because of the long music opening with pictures of the girls from all the eras they lived in, but when the actual acting started I was take aback. I thought because I didn't know the actors names it was Indie, but it turned out to be German and dubbed.

The idea that vampires were all only strong women who could party, shop, and have sex for the rest of time without rules or men baring down on them was interesting. Still, I thought it need some romance and that was when the cop and the lead started.

By the end of the movies I was crying tears of fear and happiness. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time, which is hard to do because I write paranormal for a living and usually see everything coming. I fell in love with it and I watch it all the time, it is a movie I use when I need to fight off writer's block.

I would suggest it to anyone and if I knew them personally I might kidnap them and force them to watch it with me (which I'v done to family and my boyfriend already).
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A fresh view from Germany
alex_gnr016 January 2018
A movie worthy of thanks. Despite you know the path the events will take, these result very attracting and interesting. The performances are well obtained, I must say that Nina Hoss is an example of quality besides her beauty and the whole cast. The aesthetics in many shots combined with urban landscapes give it an almost surrealistic result. Small soundtrack but powerfull. I have not read other reviews yet but I think this is a great work from the german industry.
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Berlin Hotties with some major mojo; Not an (evil) feminist flick or a rip off of Twilight.
Hell_Kitten8 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers do not reveal major plot points or affect the integrity of the film.

We Are the Night (German: Wir sind die Nacht) is a 2010 German vampire horror film directed by Dennis Gansel. German language with English subtitles. Also available in English without subtitles.

I'm a lover of all things horror and have recently warmed to German films which made this combo a must see for me. The film packs some powerful punches as it explores concepts like youth, beauty, depression, self-harm, suicide, aging and the consequences of immortality along with Valerie Solanas' idea of an all-female society. These themes are wrapped so snugly into the film that it's revelations are practically seamless.

At the beginning of the film we are introduced to lovely but lonely Lena (artfully played by Karoline Herfurth). She's a tough teen whose life is overshadowed by the cold despair, hopelessness and pointlessness which often accompanies abject poverty. Her life is dominated by negative interactions with male authority figures in the police, her parole officer and those she pickpockets on the streets. Her only reprieve from this desolation seems to come from escapism into the German underground.

It is in one of these undergrounds where she meets Louise, the head of a 3 person pack of attractive female vampires. One is Charlotte, a breathtakingly beautiful former silent movie star who seems distant and removed from the world around her. The other is Nora, a cute and perky. young, hip raver girl with enough energy your head will spin just watching her as she parties her way from one scene to the next. Louise herself is a rather attractive and regal looking woman whose maker was killed by sunlight.

Louise becomes consumed with the idea that somewhere out there her lost love and sole mate will be reincarnated and she will recognize her by looking deeply into her eyes. Incidentally, this plays nicely off the concept that eyes are the windows of the sole. But how can one know for certain it's their lost love with only a glance? You can't and thus Louise turns each girl who might be her lost love but inevitably finds they are not "the one" and so continues her search. Even though there's an inevitability to each new partner not quite meeting Louse's expectations she does not discard them upon this revelation. Choosing instead to collect and keep them like living photos of whichever century she steals them from. They remain at her side as immortal cohorts in crime.

Early on in the movie, Louise shares the premise to their way of life with her freshly initiated young whelp, Lena. All of the male vampires were murdered by the females for being "too noisy, too greedy and too stupid."

Upon first glance that might make the viewer draw the conclusion that this film is about misandry and those evil feminists plotting to take over the world. On closer observation though it proceeds to carry a completely different message, via multiple scenes in which the female vampires make any number of vacuous decisions, equal to, if not greater than their so-called "inferior" male counterparts.

The takeaway of this film is a two-fold message; Men and women are equal in their more redemptive traits like selflessness, kindness and compassion. Scattered throughout the movie are small breadcrumbs alluding to this such as a rather poignant moment in which Nora is intentionally cruel when a sweet young bellhop who likes her, offers her a flower at the steps of their hotel. She tells him she'll have him fired if he dares ever speak to her again because she knows if she returns his affections it will lead to his death by her hands.

Women are also equally capable of committing monumental acts of evil and cruelty such as when Louise, taking on role of mother and lover, dumps the vulnerable and ailing Lena at the feet of a human trafficker who intends to beat and rape her into "submission."

It's the sum of these small scenes which add up to the breathtakingly big revelation that the female vampires inevitable outcomes are due to their own shortcomings of greed, carelessness and stupidity..the very (all too human) traits Louise earlier subscribed to as the reason for the downfall of their male counterparts.

The ending, in particular, actually refutes any claims to be made for misandry both in the choices Lena makes for herself and the fate of the other vampires who have been subscribing to such misandry.

Other interesting points:

The original script for this film was written before "Twilight" but shelved for other projects until after "Twilight" came out. Due to the similarities between the original script and Twilight, Gansel had Jan Berger rewrite the script, now under the title "Wir sind die Nacht." It's loosely based around Carmilla and sanitizes out most scenes involving a romance between Lena and a police officer in favor of a love story between women.

Heiko Maile was inspired by the score of the film "The Dark Knight" and how it combined electronic music with orchestra and electric guitar. Maile used "Au Clair De La Lune" as Charlotte's theme. Peppered throughout the film are other outstanding musical scores. Among them, IAMX's "Nightlife" and "Wir sind die Nacht" by Covenant. Well worth a purchase of the album for these two songs alone.

Torsten Breuer's cinematography, Shot for shot, make this is a gorgeous film and a feast for the eyes. In a brilliant maneuver, Breuer and Gansel manage to make the vampires nocturnal world of night, wildly colorful and lush while simultaneously making daytime life seem cold, bleak and colorless.

I highly recommend joining these fun loving and endearing homicidal psychopaths for a bit as they send you on a dizzying romp of action, gore and genuine drama.
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They Only Come Out At Night
Shadowplayed4 July 2014
Germans have come a long way from Nosferatu to Wir Sind Die Nacht, but haven't lost their touch. Times are changing and changing some more, so this refreshing, modern take on bloodsuckers proves to be a worthy step in that direction.

Berlin. We are introduced to cool, hip and large - living vamp trio: Louise (serious and older, alpha vamp...also, a lesbian) Charlotte (avid reader; moody and depressed former silent film star) and Nora (a quirky, jokey third member who loves a fling followed by a nice dinner: meaning 2in1) Soon after, Lena, delinquent girl, pickpocket coming from a broken home steps into the picture. One night she attends one of the rave parties our aforementioned trio throws regularly, and after the brief encounter with Louise, her life changes for good.

In case you are thinking what I think you are...this is not, NOT German answer to most hated vampire saga in film history. But it does follow the formula which has transformed new vampires into human like, not-so mystical beings that raid big cities looking for fun and a good meal. We are The Night is beautiful to look at: high production, great effects and lots of fake blood so even the grumpy traditionalists shouldn't scoff at it. OK, so it does have some romance, all vampire films have romance! (one way or another) I was expecting nothing and was pleasantly surprised, but make no mistake: some people will rush to call it the best vampire film since Let The Right One In. It's not. As much as I wanted it to be a worthy follower.

Immortality, good looks, money and glamour....who wouldn't want to trade place with them? So it's not all fun and games there is much needed "but", provided by some particularly emotional and tragic scenes with Charlotte (excellent Jennifer Ulrich) as central figure and nihilistic reminder how eternity can be unwanted and lonely place to be. HUGE complaint: Where's Rammstein in otherwise cool soundtrack?!???!

But it's lots of lightweight fun, so easy 7/10
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The Vamps and Tramps of Berlin!
Aurora Baker1 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I really didn't know what to expect of this film at first glance. The cover art for it suggested to me that this will be just another foreign vampire film with breasts and pretty faces all over it and not a near interesting story. I was wrong. This was actually a pretty decent film. It's about a beautiful vampire named Louise who's been spending eternity with her two beautiful cohorts looking for her soul mate. Nina Hoss as Louise very much reminded me of Lauren Hutton in "Once Bitten" as the Countess with her luscious long blonde locks and beautiful face. Louise is obsessed with finding her "partner" and it is implied that there was a time where she might have thought her cohorts Nora and Charlotte were her soul mates. Louise meets a troubled young girl named Lena and forces Lena against her will to become a vampire. Louise is convinced Lena is the partner she's been looking for.

This vampire story might be more for a female audience. The story is mostly about being love-sick for someone who doesn't want you and all the chaos and jealousy it may ensue. Other than that it has most of what you would want or expect from a vampire story. There's violence, there's action, there's still that conflict between being powerful and immortal and being sad and alone. There's a lot of elements of fun in this film as you will see these women doing absolutely anything they want from speeding, doing drugs, having sex, and shopping. Nora is a fun character because for an undead she is quite lively and energetic. Charlotte and her story is quite tragic and justifies her behavior once you get more involved in the film.

I thought the story could have been better but there's plenty to like about this film from it's casting to it's imagery, to it's playfulness.
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We are the Dark Twilight
kosmasp15 January 2011
I'm not saying that this movie was written because of the success of Twilight. It might be lying around a producers office for years. But the success of Twilight made it possible, that this could be made. Unfortunately, if there was a script, they seem to have tingled with it ... a lot. And the end product shows, that there might have been a struggle as to what this really is ...

Of course and identity crisis would be fitting to a movie like this. Still you'd wish there was more clarity. The acting is solid (for a genre movie like this), but the story does not really justify the running time. The action is filmed nicely and there is some chemistry between the actors. You just wish that there would have been more substance ... unless you just want to be entertained. And I can assure you, that while still aiming at a teen audience, these characters here, are more adult, than the "other ones" ... (see summary line, if you don't understand that)
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