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Beautiful and touching

Author: Yaya Leone from United Kingdom
23 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Stanly pickle is honestly the only short film I have watched this year that was both visually exciting and touching at the same time.

The stunning imagery and technique are carried out by a beautiful story of a lonely boy and the cold yet protected world he naively created for himself.

When a beautiful girl crosses his front yard he takes the chance of coming out of his secured surrounding, but sometimes when we try to surprise someone with something good, it all turns out just plainly wrong...

The overall atmosphere is very cynical with quite a dark sense of humor. It is full of surprising treats, funny and embarrassing moments.

If you like films by Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton, you'll enjoy this one! I look forwards to seeing more from this director.

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Wonderful Tale that Twists Just a Bit.

Author: Ian Sklarsky from United States
25 November 2010

Watching this short caught me off guard. At first I was thinking that it was a live action when I saw the posters - but realized that it is stop motion with people, THIS BECOMES WONDERFUL! A fantasy world is built around a young boy discovering that he can't always perfect what he wants. The music is wonderful and I think the whole story is bitter sweet. It made me laugh a few times and left me with a very nice feeling of self discovery, and it's OK to move on in life when things just don't work out.

WONDERFUL movie! I'm telling all my friends about this title! Victoria Mather did an awesome job at sharing this sweet story to the world! 9/10

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No doubt a 10 out of 10.

Author: kodama (kodamalamancha) from United Kingdom
25 November 2010

I watched Victoria Mather's short Stanley Pickle at this year's Raindance Film Festival in London, and found myself spellbound by the world she has created.

The film is about a boy who, instead of growing up and moving on, chooses to lock himself in his clock work Never Land.

The atmosphere of the film resembles a children's book with a dark twist, not dissimilar to some of Terry Gilliam's work. The overall design of the film is very well done, from the costume and set design to the cinematography. However, this film is more than just am eye candy. Despite the lack of dialogue, it is full of funny moments as well as deeply touching ones.

I have never came across anything like this film, and was amazed when I found out that the entire film consists of a series of still images captured by an SLR. It was a privilege to see it on the big screen, and would happily watch it again and again. No doubt a 10 out of 10.

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True treat for all cinema lovers.

Author: from London, England
24 November 2010

Stanley Pickle is packed with all sorts of cinematic goodness, from the bitter sweet story line and the quintessentially British sense of humour to the stunning visuals created through the fantastic use of pixelation technique and brilliant production design.

The film follows the life of Stanley Pickle, a 20 year old boy/man who (quite happily) shuts himself in the clock work world he created. He lives with his mommy and daddy and spends his day playing with his toys. He sleeps in a child sized bed and gets tucked in by his mommy every night with a good night kiss. However, there has recently been a new addition to his daily routine; to watch the strange girl who appears from the forest and dances around with her bird in the fields from his bedroom window...

What is fascinating about this short film is that it is neither live action nor fully animation. Pixelation has been around for decades, but what is so great about this film is that it fits perfectly to the theme and the story, and not just a "wow" factor or to show off the technique. It feels so organic that you almost forget that it's an incredibly challenging concept to pull off.

Director Victoria Mather has created a magical and dynamic world where motion and stillness coexist. It is full of symbolism, yet you don't feel the need to analyse to appreciate the world of Stanley Pickle and it's beauty. Visually stunning, funny and dark, touching and entertaining. What more can you ask for? Stanley Pickle is a true treat for all cinema lovers and is definitely the best of it's kind.

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Author: Butter Soysauce from Japan
30 June 2015

I see this short movie at first, it is very mysterious and funny. I like this movie. It is like watching animation, because the characters moves strangely. I think it is comical, but it also increases more cruelty and scariness. When I think deep meanings of this movie, it is very interesting. This movie says to us that we should be cautious of developing scientific technique. The scientific technique enriches our world, but it can be treated with incorrect usage. Moreover, the movie tells it is impossible that we disobey the providence of nature. The move is excellent plot and making film is so ingenious and creative. I wants to recommend you to see this.

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Creative and engaging fairy tale

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
20 March 2014

Stanley Pickle may be a man but he lives in a world frozen in time due to his own actions. His parents and all around him are animated by clockwork in order to keep them going while he fits into their rigid patterns in a way which he has come to accept as normal life. However a chance sighting of a girl outside his house breaks him out of his normal behavior – or at least, to a point.

Even without talking about the manner of delivery this short film is an interesting one as it is an adult fairytale with a nice idea that is well built upon The narrative may be quite straightforward but it does still work as a fantasy piece about a young boy coming to terms with real life. This is enough but to make it more of a prospect the manner of telling is really what drew me in. The film is animated but yet also life-action, but not in a Roger Rabbit mix. The actors and sets are all moved one frame or so at a time so you have this very other-worldly sense of movement which at once feels normal but yet not normal – it is a device that perfectly fits the clockwork aspect of the plot. The set design and performances work very well around this and the whole thing comes together.

The fairytale may be simple but it still works, while the animation is very well done in the most part and makes this a very creative and engaging short film.

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Mega-creepy....and I'm okay with that.

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
1 January 2014

"Stanley Pickle" is an incredibly strange and creepy film--there's no denying this. However, as I have a very high threshold for the weird and creepy, then this film is great!

It's very tough to describe the plot for this film. Suffice to say that Stanley has learned to re-animate the dead by inserting wind-up motors into them! They, as well as Stanley, move in a very mechanical manner. This is heightened by the use of stop-motion as well as the film having cels removed from it--making everything move in a choppy way--which is perfect for this film.

The bottom line is that this short film is highly creative and unusual--something you don't see all that often. While the plot might not impress you, the way it was made and the usualness of the film sure will.

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Author: Tejas Nair from the Entertainment Capital of India
3 January 2013

You take a current affair topic and the most notorious cause of the world's plight and add a solution, you get this masterpiece.

Stanley Pickle is a genius and has automated his world, like we have done (almost). But, then comes emotions, human emotions... and the war between the machines and emotions unfolds and the truth wins. Very humane topic to choose for an amazing animation work. Beautiful story and I ought to say Stanley Pickle is the need of the hour!

This should've been a feature length movie, though! Very much recommendable and the ten minutes that you spend for this will make a huge difference.

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animated reflexivity

Author: ruiresende84 ( from Porto, Portugal
21 November 2010

Stop motion is a great technique. It's a compromise between continuous motion, 24fps or even lower, and the stillness of a single image. I think this balance between both ways to represent can make a difference in what regards narrative. It lowers your ability to focus only on what the images "tell" and instead are forced to learn what the images "are".

The interesting thing about this film is a certain reinvention of how usually this kind of stop motion is used: all the elements are real elements, from our real world, not clay models, not built out of scale sets. Usually in this kind of animation, the objects of that real world are animated on their own. bottles move alone, tables dance with chairs on their own will, and so on. Humans may be in the picture, but they will not interfere, only interact with the environment. Svankmajer has a number of incredible experiences based on this notion.

But here, we have a mixture. We have an animated world, that fully belongs to the otherworldliness of animated objects, but we also have the animator on screen. Stanley Pickle creates and mantains all the objects that surround him in his daily life, from his parents (who are objects here) to his games. Later in the film we see his laboratory, on the downside of his bed.

This falls apart when he performs his magic to a girl from outside of his confined animated world. It doesn't work, he can only fake the life of her bird, not resume it. So, that kills the animation, to Pickle himself.

The girl has quite an interesting face, and i appreciated the self-referentiality and how it blends into the final product and the narrative. I just didn't the film visually interesting.

My opinion: 2/5


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