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If "cursed but cute" is your cup of tea, this should serve you better than Twilight.
wissenDa6 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Beautifully shot and competently acted, the romance between a young man cursed with lethal magical powers beyond his control and the spirited teenage cancer patient who gently coaxes him out of his self-imposed exile is quite a bit less maudlin than it might look on paper.

So what if the story is fairly simple and predictable? (The final act gestures towards some nuance, by finally presenting us with a fairly sympathetic antagonist; alas, this potentially promising plot-development felt rather rushed). Since this is supposed to be a fairy tale, that's not necessarily a strike against it. Simplicity can have its charms.

That probably also describes the appeal of the protagonist. Harry Treadaway's eerily enchanting performance as James Furlong made me think of Caspar Hauser and Percival – a rare example of the male ingénue, the pure fool of legend, removed from the corrupting influence of society at an early age, blamelessly guilty, fragile but fatal. How often do we get to see that in the male version?

I docked some points, because my cold, shriveled heart finds the underlying message of all-defying love somewhat pat (I also resent the implication that – Spoiler Alert – only romantic/sexual love will do the trick, while the selfless kindness of the woodsman who takes in injured little James remains without effect on the curse; if you have to go with the bromides, at least don't operate with such a narrow conception of love). Someone with a more romantic disposition however might well fall in love with this little gem of a movie. It is, at any rate, exceedingly pretty to watch.
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A beautiful modern fairy tale
Richard von Lust14 May 2013
Pay no attention to the sadly low ratings given to this very fine romantic tale. Of course the plot demands full artistic license but that is the essence of a fairy story and the stretched imagination needed to accept the setting comes easily enough.

James Furlong is born into an Irish family with very strange powers. His grandfather became blind for 37 minutes each time he thought of sex whilst his father caused complete electrical failure all around him each time he became frightened. James simply caused everything to die around him whenever he was attacked or given a blow. Naturally this had unpleasant effects on those unfortunate enough to argue with him or even be near those fighting with him. Accordingly he runs into the forest and lives the life of a hermit. Until that is a beautiful young girl happens upon his forest shack and a love story begins.

The photography is nothing short of splendid and there are some fine performances from all the youngsters involved - in particular James Wilson who plays the younger James. I hope we see more of him. Perhaps my greatest criticism would be that Thomas Brodie-Sangster who is given significant billing in the production appears in very few scenes and has barely three minutes of screen time. His character, a young lad bent on revenge against the hero, was indeed interesting and could have been developed much more. What a pity the producers gave so much time to romantic love scenes and so little to the jealousy that love often brings about on those rejected.
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Just a smack, as usual.
aridoux4528 April 2011
Just saw this during the Tribeca film festival and found it great. I enjoyed the poetry, the incredibly strong pictures and the really original plot. Some of you may not agree but I have been hooked by this movie from the first to the last minute and what should I say about the actors that are beautifully playing and magnificently directed. This movie is full of emotions and the love story is very well treated, showing a real, pure love which is not going pathetic as it is in many movies today. Hope this movie is going to be seen by many of you and bought in the US to become a hit, not even in comparison to some other hits, this film deserves it.
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D-kay or O-Kay
kosmasp4 March 2012
The central idea of the movie is very intriguing. Actually it does sound like a very good backbone for a novel (I have no idea what this was based on, but a book about this might be better then the movie). The central character is obviously "cursed" from the get-go. And still he manages to survive somehow.

But of course that wouldn't be enough. And while the story unravels (almost?) completely as you expect it to unravel, it still is a fine viewing experience. It's the actors that are doing a fine job and a script, that while not new and/or surprising it still delivers the goods as you would say. A fine thriller then
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For sure it is a well worth watching!!!
Paulo Oliva1 January 2014
In my humble opinion , this is an excellent film . I enjoyed the story and I also enjoyed the performance of the main actors . It is a shame that the ending is not as happy as I hoped it would be . The scene where the film was made is perfect for the story unfolds . I think the main idea of the film is to convey the message that the true and pure love can even turn a terrible curse into a blessing that brings back to life even the worst of people doomed to certain death . The story unfolds in a clear sequence and not to let the movie become dull over time. Each piece was well designed and adjusted so that no relevant information missing for the perfect understanding of the script . As I said , I really liked this movie. The only downside I saw was the fact that Mae insist on smoking . This was a bad example that I think should not have been part of the history of a film so well done . Well worth watching !
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the most different love story you will ever see
M MALIK27 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
i saw this movie and i was like god what if this happens to someone for real can you imagine i saw this specially for Rachel Hurdwood.

the plot:James Furlong gets to know about a deadly gift given by nature that causes others to die whenever he gets hurt,scared by this he flees to a forest and lives the rest of his life there far away from other people but one day Mea West O'Mara comes to the forest trying to escape the decease she have James and Mae now are in a short period relationship these two are strangers slowly falling in love but what has fate kept in store for them.

the cast:Harry Treadaway did some great acting and you know Rachel Hurdwood is at her usual best.

this is quite the most different love story ever written it don't make a lot of sense but it was for a short period and it worked what i really liked that it was not extended for any reason this is some serious well done stuff by director Agnes Merlet.

overall my rating for hideaways 2011 is 6/10 its sad,its short but its also memorable just go see it its totally recommended
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Armand20 February 2013
it is only word who can describe this film about death and hope. a strange cold fairy tale about a boy, his gift and the bridges with world. virtue of movie - the ball of feelings. the powerful impressions. the burned grass and the need of the other of a young man. nothing else. because all is only puzzle of gestures and search. a ladder and a form of escape like wet drawing. it is a beautiful film but not a comfortable one. web of questions and delicate nuances. and nice acting. a film about solitude and its corners. and, sure, about love. as a kind of parable. or only invitation for understand world more than a wall. but as way.
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Worthy, but just not a very good film
dougsteadman200521 April 2011
Saw this tonight at Tribeca. The "love conquers all" message is certainly worthy, but this just isn't a very well told story. The scripts contains few surprises (no point even bothering to spoil the plot here - you'll soon guess where the story is heading), and the directing is flat. The film's point of view is a big problem. The director doesn't seem to be sure if it's Mae-West's or James's story, so in the end it's hard to care for either. The overblown score tries too hard to fill in the emotions that the script doesn't provide. Some nice effects work in places though. I can't imagine this will be a huge hit, but if you see it coming to your local cinema best look for other options.
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Interesting concept and simple lovely movie...
Saad Khan13 August 2012
Hideaways - CATCH IT (B) Hideaways is a sweet little British movie about James Furlong, motherless, discovered an extraordinary gift to an accident causing the death of his father and his grandmother. Shocked by the mysterious power he has discovered, James is isolated in a forest to avoid hurting his family and decides to live there. A few years later, a girl named Mae, took refuge in the same forest because of an incurable disease which would have reached. The two young people meet and fall in love with each other. Their union allows James to discover a force hitherto unsuspected powers. (IMDB) Hideaways is a nice little movie which has good emotional approach to its character. It's a genetic disorder or the family men are jinx no one knows but somehow the story works. The movie is shot in beautiful isolated forest in England. The best part is defiantly the innocence and chemistry of Harry Treadaway and Rachel Hurd-Wood. They both make this movie emotional and beautiful. Even though I wished the ending to be different but that's all right. Still it's a lovely little movie and a good time pass. Watch it!
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Diana Ross?
Fedor Petrovic (fedor8)20 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A soppy romantic fantasy for housewives and mentally-challenged kiddies. The moment Rachel steps into Harry's forest cabin, you just know that he will somehow end up healing her. Which in turn means he has to die. (How poetic.) Which in turn means the movie will end with Rachel holding their love-child, telling it about Harry's bizarre affliction. All of that can be predicted – and in fact I did predict it – already before the movie's half-way point.

A trite formulaic drama with all the usual boring clichés. Let's not forget the moronic plot-devices too. My favourite: in order to split up Harry and Rachel (so that Harry can predictably get killed by his old buddy), the writer injects a terribly dumb scene in which a random patient stops Rachel during a fire-alarm to boast about his miracle healing, and he does this by holding her ARMS REAL TIGHT AS IF HE WAS GONNA MURDER HER.

The only good thing about the movie is Rachel Hurd-Wood who looks stunning (if a little too tall for my liking). The movie's best scene – bar none – is when Rachel is putting on her bra. (I just wish they showed her take it off.) Just fast-forward to that and ignore the rest of this sheeet.

Guess what name their love-child gets? Diana (F-ing) Ross. Because Rachel likes Motown. Now you get some idea what kind of crap this is, and what kind of a mindless oaf wrote it. Diana Ross! F off.
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