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Fascinating series of documentaries about tribes and the artefacts that they create as part of their beliefs. In seven parts: "Behind the Mask" documents the crafting of traditional West-African Dogon tribal headgear and later shows how it is used in dance ritual. "The Crooked Beak of Heaven" looks at the construction of totem poles and their place in the local American Indian culture. "The Sweat of the Sun" examines the architecture and golden artwork of the Aztecs and Incas. "The Kingdom of Bronze" returns to West-Africa to study traditional methods of manufacturing sculpture in Benin."Woven Gardens" travels to Persia to film the nomadic carpet-weaving tribes and explore meanings embedded within traditional rugs."The Man Blong Custom" looks at how of beliefs and customs of the indigenous people of the Solomon Islands have changed due to the outside influence of colonialism. "Across The Frontiers" includes snippets from the previous documentaries already mentioned including additional footage of the Dogon. As well as exploring several other tribes and their artwork including traditional Inuit walrus-tusk tools. Attenborough concludes by looking at the commercialisation of tribal art. Interviewing collectors and exploring how tribal sculpture has changed.


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