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Very funny and entertaining to watch.But you wouldn't really get it if you've never seen any Star Wars,

Author: Dillon Harris from Ireland
24 June 2012

Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode 3 is a very funny spoof of the Star Wars franchise,as is the first two specials.I wouldn't really recommend it for someone who's never seen any of the Star Wrs movies because you probably wouldn't get a lot of the films content.Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force (or whatever they're calling now,I still call it by its original name),are by far my favourite shows on Adult Swim,because I love all the parodies Robot Chicken do and the way they mock them show that they love these,movies,TV series and comics as much as I do and I love the characters in Aqua Teen Hunger Force,especially Meatwad.I really appreciate the voice acting in this,especially from Seth Green and Seth Macfarlane and from what you see in these Star Wars parodies,there's no wonder Seth Green and Matthew Senreich where asked to do a Star Wars animated series.

Robot Chicken returns with another Star Wars parody with this time having the franchise shown from Emperor Palpatines point of view.It also features many bits from other famous Star Wars characters including Boba Fett,Yoda and many Stormtroopers.

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the best of the three parodies

Author: disdressed12 from Canada
12 May 2011

i thought this was the best of the Robot Chicken Star Wars's a bit longer this time at 45 minutes without commercials,but the time just flies by.once again the skits are random and hilarious,and absurd.i can't wait for this third one to come out on DVD so i can purchase it.if you like to laugh and are a fan of the Star Wars Saga,i'd recommend all three Robot Chicken Star Wars Parodies.i'd never even seen an episode of Robot Chicken before watching these specials,and i don't think it's necessary to do so in order to enjoy them.these parodies are funnier than the Family guy parodies,though those are also funny.for me,Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III is a 10/10

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Easily the best one in the series....

Author: Terry Roehrig II from United States
13 July 2011

Seth Green and Chris McKay started Robot Chicken back in 2005 and have been growing ever since. If you've never seen it, I recommend you check it out. It's stop-motion animation at it's crudest and most often funniest.

I don't really need to go over plot details or tell you guys the story, it's Robot Chicken for crap's sake. They take action figures and put them in the craziest positions and make them say the most outlandish things. Some segments last as long as three or four minutes, others a mere 10 seconds. The frenzied style in which Seth and Chris shoot these mini-videos is part of what makes Robot Chicken fun. They can tell a joke, get a laugh and then quick-cut to a completely different scene with different results.

All of them are silly and sophomoric, but damned if they're not also hilarious. Episode I is more thrown together than Episodes II and III, because it doesn't have a "wraparound" story. I liked having that central "theme" in Episodes II and III, because it gave us a nice running gag that we could keep coming back to. Episode II had the Emperor putting an ad in the penny saver for hiring a hit-man and Episode III was the Emperor looking back on his life and wondering how he came to be in the situation he was in. There's a brilliant part in Episode III that has the Emperor trying to use the elevator and his comment is priceless when he finds the elevator full of whatever the hell Admiral Ackbar is and his ride up the escalator is even more funny.

Seth and Chris even go above and beyond by getting some of the original participants of Star Wars to lend their voices to their parody. It helps if you've seen all the movies, but it's not necessary. You'll certainly get a bigger kick out of knowing what they're parodying. One of the only thing that bugged me about the series is how it jumps from making fun of Phantom Menace and then back again to Return of the Jedi. At least when Family Guy parodied Return of the Jedi, it stayed on Return of the Jedi. They didn't bounce back and forth, I only wish Robot Chicken used that same formula, but I still laughed all the same. More reviews at Final Grade: B+ (for all three episodes)

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Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III (2010)

Author: SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain from United Kingdom
12 December 2011

A few recycled gags and others that go on for too long don't really hurt this third installment. When it gets it right it really gets it right, and one sketch had me laughing harder than I've laughed in years. I can't even explain why. Maybe I was going a little crazy, but still, it was good to laugh to the point I was scared as to why I couldn't stop. Again it's one for Star Wars fans only, but I'm sure many people could respect the general animation and ideas. It spoofs every element of Star Wars, from simple scenes, how real people may have acted, riffing on plot holes, strange connections between the original and prequel trilogy, fan expectations, and even why some characters got an action figure. At times observational, at others just random.

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Amusing rather than funny, which is a disappointment

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
16 January 2011

I watched the third Family Guy Star Wars spoof recently and, while obviously the weakest of the three, I still found it quite good (bit like Jedi itself I guess). However what I was looking forward to the most was the third Robot Chicken spoof because I had laughed myself hoarse at the first one they did and even the weaker second one was very funny. Sadly though the third film seems to be running out of steam, with all the really sharp jokes on the subject gone already and the material having a feel of reaching or being the material taken from the cutting room floor of the first two films.

Perhaps it was an effect of this special having a lot of material from the three newer films because I am less familiar with these and do not have the affection for them that helps any spoofing. Perhaps it is this but undoubtedly the material is just not as funny as the previous films and there were a lot of misses in here. The emperor being the narrative frame didn't really work for me and there were too many jokes that didn't really work or that ran on too long. The storm trooper driving the deathstar was one, Luke at the gas station was another (although clever it wasn't that funny and lasted too long) and there are many more examples. It is a shame because the first spoof was so good and so successful (in terms of bringing non-RC viewers to the series) that they HAD to do another one and another one, even if the ideas are harder to come by as they go.

I did laugh during the special but it was much more sporadic and for too much of it I was sitting with that dumb smile on my face – the smile of a man waiting for a laugh because one must be seconds away, only for it not to come at all. Overall, this was more a case of amusing rather than hilarious, which for those who saw where they started, can only be a disappointment.

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