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When Lucy is tazing Gru he drops his freeze ray but when it shows her trying to pick him up it is gone.
When Lucy is in the cake shop and smashes up the cup cakes she never gets any of the frosting on her hands. This occurs even when she smears it over Gru's face.
When Gru and Lucy break into Salsa and Salsa, the booby trap line is not visible before nor after Gru trips it.
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Early in the movie one of the minions is vacuuming and answers the front door. The door opens in. Later when Gru is sitting on the front porch and Agnes comes out with an umbrella, the door opens out.
When Dave comes out of the kitchen in the cupcake shop with the minion cupcake, Lucy splits it apart, then pins Dave down and asks Gru if he knows him. But when she captured Gru and took him to the submarine, there were two minions with him and Lucy never asked about them then.
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During the fight scene after they exit Eduardo's place, Eduardo's eyes are clear of that gunk that was sprayed on him to blind him.
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Errors in geography 

At the start of the film, when the secret lab is stolen from the Arctic, the footage is being viewed in AVL headquarters. The information on their screen includes latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

These co-ordinates are actually in southern Sudan, rather than the Arctic circle.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


When we are first introduced to Eduardo/El Macho, he orders cupcakes with Mexican flags on them. He then opens his shirt to display a tattoo of the Mexican flag. Towards the end of the movie when he his wearing the El Macho villain suit, most of his chest is visible and the tattoo is no longer there.

Factual errors 

At the beginning of the film, El Macho's ship first attracts the coins of the two card players. This is impossible as globally, all coins are minted using non-ferrous metals or alloys so as not to be magnetizable.

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