Reviving Ophelia (TV Movie 2010) Poster

(2010 TV Movie)


Elizabeth: [opens the door] Kelli's lying, okay? She hates Mark.

[throws bag to the right of the door]

Marie: How long are you gonna keep denying it?

Elizabeth: I-I fell - I tripped over the curb-I

[Marie grabs her from behind]

Marie: [hysterical, emotional] You look in the mirror!

Elizabeth: [mutters] Or what?

Marie: Tell me you did that to your face by falling!

[pushes past her]

Elizabeth: Mom - where -

[follows her mom, who goes to Elizabeth's room]

Elizabeth: Mom, what are you doing?

Marie: [starts rifling through her things] You weren't in a car accident the other night. He hit you, didn't he?

Elizabeth: No, no.

Marie: Kelli said she saw him crawling out of the window. He was here that night, wasn't he? You have been lying and you have been sneaking around to protect what? A boy who hits you?

[finds something in the drawer and Elizabeth vainly tries to get it back and she reads it aloud]

Marie: Sorry. Sorry. What does he have to be sorry for, Elizabeth?

[tears up the card]

Marie: You are never, ever seeing that boy again. You hear me?

Elizabeth: [emotional] You don't get it. I love him. I can't live without him; I will always love him.

Marie: [voice increases in volume] What is wrong with you? He hit you!

Elizabeth: You don't understand, okay? It was my fault!

[crying; Marie comes over and clasps her head in her hands]

Marie: You get that thought out of your head. Do you hear me?

[after some seconds embraces her with a deep sigh]

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