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Nominees at the 26th Gemini Awards

Yesterday, the Canadian Academy released its list of nominees for the 26th Gemini Awards, the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy Awards.

Best Animated Program or Series

* Glenn Martin Dds

* Hot Wheels - Battle Force Five

* Jimmy Two Shoes

* Kids vs. Kat

* March of the Dinosaurs

Best Children's or Youth Fiction Program or Series

* Anash and the Legacy of the Sun-Rock

* Degrassi: The Next Generation

* How to be Indie

* That's So Weird

* Vacation with Derek

Best Children's or Youth Non-Fiction Program Series

* Artzooka!

* In Real Life

* Spelling Night in Canada: Canspell 2011

* Survive This

* TVOKids - Mark's Moments

Best Comedy Program or Series

* This Hour Has 22 Minutes

* Call Me Fitz

* Good Dog

* Halifax Comedy Fest 2010

* Living in Your Car

* Rick Mercer Report

Best Dramatic Mini-Series or TV Movie

* Fakers

* The Kennedys

* My Babysitter's a Vampire.

* The Pillars of the Earth

* Sleepyhead

Best Dramatic Series

* The Borgias

* Endgame

* Flashpoint

* Skins

* The Tudors
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House Crisis, Himym Funeral, Friday Night Lights Finale and Others Eye Humanitas Prize

House Crisis, Himym Funeral, Friday Night Lights Finale and Others Eye Humanitas Prize
The finalists for the 37th annual Humanitas Prize — which honors writers from both television and film whose work “explores the human condition in a nuanced, meaningful way” — have been revealed, and several fan fave TV shows, buoyed by standout episodes, are vying for recognition.

In the 30-Minute category, How I Met Your Mother‘s Season 6 examination of death and grief will compete with Mitchell and Cameron’s first Modern Family kiss plus two Showtime standouts, while the 60-Minute category includes House’s Season 6 finale — the one from May of last year — and the Friday Night Lights series-ender (which aired on
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DVD Playhouse--July 2011

DVD Playhouse—July 2011

By Allen Gardner

The Music Room (Criterion) Satyajit Ray’s 1958 masterpiece looks at the life of a fallen aristocrat as a metaphor for an India that is not only becoming Westernized, but modernized technologically and culturally beyond recognition. When the beloved music room, where he has hosted lavish concerts in the past, starts falling into disrepair as attendance drops steadily, the man realizes his way of life is vanishing. Stunningly shot in black & white, one of Ray’s finest works. Bonuses: Documentary on Ray from 1984 by Shyam Benegal; Interviews with Ray biographer Andrew Robinson and filmmaker Mira Nair; Excerpt from 1981 roundtable discussion between Ray, critic Michael Ciment, director Claude Sautet. Also available on Blu-ray disc. Full screen. Dolby 1.0 mono.

Beauty And The Beast (Criterion) Jean Cocteau’s sublime adaptation of the classic fairy tale become a beloved classic upon its 1946 release, and hasn’t faded since.
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MTV's 'The Truth Below' sneak peek: '90210's' Gillian Zinser gets buried alive

MTV's upcoming original movie, "The Truth Below," forces four college kids to shed some layers in its new psychological thriller premiering Thursday, June 16 at 10 p.m. Et.

Zap2it has an exclusive preview from the movie starring "90210's" Gillian Zinser as Jenna, the only girl on the trip with three college boys played by "Modern Family's" Reid Ewing, Rick Mabe, and "Reviving Ophelia's" Nick Thurston

After an avalanche traps them inside their car and the oxygen begins to run out, the friends take the game of truth to disturbing new levels.

Watch our exclusive preview below:

Visit the MTV website for more on "The Truth Below."
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New Release: independent drama White Irish Drinkers Blu-ray and DVD

Screen Media will release the Mean Streets-flavored independent drama White Irish Drinkers on Blu-ray and DVD on July 12.

Nick Thurston (l.) and Geoff Wigdor are brothers...and White Irish Drinkers.

In Brooklyn, 1975, 18-year-old Brian Leary (Nick Thurston, TV’s Reviving Ophelia) is killing time, pulling off petty crimes with his street tough older brother Danny (Geoff Wigdor, Levity), whom he both idolizes and fears. He doesn’t really want to be a criminal, but he doesn’t share the dreams of his old friends from their working class neighborhood either. So, looking for a way out of their situation, the siblings come up with a seemingly nutty plan: book the Rolling Stones for a concert in a local theater, sell tickets for $50 apiece in cash, and steal the money on the night of show.

Written and directed by John Gray and also starring Karen Allen (Scrooged), Stephen Lang (Avatar
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Jane Kaczmarek discusses her recent personal turmoil

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith Making Lifetime’s “Reviving Ophelia” movie that airs Monday (10/11) came as a much-appreciated lift for Jane Kaczmarek. The actress, who reigned for seven years as authoritarian mom Lois on “Malcolm in the Middle” — and for 17 as half of one of Hollywood’s favorite couples with ex-husband Bradley Whitford — admits, “It was a tough year. My husband filed for divorce. It was a very sad year.”

Many in the industry thought of the Whitfords as a great couple. “So did I,” she says. “I never thought I’d be single again.”

The divorce came in tandem with the disappointing cancellation of Steven Bochco’s ”Raising the Bar,” in which she played a judge, after two seasons.

Reviving Ophelia” represents “the first time I’ve worked since all of this happened. My manager liked the idea of getting me in front of a camera again,
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Reviving Ophelia Tackles the Issue of Physical Abuse In Teenage Relationships

Reviving Ophelia Tackles the Issue of Physical Abuse In Teenage Relationships
Mary Pipher's best selling novel Reviving Ophelia is now a Lifetime movie. It tells the story of two teenage girls, one of whom is physically abused by her boyfriend. The reactions of the two girls to this abuse make up the basic plot of the film. Le Ann (Kim Dickens) and Marie (Jane Kaczmarek) are sisters. Le Ann is divorced while Marie is happily married. They both have adolescent daughters, Kelli (Carleigh Beverly) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Williams), who in the past have been best friends. Lately, however, Elizabeth's boyfriend Mark (Nick Thurston) has come between them. Mark is domineering, jealous and suspicious but Elizabeth overlooks all of this because she loves him. It is only when he becomes physically abusive that she begins to have concerns. Even then she blames herself for having provoked him. The film is right on target when it...
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