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Just because there are big names in a movie doesn't mean...
polarsjenn16 November 2010
Oh my! I really want my 1.5 hrs & my rental money back. This movie was awful. First of all, I didn't realize it was going to be 5 unrelated short clips. My mistake. Apparently seeing the big names that were in it were enough to rent it without research. I felt like I was watching the Twilight Zone or Creep Show where nothing makes sense and there is no rhyme or reason why these clips were put all together in one movie. When it ended abruptly and did not tie in together AT ALL, I seriously said WTF? I hopped online immediately after it ended to review it so others will not have to endure this suffering. Don't rent it. It's not worth your time or money.
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This movie made my worst movies of all time list!
jcardwell114 November 2010
For someone who randomly selects movies that I have no prior knowledge of and with expectations that it could be bad, but hold out for hope that it could be the best....I had no idea! I have seen some awful movies in the past, but this movie has made me change my thought process of selecting movies in the future. Just because it has big names doesn't necessarily mean that it will be watchable by any means. Love & Distrust is the the worst pile of junk that I have ever seen. It was like watching a movie written by a 5 year old. No I take that least a 5 years old movie could be funny & entertaining. This was like staring at a blank screen for an hour. I don't mind spending money on a mediocre movie, but come on, this movie sucked. I want my $1.08 back from Redbox!
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Hate & Distrust
jnt7484 November 2010
I'm not sure what the point of this compilation of clippings and half thoughts is supposed to represent. I am only left to determine that this was a joke by the people involved and those who distributed it. If there were negative stars I would use them.

I would think that the major actors given top billing in the movie for their brief scenes would pay large sums of money to have them removed.

If I may quote from my favorite review on Rotten Tomatoes - "This movie is a huge piece of crap in a crap bucket."

I actually want to sue someone for lost time and suffering plus the $1.08 I paid at the Red Box.

Someone please explain.
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a fraud
sweiss685213 November 2010
khan 2705 nails it! I was also suckered into watching this film because of the actors listed on the cover. It is merely a patchwork of old and dissimilar short films or clips. The segments are of very different quality and appearance. One is Australian -- no harm in that, but the sudden change in accent was a bit jarring! Any claim of coherence or a unifying theme is a great stretch. One piece, "Washington Square," consists of 5 or 6 similar sequences which are interspersed between other segments of the film, seemingly in an attempt to enclose or unify them. It doesn't work. I foolishly watched it all, in semi-disbelief, thinking maybe something worthwhile was going to happen after all. Not so. The only reward, and this was modest indeed, was seeing two actors I admire performing very well at a much younger age than I have seen them. Maybe the clips were from their acting or film school days (?)
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This movie is a JOKE!
A Schachtner13 November 2010
I have to fully agree with Paul David's assessment! This movie is made to mock us in our intelligence. In no way are the short "skits"...I can't even call them a compilation of short "movies"...complete enough to be worthwhile to the viewer. They are certainly artsy...and dramatic, but without a congruent storyline overall (and perhaps there is...but I have a hard time finding it) the movie is not worth the dollar that I put in the Redbox. I watched the WHOLE movie hoping that I would find a common thread, only to be disappointed that I wasted that much of my life. I believe that if they had fewer story lines and went back and forth between story lines the viewers would be much more interested.

Surely the actors must have known what a joke the movie was. Once again, I agree with Paul David in that I feel let down by the big players...Amy Adams, Robert Downey Jr.(his skit was like watching bloopers at the end of a serious movie), and Robert Pattinson (for the life of me, I can't understand why he agreed to do this movie...with such a budding career ahead of was like a slap in the face to his fans).

This was one of the worst movies that I have EVER seen. The only reason that I just wasted this much time, was to prevent others from wasting their lives' precious time!
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Love and Distrust
djg40423 November 2010
OMG! THE WORST movie..the waste of 1 hr..I finally came to my senses and turned it off!! I rented it because the cast were very familiar people..who has been in many A+ say I, along with my husband was very much disappointed is an understatement.. TERRIBLE, DREADFUL, STUPID, RIDICULOUS!!It was 5 short stories..that had no relevance at all..perhaps if all of them tied in together somehow, maybe that would make sense....I will make it a habit to start reading reviews before I waste my money next time..I realize that sometimes there will be a movie made, that is strictly for the "art" but this lacked in so many areas..for me, no story line that made fact my 8 year old nephew could put together something more enjoyable than this..if you, after reading these reviews still rent..well are just a glutton for pure punishment!
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What a complete load of utter rubbish and waste of my viewing time!
paul david9 November 2010
Most of us choosing to watch this movie will probably know about the movie before watching it. I actually chose it in a bad movie month (November) because as a guy I actually thought (and still do) that Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame and on the back of 'Remember Me' was a good actor. the movie also featured Robert Downey Junior and Amy Adams and I thought it was worth a whirl.

sorry, it wasted my evening, what a complete load of absolute rubbish, garbage, words fail me. It is one of the worst films which I have ever seen and was surely made to mock us all in our intelligence of watch ability.

The film starts okay but goes rapidly downhill from there. I was expecting a connection between the five stories but there was absolutely none and as for any love theme, that lost me completely.

Movies like Crash, Fragments, Babel and others enthralled me but this one leaves me wondering what it was Alla bout and the sad thing is I will hesitate about watching another Pattinson/Adams movie after this debacle.

This makes movies like 'Cloverfield' look like an Oscar nominee.

The 'waitress' thing was quite watchable but far from entertaining and the 'cars' thing towards the end - the guy trying to pick up the ladies - and the mature lady who finds her 'cowboy' - just leaves you wondering what we are watching. The ending has absolutely no meaning and if there is any acting of real note, it is probably from the sexy girl on the train.

Be warned - this movie should definitely carry a health warning!
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Distrust the Movie Writer!!!!!!
xoxo_20062513 November 2010
A COMPLETE WAIST OF MY MONEY AND TIME!!!!! I cannot believe what a let down this movie was! I could bearly get through the first 20 minutes! If I would of had to watch this movie 1 more minute I would have clawed my eyeballs out with the gardening rake!!!!! Robert Pattinson! You completely let me down! I rented this movie thinking I would fall in love all over again with Robert!!! Instead, I wanted to DIE! The big time actors in this movie COMPLETELY should sue the director and most of all the writer!!!!!! Nevermind, they should shoot him!!!!! DO NOT WAISTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS HORRIBLE DREADFUL MOVIE!!! All it does is suck you in like a toilet with the big named actors it shows on the cover!! I did not find Love and I only distrust movie writers!!!! Redbox I want a refund...Thank you! I hope this helps save someone else's life! I almost died in the 20 minutes I spent on this....well I wont even call it a movie!!! More like, an elementary play!
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94 minutes of pain
jedarine5 November 2010
It actually hurt my brain to watch this movie. Three of the five shorts were watchable, but still not great. Do not watch the opening short or the short about "pennies", unless you enjoy being aggravated and feeling like you are wasting time that you will never get back. The all-star cast gave good performances; it was the writing that made this a painful experience for me. It is unbelievable that this made it to DVD and is being placed on the shelf for rental. I feel like the whole thing is a hoax to see how many people they can trick into watching a terrible movie, by enticing unsuspecting, innocent, movie renters, by placing well known names on the cover.
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Should be the third movie in the dumb and dumber series
olschool_885 November 2010
After wasting my time on this movie I have decided to start a class action lawsuit against the creators of this movie for deceptive advertising. This movie sucks!!!! I thought there may at least have been nudity but no luck:( This movie sucks. If you liked this movie please see your psychiatrist. Once again this movie sucks! At first I thought maybe this wont be the worst movie that I have ever seen, I was proved incorrect. This movie sucks! The five different movies make no sense because this movie sucks. Tonight I may contemplate blinding myself in case of the possibility there may be a movie worse than this. This movie was absolutely the worst piece of cinema in the history of mankind. If Oscar judges saw this movie and a Steven Seagal movie after this the Seagal movie would win the movie of the year award.
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