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"Rizzoli & Isles" Born to Run (2010)

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Runners prepare for the Boston Marathon as an unseen gunman prepares a gun with a suppressor.

Jane looks for Maura in the bar before the race. A potential informant named Rondo comes up to Jane, simultaneously hitting on her and offering her tips. Frankie helps defend his sister's honor.

Maura arrives, fired up to run in her fancy barely-there running shoes. She has her team jersey on: Professionals for Underprivileged Kids of Excellence. That's right, PUKE.

Jane draws the line at PUKE outfits. Maura gets choked up so Jane softens and offers a deal. She'll wear PUKE if Maura calls the next "reddish brown stain" blood. Not lying, stating the obvious.

Frankie bets Jane she'll crap out by mile 10.

The amateur runners line up. Jane's grossed out - people are already sweating on her. They race begins.

Jane's parents set up lawn chairs along the route. Angela says "hi" to some college dudes with painted chests. She tries to encourage Frank to lighten up.

Jane and Maura come up on a runner lying in the road. Maura starts chest compression and blood pours out of his mouth. They find a bullet entrance wound. The freaked-out course supervisor teen starts to radio in and Jane grabs it and insists he shut up. She tries to get Maura to fake taking the victim's pulse.

Maura wants to stop the race but Jane draws out the potential for trampling if people panic.

At the station, Korsak watches adorable animals on YouTube. Jane calls to tell him about the shooting victim. They're in an ambulance not going anywhere.

Frost starts pulling up security camera footage.

Jane thinks it's a close-contact wound. She and Korsak agree they have to work the murder quietly with her there. Jane tells the kid to call Ron Garvey, a race official.

Korsak goes to see Detective Lieutenant Sean Cavannaugh, the homicide commander. He wants to evacuate when he hears the news. Korsak reasons with him, but he calls the governor.

The news still isn't reporting anything other than a guy down with chest pains.

Ron (Balthazar Getty) helps Jane and Maura bring the victim into a medical tent. Jane explains that she's going to have to do the autopsy in the field. They can't get a coroner's van out to the scene.

Maura at least has an ultrasound machine.

Jane talks to Korsak via web cam. The victim is 33-year-old Damon Ward.

They think a suppressor might have been used. Maura shows them the bullet went through the ribs, through the heart and into the armpit, so not from a roof. No sniper.

He was shot at almost contact distance. The killer was running in the race.

The governor and her commissioner agree to let Jane handle it.

They find Ward grew up in Boston but lives in New Mexico. He was into shady mortgages.

Maura starts the autopsy with a box cutter.

Quinn, the freaked out teenage course kid, wants to go, but Jane convinces him she has an important job for him and he has a great cop's eye.

The TV news reporter mentions the digital chips runners have in their shoes so family can track their progress.

The Ethiopian and Kenyan frontrunners breeze by Jane's parents. Frank's cranky to be missing plumbing calls.

Maura digs out the bullet. It's from a nine millimeter pistol. Jane wants to get it to Korsak for testing. She deputizes Quinn the kid to run it to Korsak.

Meanwhile, farther down the course Frankie finds another white man down. He calls it in but Frost sends him onto a secure channel.

At the station, Commander Cavannaugh chews out Korsak because he was the last to hear about the second shooting.

Korsak assures him they'll solve it.

Quinn sits at the station nervous and quiet until Korsak takes charge of the bullet and assures him there are merit badges in his future.

Frankie brings the second victim in to the medical tent.

Ron reports the governor wants to shut the race down. Jane again mentions the panic that'd cause. She points out the second victim is just like the first so they're being targeted and there must be connection.

The race continues. Angela cheers as Frank sulks. Jane calls her mom, telling her she got a bad cramp and they should go home.

Frank starts packing up. Angela doesn't want to go. He points out that she's spent the whole day talking to everyone but him. She apologizes and they kiss and make up.

Frankie brings in Rondo as a witness to the second shooting. But it turns out he's not much help, he only saw a hot chick running by.

Korsak reports the bullet is a hollow point, a "hit man bullet." Awkwardly using an ordinary magnifying glass instead of a microscope, Maura sees synthetic fibers on the bullet that look like pleather.

Based on the trajectory, they think the suspect is shooting from inside a fanny pack, which is why no one saw anything, and with a suppressor there is no sound signature either.

Frost finds that both victims went to high school together and are linked to an old criminal case that's sealed. Frost has an idea. He starts hacking.

He finds that the victims raped a 15-year-old girl, Samantha Brown, in 1995. She was badly beaten and they had even videotaped it. It didn't go to trial because the third defendant was from the prominent Fillmore family.

They find James Fillmore is still in the race. He's not microchipped but they look up his past race times. The victim lives two blocks from the medical tent.

The news keeps reporting things are running smoothly.

Maura and Jane jog to Samantha Brown's house. The woman who answers the door tells her Samantha killed herself a year ago. Her husband is also dead, but she has another daughter Courtney. They go inside and in Courtney's room find a race map, pictures of the victims and graphics of bullet holes.

She's running the race in Samantha's memory.

Jane has Frost search the database for Courtney.

Frost pulls up security footage and finds Fillmore at mile 25. Frankie and Jane run up behind him. At the station, Korsak, Frost and the commander watch the security camera as Courtney runs up beside Fillmore. She jogs along and introduces herself. He sees the gun in her fanny pack and takes off. Jane and Frankie follow.

She pulls out the gun but Jane reaches her and grabs her. When James Fillmore calls Courtney a crazy bitch, Jane arrests him for statutory rape for which there is no statute of limitations.

Korsak and Cavannaugh make up. Jane finds Rondo the CI and he's sure Courtney is the hot chick he saw.

The news reports all is well.

Late at night, Jane and Maura run up heartbreak hill to the finish line tape held by Jane's parents.


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