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I've definitely seen worse from SyFy, but I personally did find this rather dull...
TheLittleSongbird3 April 2012
This is a real shame, because Witchslayer Gretl(or Gretl: Witch Hunter) alongside Black Forest(similar genre, and while flawed was a better movie) had one of the better ideas in a long time from SyFy. It was a very interesting idea and could have been tolerable at least with the right execution. However, the execution didn't work for me and overall I did find it dull. For one thing, I didn't think much effort went into the set design and stuff. I didn't see much life or anything at the couple of shacks there were or the cave covered in moss. And the costumes didn't feel authentic, as far as I know these actors could've come fresh from a fancy dress party or something. The effects are cheap, even for SyFy, and I have seen some schlock in my lifetime in that aspect, and the editing has a haphazard look to it. Even worse was the story, yet another movie that had a good, no great, concept, that fell so hard on terrible execution, the action was generic(crossbows fired, witches stabbed) and didn't maintain my interest much, and the story was predictable and so sluggish that I almost drifted off once or twice. The script is anachronistic and stilted, the characters are just as lifeless as the pace and the acting is incredibly stiff, even from Shannon Doherty. Speaking of Doherty I was surprised that for a lead role how little she was in Witchslayer: Gretl until the final third of the film, where it sort of picks up but it was too late to care. The only person to inject life into her part was Sarain Boylan. Overall, rather dull and pointless at the end of the day. Loved the concept, but the execution was the complete opposite. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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Let's make fun of the Hansel and Gretel
gurubesar1 July 2012
Most people have read the story of Hansel & Gretel during their kindergarten time. It seems that now is the time to make a different version of the fairy-tales. They have done several version of Snowhite, why not Hansel & Gretel now.

The first impression, it is either bad players who don't know how to act properly or a mediocre director who can see that the acting was very bad. This is not something you watch from a movie, but more from a high- school play. The acting was awkward most of the time and on top of that a very low quality costumes and low cost setting.

The story-line takes on the time when Hansel has grown-up and he is back to the place where he lost his sister. A little magic here and there to spice up the performance, but overall a very clumsy warlock in on the scene most of the time and trying to kidnap girls (this is another silly Hollywood recipe...., you have to sacrifice women and not men in order to do something magical....). Of course they have to show that there is magic..., when the witches are killed, their body is instantly disappeared...

My overall rating is 1, that is for making this horrible movie and spending the money to finance it, but don't waste your time to watch it. You will regret it......
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Dull and lifeless
movieman_kev8 April 2012
It might be possible to make a good updated version of Hansel and Gretel but this trifling Syfy original is decidedly NOT it. Choosing to merely throw the hapless viewer into the 'thick' of things with Hansel now being a master witch slayer doing his thing, which I surmise is shooting arrows while poorly CGI'd fireballs come his way. It doesn't get better from there. Charectization is supremely dull when it's not downright confusing, couple that with characters I don't really give two tosses about and it's a recipe for massive boredom. I only got through it only to review, condemn and steer you clear of watching this mess. Also if you're a fan of Shannon Doherty be prepared to be doubly disappointed as she's woefully underused.

My Grade: D-
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For fans of Hawk the Slayer and Kull...
GrahamGibby2 March 2012
If you finished the title of this review without thinking, you're familiar with the flavor of "Gretl: Witch Hunter."

Saturday afternoon matinée sword 'n sorcery at it's middlest. The anachronisms might cause you to throw your (empty) beer at the screen, but in mock anger, much like the actors.

The conditions I watched this under weren't the best, so I won't speak to cinematography, but the FX match up with the latter episodes of Xena, though not quite to Legend of the Seeker or certainly Game of Thrones, but, well...

If you have a few hours, a few beers, and maybe a good friend to laugh with, it's not time completely wasted.
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Sixth Rate Sorcery of a Shoddy Kind
zardoz-1324 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Witchslayer Getl" ranks as an abysmal broth of sub-par special effects swirled with a sorry thesping. This reimagined Grimm's fairy tale about an adult Hansel searching for his long-lost sister who he believes has been killed is hokum. The way that "Stargate: Atlantis" actor Paul McGillion lets his mouth hang open makes him look a little like actor Jason Bateman; okay, McGillion looks like a bearded, middle-aged Jason Bateman out there slaying witches without a qualm. The cast appear to have appropriated their wardrobe from the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Indeed, they wander alternately through real woods and then ersatz wooded sets wearing Renaissance Era attire and utter forgettable dialogue. Despite all these yesteryear trappings, our hero and heroine come equipped with necklaces featuring ear-buds which enable them to communicate over vast distances. Occasionally, a synthetic gargoyle flaps its way out of the wild blue to menace them. Poor Paul McGillion straddles one of theses supernatural beastie at one point and whacks it with a wand. It seems that an evil witch has taken possession of his sister body. Shannon Doherty of "Heathers" plays Hansel's sister. Wow, has she gone to seed. The Angela Mancuso & Brook Durham story/teleplay is both predictable and humorless. This original SyFy Channel presentation is incredibly egregious. If you've read this far, you're probably wondering why I let myself suffer through this ghastly nonsense. I spotted it in at a local Redbox and thought I'd prepare myself for the forthcoming "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters." Mind you, I sat through it once simply because I shelled out the loot to rent it. Anybody who bewitches themselves into watching this so they can compare it with the Jeremy Renner & Gemma Arterton epic is wasting their time. Yuck!!!
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Which Witchslayer Is Which?
wes-connors30 September 2014
The 1800s story of "Hansel and Gretel" (from the Brothers Grimm) receives a confusing sequel with "Witchslayer Gretl". The original ending seems to have been ignored; probably, we are to assume other events occurred in the intervening years. In what appears to be about 30 years after the famous brother and sister cooked the old witch's goose, we find adult Paul McGillion (as Hansel) is a Witchslayer. He kills witches (violently) with help from recovering blonde witch Sarain Boylan (as Lara). They pick up and reform younger blonde witch Emilie Ullerup (as Ehren). Hansel is attempting to discover the fate of his sister Gretel, who is adult Shannen Doherty (spelled Gretl)...

Early on, Ms. Doherty appears only in shadows - probably, this is because we would all say, "A-ha! That's his sister Gretl" - okay, there is no reason for the shadows. There is also no reason to call this TV Movie "Witchslayer Gretl". Doherty's "Gretl" is not the Witchslayer. That title belongs to Hansel. Still, you have to forgive director Mario Azzopardi and folks who named this story, for not knowing the Witchslayer - it is a difficult movie to sit through, even (obviously) for the people who created this poorly titled "Witchslayer Gretl". Also in the cast is warlock Jefferson Brown (as Abyss), who has issues with Ms. Boylan and the Queen Witch. He also has great sideburns.

** Witchslayer Gretl (2/25/12) Mario Azzopardi ~ Paul McGillion, Sarain Boylan, Shannen Doherty, Jefferson Brown
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Not that good
SanteeFats26 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Another SyFy movie that could be so much more. Poor acting, poor dialogue with strange accents (I mean not any I recognized anyway). Hansel is a witch slayer who is accompanied by a former witch. They hunt down witches and guess what? slay them. They use several pieces of apparently magical equipment with no explanation of where they got them. The two come across a young woman (Ehren) as the witches coven is trying to capture her for the queen (an old looking Shannon Doherty) to transfer into. They save her of course and she goes with the two so she can avenge her father. I don't know where all the witches of the coven come from but a lot get slaughtered. The coven even has a warlock to make it different and I guess more powerful. Turns out the coven queen is Hansel's sister Gretl (well her body at least). If Gretl is the witch queen why is the movie's title "Witchslayer Gretl"? Anyway, Hansel finds the sarcophagus of the queen witches body which is inhabited by Gretl's spirit. He drives a knife into her heart after some internal conflict. The queens spirit takes over Ehren's body and Hansel has to kill her too. So the queen is dead long live the warlock!! Of course Hansel must return so help Ehren, but she doesn't need it as the warlock really screwed up and returned her to her full powers. She kills the warlock and the remaining coven and who ever is left lives on. They leave an ending that could lead to a sequel. Lord I hope not!!!!!!!!!!
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What a breathtaking rubbish!
tanyalovesm24 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Don't watch this people! The movie is an overwhelming nonsense! The idea of watching this is probably based on a wish to see magic, to see a new version of a nice fairy tale, to see Shannen Doherty... Well, the plot is complete rubbish, a good character, a pretty girl is being killed by main character for no particular reason, another good character loses her powers with no clear explanation why, the main character behaves so unfair you kinda want him to be killed by the end. Special effects, graphics and decorations are really bad. There's a lot of mangled bodies, blood and unreasonable violence. Actors are not good as well, there's a load of screaming, wild eyes, clumsiness and awkwardness. You get kinda uncomfortable watching them failing their job. Well, this doesn't apply to Shannen Doherty, because despite of all the awkwardness of the movie she acts good. She doesn't look very good though. So in case you wanna watch it just because of Shannen - don't bother, it doesn't worth it.
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Shannon gets her perdition.
JoeB1314 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Shannon Doherty, I consign thee to the perdition of direct to Cable Hell. Not the first level of DTC Hell, which is the Lifetime Channel,but the lowest level of damnation, the SyFy Channel. May you suffer eternally for the sin of not realizing you've hit middle age! Shannon actually doesn't have more than a few cameos in this steaming pile of awfulness, but she is the title character, so she gets mocked. Sorry.

A witch-hunter who happens to be the grown up half of the Hansel and Gretel team rescues a blacksmith's daughter from being the next host of the Witch Queen. They spend the whole movie developing this character only to kill her pointlessly at the end. Because I don't think the scriptwriter was tasked with anything more than, "We have some CGI and Shannon Doherty, please write a story around it for the five losers who might watch this on SyFy." This movie has not point... just actors and technicians collecting a paycheck from SyFy.
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Not as bad as the other reviewers claim
pavelsamec16 July 2012
I watched this movie only because of Shannen Doherty. I love her as an actress. That's why I was thrilled to watch another movie starring her. The movie itself isn't like the best movie ever, but neither is it the worst! Of course the special FX aren't as good, and the story itself isn't my cuppa tea either, but nevertheless the acting was pretty decent and I enjoyed watching it. I wouldn't watch it again however, nor recommending it to anyone. If U like Shannen (as I do), check this movie out, even though she isn't the leading role as I would like. I hope she'll make some new fantastic movies in the future! Overall rating: 7 out of 10
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