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MAXIMUM shooter!

Author: 851222 from Lithuania
7 June 2011

Greetings from Lithuania.

What a shooter! I love FPS, that's my favorite genre. I played a LOTE of FPS, and I can tell you people - this is the BEST looking game - period. The graphics are simply AMAZING. This new game engine Cry engine 3 has a lot of potential. I finished this game for 2 times and finishing it on the hardest mode right now. Great sound effects and just wish that my monitor could have 3D - now that would be something. Great voice acting. So overall, play Crysis 2 - You REALLY won't be disappointed.

Two BIG thumbs UP!!!

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An epic sequel to a ballistically entertaining shooter.

Author: johnnymacbest from United States
4 June 2013

After being really impressed with the original Crysis, I was INSANELY curious to see what the next game would bring, and boy was I happy. Not only is the story more focused, tighter, and epic in scope, not only does it has the most beautiful graphics on any platform, and not only does it has the most stellar production values, but it also has the most ballsy and entertaining action set-pieces that I've ever had the pleasure of seeing and playing through.

The new hero is a Force Recon Marine known as Alcatraz, who had the unfortunate yet coincidental task of being the last hope for humanity armed with the technology of the future; the likes of which no ordinary man, albeit a soldier as ever witnessed in the history of mankind. A physically fractured soul due to injuries sustained in battle, Alcatraz is locked and loaded, but what is the true nature of his mission and what fate does it hold for mankind? The first game's story had an action/sci-fi movie-like plot that was good, even though it left a few unanswered questions concerning it's context. Now with Crysis 2, we learn who created the Nanosuit, its origins, background information about it's original protagonists, and much more. However, Crysis 2 has a lot of dark themes in it's narrative, biological warfare, civil unrest, martial law, private military forces and their morally ambiguous agendas, and identity crisis(no pun intended). It's true that some characters may be underdeveloped, but that's saved for the sequel, which I'm sure will tie up some loose ends, but the story is actually really gripping; kept my attention for the whole duration of the game.

But Crysis 2 wouldn't be a Crysis game without action set-pieces. Out of all the FPS game's I've played, the series hands down has the most exciting and entertaining of them all. From massive destruction to some horrific scenes of human suffering and decadence, no other game in this genre has conveyed post-apocalyptic alien invasion scenarios like this one; for which I was thoroughly impressed. This no doubt helped along with the games stunningly beautiful visual effects that are so cinematic, you actually feel like you're in a Hollywood blockbuster action/sci-fi film. The sandbox style of play is back, though not as prevalent as in the previous game, but you still have many options on how to attack your enemies. The level of tactical decision making is key to your success and one of the series' finest aspects.

I'm not so sure about the multi-player. I've played several sessions(this was on Xbox Live) but I'm an old-school gamer who likes action and story, and Crysis 2 fits the bill nicely. There are glitches like enemies freezing in place and some inconsistencies with sound, but it doesn't mar the game one bit. Speaking of sound, this game has the most impressive sound effects I've ever heard; from the powerful roar of the machine guns to the massive scale destruction of the urban environment, the game is a treat for the ears, especially if you have a surround sound system cranked to the max. And it also helps if you have a widescreen TV equipped with 3D. I've never seen the game in 3D, but even without 3D, the game is still impressive and a blast to play so for those of you who have a set up, get this game to truly experience what it has to offer.

I really enjoyed Crysis 2; even more than Crysis 1. Heck, I enjoy both games, but Crysis 2 story won me over, simply because it's more epic in scope. Having beaten 2, I'm more pumped than ever for Crysis 3. No other series gave me the feeling of being a bad-ass super-soldier with the feel of a big-budget blockbuster action movie!! Kudos to Crytek for delivering one of the most ballistically entertaining FPS on the market!!

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Video game of the year when it was released

Author: Donovan Steyn from Australia
4 June 2013

To me Crysis 2 is one of the best games I've ever played. The storyline is a 10/10, the music is a 10/10 (I believe it won best storyline and music for a video game of the year). The main song is in fact on my music playlist as I am addicted to it - as are thousands of other fans. I only wish that you could run around the map a little bit more (it's not an open world style), it's just too specific for me. The graphics are a 10/10 just like all other Crytek games. I thoroughly enjoyed it and actually like it better than Crysis 1. It's a must play in my mind. The storyline however is quite short so don't expect to play for weeks. If your going to play it then go for PC version, it's not as resource heavy as the first Crysis and will run easily on most modern computers. So yeah...Enjoy!

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Visually strong with fun action even if its weaknesses keep it as only being a good game and not a great game overall

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
23 June 2014

It had been a while since I had played a 'new' game and one of the good things about not being overly bothered about keeping up with the brand new big titles or new consoles, is that I have the pick of older games that I have not played but do not need to pay £40 for. In this case I had heard positive things about this series and also enjoy shooters and stealth games, so decided it was worth the £5 I paid. The story picks up from the first game although it really doesn't matter too much if you haven't played it. Basically you end up inside a powerful nanosuit in the middle of a New York which is under attack from aliens while also on lockdown by a military contractor. With guidance from your new allies, you have to battle your way through New York while also trying to find out the secret power that the suit can have as a weapon in the bigger picture fight against the aliens.

I have used a lot of words there to describe the plot, and the game also uses a lot of cutscenes and dialogue to do the same, but I must confess that I found myself rather detached from the narrative. Maybe it was because I hadn't played the first game, but also I didn't really get a feel for the players involved, the stakes and the specifics. Too much of the story was 'go here, go there', which comes with the video game genre, but it wasn't particularly well thought out as a story – too often it just felt like the writers were working out how to create levels within the basic frame of the story.

The action works pretty well though. You have choices as to whether you blast your way though using shields to absorb damage, or sneak your way through using the electronic cloaking device – or of course you can do a bit of both. None of the combinations or options are without faults but mostly they are fun to play and I really didn't find any part of the game frustrating. It would have been nice to have felt more of a contest though – mostly you feel like you are playing against yourself, so as long as I didn't do anything dumb, the game was not really too hard. The enemy AI was a bit off – sometimes not really seeming smart, but then other times able to track me based off nothing. It does still work though and in fairness there was decent variety in the play if you wanted it – and even if you didn't there were times where it really made sense to proceed a certain way.

Visually the game is very impressive; the New York is well designed as sets and the characters look and move well. The issue I have is that it does feel like 'sets' as opposed to a world. You very much are in contained locations where you do not always have a massive range of movement – not quite a straight line shooter perhaps, but no matter how big the 'rooms' are, you are basically moving through the rooms the game wants you to go through. The bigger action sequences look great, with big sci-fi moments, but the problem tends to be that they happen in cut scenes or moments where the player is out of the game so that the graphics can deliver their big moment. I am a sucker for big cinematic action in FPS games (I enjoy this aspect of the COD:MW games) but here I felt like I was outside of it rather than really in the middle – which is a shame.

Crysis 2 is fun if you like shooters, and it does give you options as to how to play, but it has weaknesses in the narrative and the use of cut scenes. These weaknesses and others kept me from really getting into the game and getting caught up in the action of it all. It was fun to play and I enjoyed it for what it was, but it didn't do enough to make me want to pick up more of the franchise – and not being able to skip the cut scenes is limited my desire to jump back into it again, but maybe that will change with time.

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Crisis 2 in the video game industry

Author: Alex Step from Russia
15 February 2014

After installing Crysis 2 I normally go to the settings graphics, where I waited two surprises.

Surprise number one - the graphics settings: 1. good graphics 2 . maximum graphics 3 . extreme graphics 4 . burn computer

Surprise number 2 - the graphics settings can not be adjusted. "Setup 3D" is present, but it is not active. I regarded it as "Fuff! We have two years of this schedule sculptured. Come and check it out. "

Very reluctant to kill people, while we fought with aliens. Me tried to use, and I saw on their insolent persons they will use me and throw out. But the story did not give options, and the main character posed as Gordon Freeman, simultaneously collecting other people's badges and reading correspondence of Aunt Tara with Uncle Hardgriv. I trusted the one person who one third of the game led me through enemy ambushes.

Developers have tried to steal, oh, take something of the best games of the genre. From HALO took indication suit and the concept of monsters. From Half-Life 2 took alien turret and urban destruction. True invisibility in full (including FPS) - their innovation. Also in the scene is used to receive, "Go do it, otherwise you will not pass". For example, at the end of the game, in the spore generator gate will not open until you kill monsters in front of them. Had to cut all .

Separately say about glitches. Can look in the internet - door is closed, the character freezes, the NPC does not do what they should. Usually helps to restart the level, but not always.

Along with other fashion features done in Crysis 2 added delayed cursor. Percentage of not the strongest in the world of computers among gamers represent? So all of them due to lack of power this feature is enhanced. Buffeting the cursor so strong, that you can forget of fast mouse action.

Toward the middle of the game know that the suit is not so cool. No matter how hard you try, you still going several times on the verge of death. In general, "The suit helps those who help themselves".

Corridor path of game 7 out of 10. In the first part of the sandbox were bigger.

So, what we have: Acceptable schedule (yes, I saw this game on the highest setting) and resource consumption at the level of program for performance testing. Head of Crytek Cevat Yerli "Graphics, whether it's lighting or shadows, puts you in a different emotional context and drives the immersion, and immersion is effectively the number one thing we can use to help you buy into the world." Ie we must immerse themselves in the atmosphere of delusional story, uncalled nary interest, and look at the downtrodden memory space through raw HDR.

From the pros: 1. I stopped several times to admire Manhattan. 2. intelligent monsters. Pursue the enemy, and not leave their comrades in trouble. 3. opportunity to progress through the game in stealth mode.

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Not a bad game by any stretch, very pretty and quiet playable but nothing new

Author: ChrisCottell from United Kingdom
4 April 2011

The story is a mess and I never really felt engaged with it during the game, most of the mission are: get to this checkpoint, flick this switch, etc so nothing new.

Each map section offers a number of possible ways to complete it, I mostly assassinated, silenced headshot and sniped until I was discovered (usually due to an assassination failing for no reason) and then letting rip. The other options usually left you over exposed or facing too many enemies at once.

I think if I was to replay I might try to sneak past everyone but I bought this as a shooter not a stealth game. The thing that attracted me to the game was the ability rig a level with explosives, distract a soldier, set off the explosives, kick over cars rip off a M/C gun from a jeep and let rip into the remaining enemies but this type of dynamic play wasn't really possible (or at least not worth the risk and time).

Part of the reason was the level design wasn't set up for this and the enemy AI spotted you for no reason. The balance of assassination vs the 'Tactical Options' was also pretty weak and unrewarding.

The game does look good but I did find enemies walking in walls and other glitches, the enemy AI was also nothing special and as an example they would always go and stand over a dead body so a snipers dream.

I've only briefly played the multiplayer but it feels like a poor copy of MW2 with invisibility.

It was not a bad game by any stretch, very pretty and quiet playable but no where no as interesting as Dead Space 2. It feels half way between MW2 in looks and play style and Reach in terms of being a super soldier and level design but I think both these games do these things better.

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A big step backwards.

Author: dfle3 from Australia
2 March 2013

Console: PS3 Genre: First person shooter with a sci-fi premise.

Setting: New York City in lockdown mode.


The aliens of the first game are now calling New York City home! You will have to fight them and also have to deal with a human, private military firm (C.E.L.L.) which has put New York City in lockdown.


Excellent. From memory (been a few months since I played this, I think) you do have good resolution...i.e. you can take a closer look at text or textures and it still looks realistic. So, although I'm not one to take a close look at things like walls etc, on the one or two occasions I did do this, the textures did not go blurry quickly, like would in games on the Playstation2 console, say.

General observation:

I was kind of looking forward to this game after getting my first platinum trophy on the first game in this series beforehand (I downloaded the original game on the PlayStation Network). Sadly, I got so little out of this game that the 3rd game in this series isn't really on my radar now, even though that games crossbow kind of excited me, after that weapon became such a favourite of mine in the great Bioshock first person shooter.

Good about the game: The graphics.

Bad about the game: Enemy A.I. Just really abysmal and/or laughable. Occasionally aliens will spin around on the spot like breakdancers or look like they were literally skating around in a small circle. Worse than this, the would sometimes go right pass you (i.e. they must have been able to see you) but they keep going right past you and then try to go through a rock wall...forever. Even humans in the game can act really stupidly. Apparently the game has a mechanic like that of the Metal Gear Solid series where you can distract guards by throwing objects. Perhaps due to bad programming, the developers didn't define this very well, as I had one human soldier ignore a large gas cylinder which I threw near them...which must have made one Hell of a noise...or would do, in real life. Even more stupiderer, one human private military soldier completely ignored a comrade of theirs I had recently killed...just went past if it was nothing out of the ordinary. The game does get buggy after your mission to escort the Marines to safety.

* When you are in stealth mode, your controller vibrates. This wastes your precious batteries just annoying.

* The game is too long. It is interminable.

* There are too many cutscenes. A pleasure of the original was just how direct it was. With this game, there's like a cliché shopping list of things 'to do'...which really takes you out of the game and is...just annoying.

* Too many stupid trophies/achievements. There are now trophies for online play. Seeing as I hardly play online at all, this pretty much takes the achievable aim of gaining platinum out of the equation. The original had a very small set of trophies and was very doable.

* If you do decide to chase trophies or achievements (like finding certain objects) you can't resume from a previous checkpoint via the in-game must quit the game and go back in. Actually, my notes on this aren't clear...I suspect that I may mean that I would have liked to have seen a cutscene again for the information it provides or whatever, but you have to quit the game and reload in order to get that again...I think that's what I mean! * I liked the option in the original game of just using your fists to punch aliens...which you don't get in this game.

* It seems that there is no ability to choose to grab or stealth kill an alien. I like the former ability but it only seems to become possible to do if you are discovered by the enemy. In other words, I would like to be able to use that ability at other points in the game.

* As with the first game, there is part of the game which has an impenetrable route to someplace else...maze like, with no apparent or understandable exit. If you love maps where you can get lost, this is for you! Conclusion: I really like the no nonsense original Crysis. This sequel is very missable.

Not being a hardcore first person shooter fan myself, I must put in a good word for Bioshock...a first person shooter for people who don't like first person shooters! It also has some sci-fi elements.

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