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TV highlights: 23/11/2011

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Frozen Planet | Your Money and How They Spend It | The Cafe | Old Jews Telling Jokes | Who Do You Think You Are? Us | The Devil's Dinner Party

Frozen Planet

9pm, BBC1

It's winter in the high Arctic, and creatures with any sense have long since gone south for a fractionally easier life – pretty much the only living things left here now are the polar bears and the BBC cameramen. We should be glad they stuck it out. This is a truly excellent series – even if you can take or leave the actual wildlife, the photography of extreme weather is jawdropping. Some bits of the Bering sea haven't frozen, and to these oases flock spectacled eiders, crazy-looking ducks that back this as an alternative to an exhausting migration. John Robinson

Your Money and How They Spend It

9pm, BBC2

In the first of two entertaining (and timely) specials, the BBC's political editor
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'Royle Family' Ralf Little, Craig Cash for 'Cafe' comedy

Royle Family duo Craig Cash and Ralf Little have reunited for new Sky1 sitcom The Cafe. Cash has directed the series, which is based around a family business in Weston-super-Mare, run by a mother, grandmother and daughter on the seafront. June Watson, Ellie Haddington and Michelle Terry take on the lead roles of Mary, Carol and Sarah. Little, who has written the script with Michelle Terry (Reunited), plays Sarah's ex-boyfriend Richard who is a musician by night and care home worker by day. Daniel Ings is cast as successful events manager and former love rival John, who returns to Weston and ruffles some feathers. David Troughton, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jack Roth, Kevin Trainor and Seeta Indrani are also among the cast. Cash's previous award-winning TV credits include The Royle Family, Early (more)
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TV review: Rev; Reunited; Disappearing Dad

Rev's characters make it a huge improvement on the Vicar of Dibley, but it's hard to care about anyone in Reunited

If I said that Rev was better than the Vicar of Dibley it would raise to a disgraceful new level of felony the crime of damning with faint praise, like saying Le Gavroche was "better" than a place with the word carvery in its title. The comparison is going to be made, however, because both are – I'm taking much of this on trust rather than memory, having watched the few bits of the Dibley thing I saw with my mouth hanging open like a guppy, knocked punchy by its violent mediocrity, and I think some of my brain escaped – about, yes, vicars, dropped into new surroundings.

Where Dibley relied for laughs on, oh, I don't know, I assume someone fell into a jelly-cake at the fete every week, or
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