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Release Details & Cover Art for The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast Collection, Dark Water (2002) & Vamp Blu-rays

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Bloodsuckers, the water-soaked paranormal, and a Herschell Gordon Lewis film collection are coming out on Blu-ray this October from Arrow Video, and the official special features lists and cover art for The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast collection, Dark Water (2002), and 1986's Vamp tease plenty to enjoy on all three releases:

"Mvd Entertainment Group furthers the distribution of Arrow Video in the Us with several new titles in October...

Dark Water [Blu-ray + DVD] (October 11th)

After terrifying audiences worldwide with the blockbuster J-horror classic Ring and its sequel, director Hideo Nakata returned to the genre for Dark Water, another highly atmospheric, and critically acclaimed, tale of the supernatural which took the common theme of the "dead wet girl" to new heights of suspense and drama.

Based upon on a short story by Ring author Koji Suzuki, Dark Water follows Yoshimi, a single mother struggling to win sole custody of her only child, Ikuko.
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Exclusive: Winners at the The 5th Annual Buried Alive Film Festival Announced

Exclusive: Winners at the The 5th Annual Buried Alive Film Festival Announced
The Fifth Annual Buried Alive Film Festival invaded Atlanta’s historic Plaza Theater November 12-13th, showcasing the best in international short and feature length independent horror films. Hosted by author and horror evangelist Phil Nutman, the festival boasted the southeastern premiere of Frank Hennenlotter’s “Herschell Gordon Lewis, The Godfather of Gore” documentary, as well as screenings of Terry Gilliam’s short, “The Legend of Hallowdega,” and Greg Nicotero’s “United Monster Talent Agency.” Other highlights included appearances from filmmakers Ashley Thorpe and Andre Paim, who traveled to the festival from England and Brazil respectively, as well as the crew from Collective Studio in Michigan. (Pictured Left: Filmmakers Ashley Thorpe and Andre Paim. Photo Courtesy Buried Alive Film Festival.) Other feature screenings included a screening of H.G. Lewis’ “Two Thousand Maniacs”, and the Southeastern premieres of “Satan Hates You” and “She Wolf Rising.”

The hub of Atlanta’s thriving horror film loving community,
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Atlanta's Buried Alive Film Festival Unearthed This Weekend

Film festivals have for many years been a staple of most serious film fans’ experience. They are a great way to see a host of obscure and hard to find films and to see them gloriously displayed on the big screen. A lot of film festivals though tend to show the same old thing despite their venue and location differences. However, in Atlanta, Ga, there is a truly inspired festival called The Buried Alive Film Festival which is scheduled for November 12 & 13 at the historic Plaza Theater.

Bigger and better than ever, this year’s Buried Alive Film Festival is being sponsored by Fangoria magazine and the forthcoming American Horrors TV show and will screen five features – four of them Southeast premieres – and over 30 stunning short films from around the world.

The 2010 event also marks the first Us festival appearance of multiple award-winning British filmmaker, Ashley Thorpe, the first Southeastern appearance
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Fantasia 2010: Herschell Gordon Lewis, The Godfather of Gore Review

[Our thanks to Lauren Baggett for the following review.]

Near the end of Friday night's screening of Herschell Gordon Lewis - The Godfather of Gore, right at the point where the villain of The Gore Gore Girls takes a meat tenderizer and a salt shaker to a woman's behind, my viewing companion turned to me and said that she had to wait outside until the film was over. This is someone who had sat with me through Fantasia film after Fantasia film for years, through the most disgusting blood and guts epics, and now she had reached her limit in the celebration of the entrepreneurial gorehound. I can't say that I blame her. The work of Herschell Gordon Lewis is a strange and often overlooked chapter in the history of American horror, and there's something that still grabs the viewer in his depictions of mayhem inflicted upon the female body. Seeing the unconvincing violence in the context of such
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Fantasia 2010: Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore

I was no Herschell Gordon Lewis aficionado before sitting down to watch Jimmy Maslon's and cult filmmaker extraordinaire Frank Henenlotter's (Basket Case, Brain Damage) documentary tribute to the Godfather of Gore, who both invented and ruled the splatter genre from the 1960s to the early 70s. I had seen his seminal 1963 classic Blood Feast, and while I enjoyed it as a cinematic oddity, I never really understood what all the fuss was about for Hgl. Thanks to Jimmy Maslon and Frank Henenlotter, I am now drinking the proverbial blood red kool-aid. 

(In fact, I enjoyed the film so much that it induced a fever dream last night about Hg Lewis time-traveling to defeat the Zodiac Killer who has escaped to the 21st century - wait... did I just type that...)

Through dozens of interviews, including Herschell himself, an endearing and engaging personality, his longtime producing partner David Friedman,
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