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"NCIS" Dead Reflection (2011)"NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service" Dead Reflection (original title)

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At 6:45 a.m. at the Pentagon a janitor comes in to work.

We see a dead woman named Ross lying dead on the storage closet floor.

At NCIS, Tony and McGee examine a photo of the eyeball that was left in Tony's drink.

Gibbs comes in, extra surly, to report that EJ Barrett and her team are taking over the Port to Port Killer case.

Her agents Simon Cade and Gayne Levin are on their way.

Gibbs announces their body of the week: a dead lieutenant in D ring at the Pentagon. On the scene, Palmer finds that the victim's neck was broken "efficiently."

Her supervisor says their department is part of the joint DOD command center. He says mostly they handle routine stuff. Palmer says Lauren Ross died between 2 and 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon -- yesterday.

In command central, they watch a video of a man walk up to Ross in the hallway and subdue her quickly, then put her in closet. They can read his nametag: he's petty officer Donner. "You ever have a murder case this easy, boss?" McGee asks.

Back at work, Ziva tells McGee she's not sure how she feels about Barrett. McGee reports that Donner is trained in hand-to-hand combat and he worked with Ross. He used to work special ops but was injured and ended up at a desk. Donner's wife is Kelsey, a civilian security guard.

McGee and Tony talk to Ross' roommate, who says she was seeing a married man, but she doesn't know who. She doesn't recognize Donner's name or photo.

Gibbs and Ziva go talk to Donner's wife Kelsey. She hasn't seen him all weekend. She thought he was back working special ops.

They mention Lauren Ross but Kelsey plays dumb.

At work, Tony goes through Barrett's team's stuff. He finds a giant NCIS hat and jacket and plays dress-up. He gets busted when the owner comes back. It's Simon Cade and he's enormous. Barrett mentions the giant has an IQ of 190.

Duckie tells Barrett the eyeball belongs to a man in his 30s who had Lasik surgery.

Duckie tells Gibbs that Ross was 8 to 10 weeks pregnant.

Ziva and Tony stakeout Donner's apartment. She asks him if Gibbs said anything about him dating Barrett. Tony knows Gibbs chewed Barrett out about it.

Tony asks her about Ray. He's texted and emailed but she's ignored them.

They see a Hummer pull up. It's not Eric Donner. Kelsey comes out and hugs the man. Tony plans to run his face through facial recognition -- Ziva goes to run his license plate. They race.

In the lab, Abby's computer finds it's Commander Nelson Tunney. Ziva already knew. Tunney was Donner's squad leader. Abby's in a hurry to leave.

We learn why when Simon the genius giant comes to meet her for their date.

Gibbs tells Ross's supervisor about her pregnancy and that she was dating a married man. When Gibbs mentions her pregnancy, he instantly confesses he was having the affair with Ross.

Tony runs into Barrett in the hall at NCIS and brushes her off. He goes to talk to Tunney with Ziva. He says Donner wasn't doing spec ops and cops to visiting Kelsey last night.

Abby watches the surveillance video of the murder. McGee asks about her night with Simon. She says he's great and speaks Hindi and Swahili. She says he's smart and endearing and a jock, who played football at Yale. McGee is jealous.

Ziva finds Donner's last communication was the text to his wife Saturday. Barrett's other team member Gayne Levin (Alimi Ballard) arrives, with photos of a British sailor killed in Singapore whose death had similarities to the Port to Port case. Barrett shows off her team's giant screen, from Steve in IT. Tony is jealous.

They get a report that Donner has been found. He's dead.

He's in a crashed car, but Duckie thinks he was dead before. Duckie says the body has gone through rigor mortis. He's been dead there at least four days -- but they have video of him killing Ross at the Pentagon two days ago. Duckie says it couldn't have been him.

In the morgue, Duckie tells Gibbs that Donner died of a heart attack, a congenital condition. DNA, dental records, finger prints and scars from old burns prove it's Donner. He was dead when he was put in the car.

Barrett comes down, wanting a crash course on the physiology of the eye. Palmer is psyched -- his dad was a research opthomologist.

Ziva breaks the news to Kelsey Donner. She shows Gibbs the texts she got from him Friday night and Saturday afternoon. She says Tunney risked his life to save her husband during a fire and they were still close.

Tony and McGee recheck the surveillance footage, which shows Donner going into a restricted area.

At the Pentagon, Ross' supervisor says the room has top secret documents in it. Donner had access with his ID card and four digit security code. The room contains 70,000 files.

Tony stops by Gibbs' basement late at night and pours bourbon. Tony wants to talk. Gibbs focuses on his woodworking. Tony asks if Gibbs is pissed. Gibbs cites Rule 12. Tony knows it: "never date a coworker." Tony knows, but says EJ is great. Tony points out there's no NCIS rule against dating coworkers, but Gibbs says it's his team, his rules. Their phones ring. It's Abby.

She read Ross' lips in the security footage. Ross says she's going to call security, because she knew the man wasn't Donner.

Tony tells Ziva about Gibbs' scolding, which only made him want go against him more. He says he and Gibbs have hit a rough patch. Ziva leaves and Barrett joins Tony. She wonders where he was the last two nights. He says they have to cool it around Gibbs. He admits he's scared of Gibbs, and says she should be, too.

In Abby's lab, Duckie tells Gibbs about the calcium powder found in Donner's ear. It's used to make molds. They think someone copied Donner's face, but couldn't copy his voice, so Ross knew.

Upstairs, Tony says it's like Mission Impossible 3, but Gayne corrects that it's MI:2.

They find the CIA Office of Technical Services creates realistic disguises. They wonder if it relates to Tunney's spec ops unit. Simon hears Tunney's name and mentions he and his unit are under investigation for the murder of a tribal leader in Afghanistan. They denied they were in the area.

Tony and McGee go visit Miles Hogan at the CIA in his disguise lab. Tony admires a mask of Alfred Hitchcock. They show Hogan the Donner on the surveillance photo. He shows them the bust he made of Donner last weekend. It was a rush job. He knew Donner was dead when he made it. The order came from Tunney, who said there was an undercover sting and Donner was part of it. He said they needed him to finish the sting, so Hogan made the mask at Tunney's apartment.

They pass an old man getting on the elevator. After he's gone, Tony recognizes the cologne. Tunney passes Gibbs and Ziva on the way out.

The four of them track him through the parking lot. He gets the drop on Ziva, but she fights him off until Gibbs can get a gun on him.

Back at interrogation, they find he had a suitcase full of foreign cash on him. They find the top secret op report from the command room, which says he was 100 miles from the attack on the tribal leader. His prints are the only ones in it, proving it's a fake because the real one would have been handled by a file clerk and others. They figure Donner was going to make the switch because Tunney saved his life, but then he died. Tunney says he was protecting his unit.

Palmer brings Barrett the eyeball, saying her theory is interesting, but unlikely. They take it up to the optical scanner outside MTAC and try it out. It opens the door.


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