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"'Will you walk into my parlor?' said the Spider to the Fly."

Author: Monique Da Rocha from Australia
22 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As I previously watched Psycho a few weeks ago for English, we learned about this poem by Mary Howitt being referenced in the movie. It was about walking into a trap without even noticing.

The title of the episode hints us that someone would be walking into a trap but we are anxious to find out as minimal spoilers were given beforehand or the episode being far from predictable.

So, Ten out of ten? YES, IT'S EXCELLENT! And no, I didn't just give that rating because I'm a fan - it was truly quality entertainment worth spending an hour watching.

The plot is picking up from what the Season Finale of Season 7 left off and came with major expectations from the fans and new viewers of maintaining their place on top of the TV tree. It begins with a recap of what has happened last season to give us an insight of the previous events.

Before I start on the positives, I will just comment on the negatives first. The only weak moments of the episode, I must say is when they go to the site of 'helicopter crash' where they find two bodies linked back to Reynosa drug cartel.

Yes, Brian Dietzen was fantastic having more camera time in his adorable roll of Jimmy Palmer but the team seemed so tense and professional. The office may I also say seemed quite boring without the regular team (who McGee was currently in Canada and Ziva in Miami) in the first minutes of the episode but that soon changes.

As for the positives, there are so many! I would like to explain them all but I will be just be brief, being weary of the one thousand word or less limit.

The newfound reignited father-son relationship between the Gibbs' is shown throughout the episode by wonderful acting and a brilliant script. The extreme measures that we observes from Leroy Jethro Gibbs to protect his father like spending more time with him and reassigning agents for his dad; just show how much he loves his father and now finally displaying it.

The humor is subtly used throughout the episode to make light of serious situation and to keep us in a generally captivated mood. This is shown in the scene when McGee is Canada and DiNozzo is joking around, Abby seeking advice from a security guard and the banter between Tony + Ziva.

The amount of locations throughout the episode keeps us on our feet from being in the car park to the safe house, then we go Gibbs house and NCIS headquarters. You can see that there was various locations to create an effective excitement throughout the episode.

I must say I compliment the cast and crew on NCIS for doing a exquisite job in transition between scenes and shots as it remained fast-paced but it all went well to sink in properly.

The use of subtle things done within the episode, really opens the door to future story-lines that could excite many viewers. These include Tony 'IM'ing his father, Vance mysterious contact with Director David (Ziva's Dad)and Ziva's light-weighted messaging to someone from Miami.

The appearance of the characters is very well done to, all wearing clothing that is true to their personality and quite uniquely stylish. Also Sean Murray who plays Tim McGee is looking fantastic since his weight-loss lately.

As I am a 'Tiva' (Tony and Ziva pairing) fan, I especially loved the moment they had where they had flirtatious banter. The chemistry and humor between them was nailed down perfectly with developing a better relationship between the characters since previous seasons.

The plot in general was fantastic and provided many shocks and twists that were unexpected. Such as Alejandro killing his own sister, Ziva + McGee being in Miami and Canada, etc.

As for the key moment? I began to cry a little during the end when Alejandro killed his own sister, she had become likable somehow and the words she spoke originating from the Spider and the Fly poem made more sense and were somewhat powerful. Off I Go by Greg Laswell, The last song played in the last few minutes was wonderful and fit the mood perfectly, I loved it.

So, Maybe it doesn't compare to other season finales such as Season 5's 'Bury Your Dead' and 7's 'Truth or Consequences', but it is a definite must see all fans and all new viewers, to not only have an insight of one of the character's past but see how the team work effectively together to get out of tricky situations like these.

If this episode is what Season 8 has to come, I think this season has potential to be the best yet. It's funny, it's romantic, it's action- packed, it's thrilling, it's incredible, it's different, it's unique... IT'S THE BEST YET!

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La Muerte

Author: ttapola from Finland
8 March 2011

So, the long-awaited (well, at least in USA) final part of the epic four-parter arrives. Does it deliver the goods? Well, yes, but not without some problems.

The first part was about Gibbs and Abby, the second about Gibbs and Ms. Hart, and the third about Gibbs and Vance. Season 7's cliffhanger ending might reveal what this one is about. Also, considering what the plot of the arc is about, the choice is appropriate.

It's rather puzzling why the writers opted for time between the seasons to pass within the series in sync with the real world (after the resolution to the cliffhanger), since they then need to come up with contrived stories outlining what each character has been doing for the past *four* months (the time elapsed is actually stated in one scene). This is a distracting fault that eats up too much of the running time in what is an otherwise excellent episode and a fine conclusion to the arc, with a poetic twist that echoes an old adage. Also, the climax is a bit too convenient a coincidence in terms of timing - unless one believes it was decreed by fate. But wasn't there a specific hit TV show about fate already?

Also, since this is the *conclusion* to an arc, it should by definition concentrate on climaxing the arc, not haphazardly sow seeds for future episodes. Couldn't that have waited until the second episode of Season 8? This is supposed to be the BIG finale. It almost seems the show-runners felt the need to bait the audience, as if they feared that with the arc coming to an end, part of the audience would only stick around if new questions were raised. This speaks of either poor judgment or lack of confidence. A shame - what could have been a 9/10, becomes "only" an 8/10.

As an afterthought, since the series has already reached its 8th year, one really has to wonder, what is Pauley Perrette's secret? She must be the envy of many, many actresses. Not only does it seem that she hasn't aged at all in 7 seasons, but in real life, she was actually 41 when this was filmed! Maybe the fact that Abby, The World's Perkiest Goth™, sleeps in a coffin has something to do about it...

While on the Women of NCIS, it is only fair to mention Cote de Pablo as well. Over the five seasons she's been in the show, some people have complained that the character of Ziva is an unfavorable portrayal of a non-native American. Are the other characters really superior to hers? Not really, when you start comparing them. Her character has actually developed the most over the seasons! Regardless of the characterization of Ziva, Cote de Pablo is of rare, both radiant yet soothing beauty. The show-runners were incredibly lucky when they found her to join Pauley Perrette. Together, they form perhaps the most formidable double-team in American TV today when it comes to pulling in male viewers for a TV show.

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Tying up loose ends

Author: d_spych from Canada
6 February 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode ties up all the loose ends of the four episode arc that started with "Borderland". Spider and the fly showed us an amazing premiere but I can't say it was the best because that will always be Truth or Consequences. Still, this one is extremely good. It's hard to maintain a 4 episode story this good and this episode ends it all perfectly by tying up all the loose ends that Rule fifty one left us with.

This episode starts season 8 off really good with a nice scene involving Gibbs' dad. He shows us that he's as awesome character like his son. That is an epic scene. He then goes to take refuge at Gibbs' house. We also find out that Mike Franks survived the gunfight and is still alive and well.

Most of the episode has to do with the Reynosa siblings hunting down Gibbs and his dad. It's suspenseful enough and like last episode Gibbs is unpredictable as ever. The highlight is the end. Gibbs' plan made this episode. Some experts may have seen it coming but I didn't and thought it was a genius twist. I also really liked the ending that shows everyone's current situation. It was a rather touching scene that showed us Gibbs, his father and Franks. It also opens up a new mystery with Ziva's dad and Vance.

Spider and the Fly showed us we can have great premieres that aren't overshadowed by the pressure of topping Bury Your dead and Kill Ari. Personally, I thought that this was the case for many of the finales and premieres following those episodes. It obviously doesn't top Truth or Consequences but it sure is a great episode you shouldn't miss.

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