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Dumb ending for such a great show
tnluna23 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I've been watching Medium since the very beginning. Even though it was a little off the wall at times, it was still mostly well written and always had great guest actors. I loved her friendships and family life. The finale was such a preposterous mess that I think they must have brought in other writers to do it. Why on earth would they kill off a well liked character in the first ten minutes so we could all know that Allison and her family would be going forward in life suffering such a monumental loss and pain for the next 41 years? If they were trying to make the point that Allison was strong and would go on, I sure didn't get that from the elderly Allison for just a few minutes at the end. After all the violent crimes Allison was part of, would it have been so bad to give the family a little happiness and peace? If anyone deserved it, she did. What a letdown.
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The worst episode of the whole series
DianaFox22 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was truly dismayed that the writers would chose to end the series in such a horrid way. There was no crime solved, no typical banter, no satisfactory resolution, no justice, no not-one-person-believes-Allison's-dreams arguments (which sometimes did get old anyway). The whole time, I kept waiting for the big reveal, wanting to figure out which of two possibilities would occur - that Allison would wake up from the dream and make sure that Joe's plane was checked for engine issues before take-off, thereby saving his life, or that he really had spent seven years in Mexico with amnesia.

Regardless, I thought that it was completely uncharacteristic for Allison to have accepted that Joe died in the plane crash in the first place, as there is no way in the world he would NOT have come back to communicate with her and with the girls upon his death. She would believe he was alive until he proved otherwise by showing up as a ghost. And for the plane to crash on her first day of law school was too much for me to accept as well.

I was rooting that she would prevent the crash, because the other just seemed so weird and wrong for the show. But no, they had to go with the most unrealistic, unhappy possibility. Not only was Allison tortured by the loss of Joe for seven years in her dream, then she had to wake up to the reality that she hadn't really gone though those seven years at all, and had to start back at square one, mourning all over again. And to attempt to placate viewers like me, who wanted Allison to have the happy-life-goes-on ending that she deserved, with a pseudo-happy we're-together-forever-now-that-we-are-both-DEAD final scene was just plain insulting.

I haven't decided yet whether to rewrite the ending in my head to the Alison-saves-Joe scenario or to just pretend that the episode never happened in the first place. Talk about jumping the shark, if this is the direction the writing was going towards, then I am glad the show is over. I cried - not at the tragic beauty of the ending, but because I was so mad at the writers. :P But if you liked Titanic, you will probably like this episode. My guess is that, however people feel, almost everyone will feel it very strongly!
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Medium, I'll never forget you
Ivan Jelisic22 January 2011
What other can I mournfully say, than Medium is over.

Some shows have a binding capacity. You watch them on weekly basis and from the beginning you don't care so much for the show, because you think it'll sooner or later get uneventful or exaggerated. But once in a while you find a show that you continue watching, and somehow a part of one's identity gets connected to the show. And that's how Medium have gotten an impact of my life.

Of course there have been many ups and downs, and far from all episodes have been extraordinary. But most of them have in some way touched me. For me, the ending of season 3 was an eye opener, when Neve Campbell entered the show for three episodes that put Medium on the map. Since than I've been spellbound by the show. But the heart wrenching in endings like in season 6 and 5, somehow came true in the last episode.

Like all series finalés, there' will be those who hates it, those who loves it or those who just tuned in because there wasn't anything else on. But I loved it. It wasn't an easy one to love, due to all the sorrow and misfortunes. But I'm glad they didn't settle for a "rainbows-and- cookies-for-everyone"-ending. That just wouldn't be Medium. It was heart wrenching episode and tears waited to burst out the final ten minutes. But at the same time it was an amazing episode and an amazing way to end such a great show as Medium.

Medium, I'll never forget you.
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A rotten ending for a once great series.
John Wayne Peel21 January 2011
As you may have already guessed by my episode title here, I was not at all pleased with the conclusion of this series. Let me just say that there are just so many plot flaws and really idiotic twists and turns in this particular show that it is not only a mess, but it makes you WANT to forget it all. The best thing about it was the closing where the entire crew has a chance to say goodbye and let you see them through the years. I don't want to give spoilers, but I do have to tell you that besides lazy "climactic" points that have become so cliché, the "solution" the writers (three of them it took to write this nonsense, including the creator of the show) gave the audience made you wonder if they just put the script in the blender and made a dreadful frappé that even a dog wouldn't digest. If anyone is interested and wants to write me, I would be more than happy to share with you my own version of what would have been a better script, because frankly, I've seen better writing in a Dick and Jane first grade primer than what we had here.

A waste of a good cast and a once great series that got sloppier in this last season. I can only think that the producers were so upset they weren't renewed that they just threw this together figuring "what's the point anyway?"

I gave it a two instead of a one only because I liked seeing Patricia Arquette and Sofia Vasilleva again looking so fine the both of them.
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Love Medium... wish they were not leaving.
Cindy9122 January 2011
This show has held so much appeal for the regular American (and maybe others!) family. There was such TRUE love between the characters of Joe and Allison, and so much concern, love, and family values that were displayed, were incredible. The bringing forth of the children's lives was very evocative, and very heartfelt. Of course I was distraught--at first--at the outcome for Joe, but nearing the end, I felt a sense of peace... relieval... hope for the couple that so much loved each other. And that, to me, is quite the story. In all, I believe that "Medium" was such a winner, and I am SOOOO dismayed that I will not be able to "visit" the family after now. I felt comfort in them, and I think that comes from the great acting and writing. Who can fault them? No-one, is my best guest. I love this show, and I shall heartily miss it. I wish the best for all of the actors. They are QUITE talented.
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A touching ending to a revered show - Medium
ravmeltt22 January 2011
I have been watching Medium from the pilot episode to the last episode which was last night. I actually didn't realize it was the finale; maybe I had heard that before and I was in denial. However, as I watched it on DVR I was able to pause and check the IMDb info and there I realized it was the last show.

I wish it had ended differently, because it was bitter-sweet. I won't give away any spoilers but I was so sad to see this series end. I feel like I have lost my husband in Joe Dubois, and that kids have lost a father. He was one of the best husbands/fathers that I've come across in modern shows.

What hurts the most is that the closure the producers have given the show, makes you know for sure that it is definitely The End. How will my Fridays be now without Medium? First Ghost Whisperer was taken away, and now Medium. What will take their place? Where is my Joe? I love all the actors in this show and will miss them tremendously. I love Patricia Arquette and I love Jake Weber. I do hope that they will not be absent from the small screen for long, but we will see them again soon.

Maybe the producers can make a spin-off with Ariel (Sofia Versilieva) in the lead role, and from time to time see her visiting Alison (and seeing Joe's ghost) when Alison becomes a lawyer, and visiting Bridget and Marie (and bring them in for special episodes). Or it could be all 3 kids in the show.

Bye Medium. I will miss you tremendously.
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So disappointed by the very last episode
Virginie B.24 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The finale could have been great for the viewers. We could have had a look at the future of all characters being happy. Instead of that , we could not see the actresses who played the daughters, we barely saw Scanlon and Devalos but worst of all, they killed off Joe at the start of the episode. Joe was a great and lovely character and they made him die in a crash plane. So at the end, all the characters we loved suffered: daughters losing their dad, Alison losing her husband and Joe losing his life. They wrapped it up with the couple being reunited after death but we you leave someone or a TV show, you just want the best for them. That was so not the case. I really liked the show but the writers wasted it for me with this episode.
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imperfect, yet touching.
d-millhoff12 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
As with many shows, by its final season, Medium had fallen into something of a rut. Stories grew a little repetitive, yet writing and acting was good enough that even a "bad" episode was better than the best episodes in many programs.

Killing off main characters has become a bit of a cliché over the years, and Joe was particularly likable. And then with the revelation of him apparently being still alive, I got a distinct "jump-the-shark" vibe. And then with the twist that he really was dead, it felt just plain cheap.

But somehow they did turn it around, and this is probably the only example I'll ever see where the death of the main character becomes a happy ending.
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