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"Breaking Bad" Thirty-Eight Snub (2011)

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Walt is meeting with a black market dealer for a gun he can conceal. He settles on a snub-nosed revolver, serial number removed, in a waist holster. The man suggests he look into getting a legal gun but Walt sticks with the untraceable piece.

Mike sits at a bar having coffee. He notices some blood on his cuff and is clearly upset.

Badger and Skinny Pete drop by Jesse's place and he shows off his brand new sound system. Jesse starts to crush up some lines and the guys make reference to NA meetings. Jesse offers drugs. Both cave and get high with him. Jesse doesn't seem very engaged in the conversation. They decide to have a huge party and Jesse is hitting the substances pretty hard.

On the advice of the gun dealer Walt practices his drawing and firing skills.

Hank is sitting up in the middle of the night looking at one of his "minerals." Marie wakes up and they have a brief argument which leads to him suggesting there are other rooms in the house if she is having trouble sleeping.

Skyler calls Walt while he loads his gun. He lets the machine pick-up and she talks about Hanks' bills starting to pile up. But once she mentions the car wash he grabs the phone and yells at her for leaving recorded proof of the possible purchase. He promises to talk to Saul about it.

We see the aftermath of Jesse's party. He needs to leave for work and gives Pete and Badger money to buy everybody breakfast, restock the liquor cabinet and get the party going again. He wants it jumping when he comes back.

After the day's cook Walt changes into his street clothes and puts his gun back on his belt, making sure Jesse doesn't notice. Gus's "new guy" arrives and they tell him the day's weight. Mike pops his head in and asks for another weigh, calling it a "new policy." Walt asks to meet with Gus for a chance to "clear the air" and Mike says he'll never see Gus again.

Skyler sits in her car with the baby and takes notes on how the car wash operates from the parking lot.

Hank struggles determinedly and eventually walks to the bedroom during physical therapy. His therapist and Marie are both fired-up, though Hank doesn't seem all that interested in sharing the moment with his wife. After the therapist leaves Hank tells Marie to leave him alone.

Jesse's party rages on for a second night. As he is discussing the importance of pizza-cutting with Pete and Badger there is a ring at the door. It's Andrea.

Outside Andrea tells Jesse she's okay. He asks about Brock and she won't let him get out of the car to see Jesse. She is there to ask about the two guys Tomas hung out with getting run over and a huge envelope of cash showing up in her mailbox. She wants to know if it was from him and if anybody will be showing up to look for it. He tells her there are no strings attached and it is hers to do with what she wants. She leaves without another word.

Late that night Walt pulls up in front of Gus's home with his lights off. He unbuckles his seat belt and puts on his infamous black hat. On his way to the front door his cell phone rings. A voice says "Go home, Walt."

More minerals (which Marie still is incorrectly referring to as "rocks") arrive at the house. From the other room Hank grills her as to their delivery condition.

Skyler speaks with the car wash owner. He questions her ability to handle the company and tells her of the decades he's put into the business. She asks for a figure and he tells her $10 million. She says "$875,000" and proceeds to give him a detailed analysis of where the number came from. He says $20 million and says "this is the price for Walter White." He is upset that Walt quit without notice and won't face him himself. He repeats the $20 million price and tells her to leave.

Walt meets Mike while he sits and has a drink. Mike knew Walt was tailing him. Walt explains that he didn't want any of what happened to take place, what he did came from loyalty to Jesse then self preservation. Walt is looking for information as to where he stands with Gus, then suggests that perhaps Mike might feel the same way given what happened to Victor. Mike asks him about the new gun which he noticed at the lab the other day. Mike says that Walt "won" and has the job. Walt wonders for how long that will be the case and wants Mike to get him in a room with Gus. "Get me in a room and I'll do the rest." Mike punches Walt in the face, knocks him to the floor and kicks him a few times. He thanks him for the drink and leaves.

After three days Jesse's party finally winds down. He wants Pete and Badger to stay at his place but they say they have responsibilities and plan to see him next week. Once alone Jesse cranks up the tunes on his new system. He sits in front of one of the speakers and cries.


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