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A Filler Episode!

Author: g-bodyl from United States
13 January 2015

This is the second episode of the fourth season of Breaking Bad. From what I see, this may be the weakest episode this season. It's not bad or anything, it's just that this is a filler episode and nothing that exciting happens. However, I loved the opening where Walt buys a gun for some plans he cooked up. Jesse's subplot is kind of annoying and overlong, but I was enthralled by Walter, Hank, and Skylar.

In this episode, "Thirty-Eight Snub," Walter buys a gun from a gun dealer as he cooks up plans to assassinate Gus. Meanwhile, Jesse decides to throw parties to help take his mind off what he did to Gale. Marie throws on a positive attitude much to Hank's irritation. Skylar wants to purchase the car wash in order to launder money.

Overall, this is a pretty good episode even if it doesn't reach full potential. With a series this good, I guess it's okay to have a weaker episode every once in awhile. In Breaking Bad's terms, weak means still good. So this is still a watchable episode with quite a few interesting story lines. I rate this episode 8/10.

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Thirty-Eight Snub (#4.2)

Author: ComedyFan2010 from Canada
3 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After the gruesome events of the past episode and being trapped in a not very pleasant situation we see our main characters dealing with it in this episode.

Walt tries to find a way to fight Gus. The scene of him and Mike at the bar was pretty good. Well acted and Mike's reaction was a bit unexpected to me. Wonder where it will go now?

Watching Jesse is heart breaking. He tries to forget it all by throwing that 3 day long party, but when everyone is gone it all comes back. He may have a breakdown soon.

Again liked Skylar in this episode. I kind of hope she does something to win against the car wash guy.

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Dealing with events

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
29 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After the shocking events of the opening episode Walt, Jesse and even Mike deal with what they witnessed in different ways. Walt buys himself an unmarked .38" special even though the seller told him he could by an identical weapon legally for a fraction of the price if he wanted it for self defence as Walt insisted. Meanwhile Jesse is having difficulty being alone so gets Badger, Skinny Pete and a large number of friends round for a party; when time comes for them to go he begs them to keep the party going. Things are different at work too; Victor has been replaced and Mike informs Walt that he won't be seeing Gus again. Hank is finally starting to make progress with his physiotherapy but his relationship with Marie is going through a rough patch as the only thing he seems to care about is his growing mineral collection.

This episode was definitely a calm after the storm we saw in the opening episode; that doesn't mean there was no tension though; Walt clearly wanted the pistol for a reason so it will only be a matter of time before he uses it. As always the acting was top notch; I was particularly impressed by Dean Norris and Betsy Brandt who played Hank and Marie and Jonathan Banks who plays Mike. It wasn't all serious; there were some great laughs to be had when Skinny Pete and Badger get high and start arguing about zombies in various video games. Overall the episode didn't advance the plot greatly but to took the necessary time to show us where all the main characters are now and nicely set things up for the rest of the season.

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Taxi Driver

Author: mm-39 from Winnipeg
9 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Walter meets actor Jim Beaver and does a scene from the movie Taxi Driver. Walter does an impersonation of De Niro which pays homage to the classic movie. Walter becomes more paranoid, has a gun and a plan which will unravel in later episodes. One sees Walter digress into a harden paranoid criminal in the progression of episodes. Walters criminal plans digress as well as his moral character as the protagonist deals with more unseen events in his criminal activities. Why did Walter not take his friends' job offer? The audience is starting to believe that Walter likes the life and really is breaking bad. I give this episode an seven out of ten.

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Technically well-made, but mediocre story-wise.

Author: axel-koch from Austria
8 December 2013

Without any scenes that could actually be described as bad, "Thirty- Eight Snub" is still a bit of a bummer and again spends too much time on monotonic story lines. Jesse's repetitive parties worked nicely in conveying his devastated and confused sentiment, yet after the first couple of shots, I couldn't help myself but get a bit bored.

The same applies to the subplots of Skyler and the Schraders, which haven't changed in any way since the midst of the third season. The slight differences were that Anna Gunn appeared a bit more sympathetic this time around while Dean Norris got his character's likability to a new low. As Walt is plotting to kill his boss Gus, he's switching between Heisenberg and the moustache Walter White, which was nice to see for a moment, but couldn't hold up in all the scenes. The confrontation between him and Mike in a bar was nothing but weird, almost just as much as the critics comparing its directing style to Sergio Leone's. As if!

And that was already it with the plot – the sad remark I have to make is that this isn't even anything new with Breaking Bad, as it almost got me to quit watching it during season three. What kept "Thirty-Eight Snub" interesting, at least partially, were some impressive aspects of the cinematography, such as the Roomba POV or the insanely high crane shot – possibly the episode's best moment. Additionally, the editors have concocted another match cut, although far from the inventiveness that the one in "Box Cutter" brought with it.

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