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A scientist, Dr. Wheelwright (Robert Englund), who is under guard from Volkoff tries to sneak through a secured area. A guard stops him, and the scientist pretends to have an asthmatic attack, only to spray the guard with the inhaler, which really contained a nightmare-inducing toxin. The guard's hands begin to shake, and the toxin is "turning your entire consciousness into one gigantic nightmare---a nightmare you never wake up from." (Ah, vintage Freddy Krueger, no offense to Jackie Earl Haley) The scientist shows the toxin to a surveillance camera, and Volkoff Industries is more than happy to arrange a buyer in Los Angeles. Mary Elizabeth Bartowski (Linda Hamilton) is most pleased.


Mary calls Chuck (Zachary Levi) and tells him to meet her at Griffith Park in one hour. Chuck has a flood of questions, but it was not the time. Mary wants to meet with him alone, and he is not to tell anybody. However, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) is not anybody, and she accompanies him to Griffith Park. Mary calls him again as Chuck waits at Griffith Park and tells Chuck to meet her at the playground. Sarah keeps a watchful eye with a rifle sight, only Mary anticipated it and had a gun at Sarah's head. ("I didn't even hear a twig snap.") But one little drop of the gun sight, and Sarah had her gun up as well. Chuck intervenes before the shooting begins and explains Sarah is his girlfriend. Mary doesn't want to know anything about Chuck so Volkoff never finds out about Ellie or him. Mary explains she is trying to stop Wheelwright from selling the Atroxium and wants Chuck to set up a sting operation to get the Atroxium. She risked breaking her cover, despite her records being expunged, to make sure the CIA got the toxin. She wants Chuck to pretend he flashed on the item and he never saw her. She had a complete file on Charles Carmichael.

Casey (Adam Baldwin) brings Morgan (Joshua Gomez) down to Castle after being very impressed with his work in Iran. Which does put Morgan in a quandary about decorating the Buy More for Halloween. Since Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) refuses to be delegated to, he puts the decorating in charge of two of the scariest people he knows: Ellie and Awesome! (just kidding!) Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay). Meanwhile, Chuck explains his plan (conveniently leaving his mother out of it) to Beckman (Bonita Friedericy), who agrees with setting up the sting on Wheelwright. She's none too happy that Grimes joined in on the meeting, but Casey vouches for him participating...but not talking. Chuck confesses how he really got the data, and Casey is immediately suspicious, even with Sarah checking out the CIA's database to confirm no files can be found.

As Devon (Ryan McPartlin) and Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) get a visit from Honey Woodcomb (Morgan Fairchild), Devon's mother and Ellie's mother-in-law (emphasis on mother-in-law), Chuck and Sarah set up the meet at an outdoor cafe. (And Chuck hopes, like we do, Sarah can bring that outfit home with her...rawr!) Casey and Morgan monitor from Castle ("I love our little give and take. Classic Ross and Rachel."), and Wheelwright comes by with the offer. Only so does Mary, who immediately exposes Chuck as the CIA and shoots him!

Of course, Chuck isn't dead, otherwise we wouldn't have a show. Mary aimed point-blank at his heart (appropos) to make sure she hit his bullet-proof vest, something she checked for earlier by putting her hand on his shoulder. She also shot high at Sarah to make sure she ducked. Of course, neither Chuck nor Sarah know this yet, as Chuck is upset for being so trusting. But Sarah reminds him it's one of the things that made her fall in love with him. His trust is rewarded when Mary comes to the back of the Buy More and makes him get in the car. Certainly beats Morgan trying to censor what Jeff and Lester wanted to do in the Buy More, as they decide to tap into the scariest place imaginable: Jeff's brain!

Mary explains why she ratted on Chuck while taking him to a loading dock, where she had Wheelwright sedated and locked up. She was involved in Project Isis, a project to take down Volkoff from the inside, only she got in way too deep. Since Volkoff was monitoring the restaurant, by shooting Chuck, Volkoff thinks Chuck is dead and therefore makes Chuck and Ellie safe from harm. She wants to disappear before Sarah and Casey could arrive, who traced Chuck's emergency signal, but Chuck begs her to visit Ellie first to explain what she just told him. Chuck desperately tells her Ellie's pregnant, but she goes anyway.

CASEY: Chuck, how did you get here?

CHUCK: My...mom dropped me off.

Chuck and Sarah analyze the Atroxium in Castle, but Chuck has to check the Buy More first. Casey consults Sarah about digging into Mary Bartowski's past, and she offers to help, but Casey already has someone to help: Morgan. Morgan would gladly take the job after witnessing Jeff and Lester's Aisle of Terror, where they program LCD monitors to display images found to be scary by the subjects of an experiment Jeff participated in at UCLA. ("There's nothing I won't do for $30 and a sandwich...or a sandwich.") Certain images can cause terror in even the most fearless lunatics. OLD PEOPLE! PUBLIC SHOWERS! INTERSPECIES RELATIONSHIPS! BABIES IN SNAIL COSTUMES! Although to ask Honey Woodcomb, babies do love dictionaries. Still, she's a better grandparent than Mary Bartowski is right now. Which Mary overhears from Ellie when she spies on them at the store, so Mary secretly buys the teddy bear Ellie and Devon adored.

Chuck and Sarah should really learn how to handle bombs more carefully, because a countdown timer starts on the Atroxium. They force Wheelwright to turn it off, which he does. They let their guard down, and the canister releases into Chuck's face. Now Chuck is living a nightmare himself.

WHEELWRIGHT: Your hands are shaking. That's how it begins. I developed this nerve gas by testing it on myself. It was a long, terrifying process. After a while, I gave in, I surrendered to my insanity. Now, I'm not scared of anything. So, what scares you, Chuck? Hmm?

He forces Chuck to take him upstairs, but Wheelwright is intent to get revenge on Chuck's mom for double-crossing him. Chuck locks down the store in order to prevent that, and Wheelwright thinks throwing Chuck in the Aisle of Terror in his state might make him change his mind. And if you were thinking earlier that the Aisle of Terror was kind of lame, this is where it pays off. Wheelwright was apparently part of the same experiment Jeff was, and he sees the images of BABIES IN SNAIL COSTUMES! OLD PEOPLE! INTERSPECIES RELATIONS! BLACK LICORICE! MAN FEET! OTTERS! It's all too much for Wheelwright, who runs out and runs right into Sarah's clothesline.

Morgan and Casey go to meet Casey's contact. Morgan's job is to be the magnet. He loves the ultra-cool spy name, but magnet is his job. The contact puts his gun on Morgan's head so Casey could put his gun on the contact's head. Casey gets the report on Mary Bartowski and tells Morgan everything is OK. He tells Sarah the truth. Operation Isis was terminated twenty years ago. They have to track down Mary Bartowski, who decided to meet with Ellie. Before Mary can get there, a van pulls up, and several black-hooded individuals kidnap her right in front of Chuck. Chuck manages to pull the mask off one of them...and it's Sarah. She tries to explain, but they have to go and Chuck wasn't listening anyway. He had to tell Ellie why Mary wasn't going to show up. And one can easily guess what Chuck and Sarah's first fight is about next week.


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