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"Chuck" Chuck Versus the Cubic Z (2010)

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An armored prison van breaks down in the middle of the desert. It's too far to get to their destination at Yucca Mountain, so they call in for an alternate location. Where? The place that is holding a midnight premiere for Spy Attack. And Morgan (Joshua Gomez) is in a tizzy trying to get things organized. (At least his suit looks good.) Chuck (Zachary Levi) would love to help, but he and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) are about to head on a romantic mission to Monaco to pose as a rich couple to find a corrupt oligarch. Both of them stop and take a moment to contemplate being at the zenith professionally (Morgan) and romantically (Chuck). Chuck thinks Sarah is ready to settle down and make a real life here. Downstairs in Castle, she's a little concerned. Translation: she's ticked off and is using Casey (Adam Baldwin) as both a sounding board and a punching bag. She wants nothing to do with having kids, and Casey telling her Chuck has already picked out the curtains isn't helping her...or his face from her kicks and punches. Chuck is psyched for the trip, but Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) interrupts and cancels the trip, since they will have to babysit who was being transferred until alternate transportation could be found. Sarah thinks it will be a great opportunity for Chuck and her to talk, but he's still a bit bummed about not going to Monaco. He becomes CONSIDERABLY more bummed when he sees the prisoner being transferred: Hugo Panzer (Steve Austin). Panzer gives him a nice shoulder to the ribs before the guards can pull him away.

SARAH: Well, at least it can't get worse.

Words you should NEVER utter of course, as the second prisoner enters: Heather Chandler (Nicole Richie).

With forty minutes to go before the videogame launch, Morgan tells Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay) to get their act together (yeah, right), but they point out he has a bigger problem. Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) is in the store, and Morgan took his job. Morgan prepares for the worst, but Big Mike comes in and tells him he's proud that someone in his family is manager of the Buy More.

BIG MIKE: I've spent the past few months out on the sea, hunted with my bow, looking for my inner Big Mike. My happiness. And I've discovered the source of it...your momma.

Mike wants to make "an honest woman" of Bolonia Garcia Bourganvilla Grimes, and that's WAY too much information for Morgan. As is the pear-cut cubic zirconia diamond ring he has for her. He gives the ring to Morgan until Morgan deems him worthy of marrying his mother. And if he's worthy of working, since he's "between gigs" right now. And Big Mike is now working for Morgan. And Morgan is only getting six copies of the game for a crowd of 300.

Downstairs, Chuck and Sarah ignore their respective nemeses (although Chuck does want to know what Panzer does for exercise because he's looking good), and Sarah wants to have "the talk" with him. She says she loves him first and foremost. And...that's as far as she gets, as Chuck flashes on Heather Chandler. Her information was in the Intersect 2.0 (hence not flashing on her previously), and she might have information about Chuck's mom. He goes to talk to her.

SARAH: Chuck, unless you want Beckman to know that you're looking for your mom, we don't have the authority to interrogate Heather Chandler.

CHUCK: Well, we don't have the authority to use the supply closet for...what it is we use it for...but we do it anyway!

He suggests "good cop-bad cop," while she suggests "tough cop-silent cop." You can guess the roles yourself. As Hugo takes the newspaper he borrowed and converts it into a makeshift shiv, Sarah offers to make Heather's stay at Yucca Mountain a little less unpleasant in exchange for what she knows. Heather is not willing to give information but is more than willing to antagonize the man-boy and bottle blonde with daddy issues. (Serious pot/kettle issues there, huh?) Chuck gets a bit riled, and Heather figures out they're now dating. She goes on the attack at Sarah, wondering if they were just shacking up or were on their fifth kid by now. The very uncomfortable Sarah departs and takes Chuck with her. She berates Chuck for losing it and letting Heather get under her skin. But when she goes back in, Heather goes right after her, saying how she wormed her way into Mark Ratner's life and robbed him blind. Sarah will do the same to Chuck, according to Heather. Now it's Chuck's turn to call the safe word "time machine" and ask Sarah what's going on. Unfortunately, she spots Hugo Panzer pulling the dead bodies of the guards away and taking aim at them with a machine gun.

Chuck and Sarah hide in the only place they can: Heather's cell. But Hugo isn't after Chuck; he's after Heather. Heather blew a half-billion dollar deal for Alexei Volkoff, and Panzer was put in her prisoner van to take her out. Sarah calls Casey, who calls Greta III (Stacy Keibler) in Castle. She was trying to get away from the nerds in line and Lester staring down her shirt, which would have taken some serious engineering, given how tall she is. Unfortunately, Panzer finds her and two kicks from her don't even make him blink. He knocks her out, and Casey codes a perimeter lockdown from his locker upstairs. Panzer overrides the cell doors, and Casey's only option is to activate the fire threatening the voice interface in the computer. The locks to the ventilation system open, and Chuck, Sarah, and Heather escape into the vents.

Morgan tasks Jeff and Sir Lester Olivier to handle the presentation to the crowd, and he immediately goes to making changes. Now the presentation is a poetry slam and demonstraion of kung-fu moves in the Jeff. Yes, the crowd reacts just as you would guess.

Casey makes it into Castle and keeps an eye out on the computers for the three and Panzer. Heather continues to bait Chuck and Sarah, although Sarah really has to watch those slippery ducts. Her foot went right into Heather's face. Hate when that happens. They get stopped and have to wait for Casey to help them, which gives Heather a golden opportunity to exert some serious payback. She continues to convince Chuck that Sarah and her are wired the same way, and she dumped her cute nerd. And Sarah will do the same to him. Chuck is confident Heather isn't getting Sarah mad because Panzer going through the door and knocking Chuck out will. A couple of roundhouse kicks by Sarah, and Panzer's sliding down a ventilation shaft. He grabs Chuck and tries to pull him down as well. Heather tries to drop dime, and the fight is on with Sarah. (I could have done without the strobe-like lighting during it, though.) Chuck takes a few Panzer hits before flashing on the appropriate place to nail Panzer, who falls down the shaft as Sarah takes out Heather ("That felt good.") and grabs Chuck just before he falls down the shaft.

Panzer makes it back up the tunnels, only to run into Casey with an assault rifle. A transport helicopter arrives, and Sarah gives one last chance to deal, which she refuses. Sarah asks Chuck if he's alright, and he wants to know why what she said got under her skin. Of course, this is Chuck, and nothing ever goes right. The transport is from Volkoff, and they open fire on the group. Panzer breaks free of his restraints and slides back down the air ducts. Sarah and Casey hold off the assault team while Chuck follows Panzer down. Casey gets shot, and Heather tells Sarah to just hand her over to Volkoff. She knows how Sarah thinks.

SARAH: You don't know who I am, what I want, or the thoughts in my head. We have nothing in common.

Sarah frees Heather and gives her an assault rifle. Both get up and open fire to take out the assault team. Heather even manages to save Sarah's life with her last bullet.

As the unruly crowd finds out there are no games and start a riot, Chuck finds Panzer in the vents. Except the vents can't really hold that much weight, and the two crash into the cage. Chuck flashes on some appropriate fighting styles and tries to take out Panzer, but he fails. Panzer gets out just as Morgan begs Big Mike to quell the riot in the store. Mike gets on the pulpit and shuts up the crowd by pointing out they got to have a week off talking videogames with their friends, which no sane person in the world would do. Only problem: Morgan's still crawling on the floor looking for Big Mike's engagement ring just as Panzer comes in. Big Mike tells Panzer to knock it off.

PANZER: Try and stop me, fat man.

Panzer grabs Morgan as hostage. But he's family, and Big Mike takes out his Big Taser. Hugo is down, and Chuck is very impressed.

As Casey will be laid up for a couple of weeks, Sarah suggests to him to visit Alex and figure out what role he'll have in her life. He suggests the same to her with Bartowski. Heather holds up her end of the bargain by telling Chuck about Operation Beacon, which was an arms pipeline Chuck's mom was involved in with Volkoff, although Heather didn't know all the details. Upstairs, Morgan looks over the mess the store is after the riot, but he couldn't find the ring. But he did find Big Mike's assistant manager's vest. He offered it to Big Mike, even if he is still mad at Morgan. He takes the vest, and Morgan gives Big Mike his blessing to marry the ring falls down the vent into Castle.

Sarah admits being scared from Awesome's talk about marriage and kids, but she thought about it all day long. She wants to do it, but she wants to wait and be ready for it. He agrees and actually wants to take it slow as well. And the ring slides down the vent...

CHUCK: OK, we'll start slow. We're on a trip and I forget my toothbrush. Do I get to share yours?

SARAH: Yes, I am ready to share my toothbrush with you.

CHUCK: OK, the bathroom. Door open or shut.

SARAH: Shut. Always.

CHUCK: Yes, shut. And preferably with the water running. Or maybe the radio.

Chuck finds Big Mike's ring on the floor, and both of them are shocked to see it. "Whoah, wow. Uh..."


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