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Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't
horrorshowmovie3 June 2011
"Girl Walks Into a Bar" is made up of a bunch of connected scenes, each taking place in a different bar. These scenes are heavily dialog-driven (sometimes with internal dialog). Some of them work, some don't.

Most of the dialog is clever, well-written, and delivered by good actors. It's unrealistic and fast paced, with no time between a line and the response to that line. This is good entertainment, but if you get bored by dialog you'll get bored fast--there's no action here.

There's a sense throughout the movie that you're watching a long, fast paced joke. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you start to wonder when the punchline is going to show up, which can be distracting.

Good movie overall, there's a lot of talent involved.
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Utterly Charming
jmurph317 January 2013
I feel like those who have given this film such bad reviews either expected too much going into it or just couldn't let themselves go for the brief slice that this movie was. This is not a deep or complex movie, despite weaving together almost seamlessly multiple arcs, and it's not meant to be some heavy, meaningful piece (as least in my opinion). The point of any movie is to entertain, and I certainly was. I put this on with the intent to read a book while watching; by five minutes in I had abandoned the book completely. It's a quiet, unassuming comedy featuring some excellent performances. Simply charming.
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Walks into the bar with intrigue but then forgets the purpose
napierslogs1 September 2012
"Girl Walks Into a Bar" is, at once, both better and worse than it was marketed as: A witty comedy with a cast of strangers in inter-locking stories. It's the inter-locking stories part that gets disconcerting. That generally means we get too many loosely-related stories with too many characters that we barely get to know with meaningless plot lines that don't go anywhere. This movie isn't that, it's mostly better.

There are only two story lines, born from each other, with arguably two or three main characters. And the beginning totally gets us invested in them. Nick (Zachary Quinto) is sitting nervously at a bar and doesn't want anyone to join him because he's waiting for someone. Francine (Carla Gugino) is that someone; he just doesn't know that. Minutes later we suddenly have no one left to sympathize with when it is revealed that Nick is about to commit an unforgivable crime and Francine gives no concern to the lies she just said.

Henry (Aaron Tveit) walks into a bar and steals our attention back. He flirts with Francine and just for the fun of it, and steals her wallet. Our two story lines involve Nick on his mission of crime and the law enforcement on his tail while Francine is on the tail of Henry. Their night of adventure involves checking into a number of bars each with another person to meet. The cast list is quite the collection of talented, mostly recognizable names, but they have nothing to do. Sometimes they say things that are supposed to be clever but are not.

That's where the film is worse. The dialogue is not witty nor funny, and it should not be classified as a comedy. There were quite a few scenes which had actors saying crap that none of their characters should have said and which added no meaning or value to the film.

Then the movie ended with some kind of choreographed musical and dance number which didn't conclude anything. Almost unbeknownst to me, Nick's storyline was wrapped up in a previous scene (Josh Hartnett's only scene) but with one short, stupid phone call. Quinto can act, as can Hartnett, and a well written scene with confrontation was desperately needed. After the first two scenes, there was very little confrontation, and indeed revealed that you weren't watching much at all. "Girl Walks Into a Bar" seems visually interesting, with compelling lead characters, good acting and clever story lines but then doesn't really go anywhere.
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this is not a movie
s_imdb-18-54029325 June 2011
Characters drink like one whiskey per minute (I'm not exaggerating), and nobody gets drunk. Bars are always completely empty but there's always some show on. The main story is nice but it's 10 minutes long. Lots of weird characters, but hey, who cares? What's the point of all this. You can look at Emmanuelle Chriqui, maybe you can get to the end without feeling you have wasted 1 hours 19 minutes. The silly western dance dury the end titles is the best part of the movie. Nice atmosphere and images overall, but I would have preferred watching a movie. I don't know what to say again but I have to continue writing IMDb says. Like writing things using more words makes something better... This policy of IMDb reminds me of this movie, it would have been good if it was a 20 minutes short film.
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Fantastically quirky and witty
marioskolonias22 December 2011
"Girl Walks Into A Bar" is exceptionally well written, with every little story linked harmoniously with each other. Another reviewer mentioned the excessive use of stereotypes. If there is something you can stereotype, it's strip club regulars.

Despite all the anonymity the film tried to cover itself with, it will get the attention it rightfully deserves, because it's not, as most movies of the same caliber, funny for the sake of fun. This is real comedy, and while it may not make you laugh uncontrollably, you will find a certain kind of humour that has not been attempted in a long time. Sometimes the writing is so funny, there is no actual need for dialogue.

This is not, strictly speaking, a comedy. There are a few dramatic aspects to it, as well. I give this a 9/10, although I think it deserves something closer to 8.5. Certainly one of the best films of 2011, simply for being... simple!
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Girl Walks Into The Night
Chrysanthepop24 June 2011
Sebastian Gutierrez's 'Girl Walks Into A Bar' may not be the cleverest or wittiest of its kind but I found it very colourful, amusing and atmospheric. It captures the essence of nightlife in the city quite well. The sets and/or lighting are pleasantly colourful. The settings and situations appear to be colour-coded. The score and cinematography are effective. That's the technical side.

Now to the writing, it's quite alright. There's a certain noire style to it. The characters are quirky. Some situations and dialogues feel a little forced and some jokes fall flat (especially in the Robert Forster track) but otherwise the dialogue is quite funny and delivered well.

The acting isn't bad either. Carla Gugino is excellent and Emmanuelle Chriqui is brilliant, especially in her opening sequence. Amber Valetta and Aaron Tveit are quite good too. Alexis Bledel and Danny Devito are great in their single scene. Zachary Quinto, Rosario Dawson and Josh Hartnett are adequate.

Overall, 'Girl Walks Into A Bar' is a funny atmospheric semi-noire film. Not a classic but enjoyable nonetheless.
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For free, it's definitely worth a watch.
LaBuonaVita3812 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Don't get me wrong--the film is free--so I wasn't expecting anything special, going into it. And while the film kept my attention, throughout its' entirety, it lacked a story that truly felt pleasing, and did not leave me, as a member of the audience, to feel as if his time spent watching the film, was justified. Was it original? It wasn't cliché-ridden, but come on, the whole thing took place in bars, and each scene consisted of the same formula: Drinking. Talking. Characters have an issue with one another. Characters take a liking to each other. They have a reason to leave, and go to another bar. It's repetitious--like those old video games, where in each level, you always had to find a key, or special item, to move forward. Overall, I am not sure what they were trying to achieve, in terms of the actual story. The story was convoluted, and lacked good structure, and blatant character motivation. Even when they got what they supposedly wanted, they just moved on to the next thing, and didn't seem to care. And the same goes for when certain characters did not achieve their goals/desires. I wouldn't watch this film again, as it just feels a bit more like a cheap internet gimmick, than an actual motion picture. I would rather spend my time doing something better--like writing a GOOD screenplay--were I to know the film would end up being so pointless, and the story would be on the verge of being non-existent. As for the acting, it was average- yet the cinematography varied from amateurish/average at certain points. I am just not sure what the whole point of this movie was. Maybe they were just screwing around 95% of the time, and spent the rest rushing to get the production over with. Who knows? And to be honest, I just don't care anymore. This movie's title seems to give something away though, in regards to its' story. The whole thing is like one big punchline, that ends abruptly before you hear the end, causing you to feel confused--and leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth.
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dry forced dialogue
stevec32213 March 2011
This movie lacks heart and character development. The dialogue can be witty, unique, and clever at times but, it does not work as a whole. The cast is great. Unfortunately the viewer never gets a chance to discover who the characters are. The way some of the dialogue is delivered I wonder if the actors even understand who their characters are.

This movie wanders through the dessert for 79 minutes leaving the viewer to wonder why. Many of the scenes can stand on their own, but when strung together they just don't add up.

Big thumbs up for "free view on youtube". I think the writer/director shows promise.
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Excellent Solid Film
thebrenman23 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Usually, movies with just script and little action can be quite plain. But "Girl Walks Into A Bar" changes that by creating a brilliant script for an amazing cast of actors Most notable in my opinion is Joshua Daniel Hartnett(40 Days and 40 Nights), Danny DeVito(The Lorax), and Carla Gugino(Night at the Museum). With an amazing cast and a script with brilliant quotes, Girl Walks Into A Bar is an amazing solid movie.

Unfortunately, most of the major famous actors had very small minor rolls, so this movie cannot achieve 10 out of 10 stars. 9 out of 10 stars would fit this movie because of its content, great actors/actresses, and script.
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What was the point?
David Holt (rawiri42)27 April 2012
As someone else has already said, this isn't a professional movie! It was more like a home-movie tour to show where not to go in LA at night. And we all know how much fun it is watching eighty minutes of someone else's home movies don't we? (Actually, that is probably the only good thing about this - it is shorter than your average film - which lets you get back to more fun things like reading Greek mythology a bit sooner!

If you have absolutely nothing to do for an hour-and-a-half (which would include cleaning the drains or polishing the family silver), then I guess this might be better than watching the grass grow - just!

One has to wonder why would anyone even think about going to the expense (which would probably feed thousands of Sudanese for a year) of shooting this!
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