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The Prime Suspect
Claudio Carvalho2 July 2014
Dexter is interviewed by the FBI and finds that the agents do not suspect him but are trying to find the reason for the murder of Rita by Trinity. The prime suspect is Kyle Butler but the FBI does not have any clue. Dexter finds blood in a moving truck and he rents the van. During the night, he discovers that it is indeed human blood and he finds the name of Boyd Fowler as the last person that rented the vehicle. Meanwhile his colleagues are investigating a victim that was decapitated in a Venezuelan neighborhood and a local police officer believes that the responsible is the gang La Muerte. Quinn suspects that Dexter might have killed Rita and he asks LaGuerta one copy of the sketches of the suspect. Astor does not want to stay with Dexter and she calls her grandparents to live with them and Dexter convinces Cody to stay with his sister. Dexter stalks Boyd and discovers barrels that he dumped in a lake. When he opens the barrels, he finds young women preserved in formoaldehyde.

"Hello, Bandit" is another bleak and dramatic episode of Dexter. In this episode, he learns that the FBI suspects that Kyle Butler is involved in the death of Rita, but he does not know that Quinn suspects him. In order of recovering and felling the empty of his life, he focuses now on the serial-killer Boyd Fowler. The beheaded person seems to be the victim of a cult. How will Dexter be involved with this gang? My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Alo, Bandit" ("Hello, Bandit")
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Convincing child acting, exciting Quinn, dual top notch visuals, dynamic and intriguing story
igoatabase5 October 2010
Hello. An innocent word that sold its sense to Dexter. This second installment confirmed the potential of the fifth season. How Dex and the children will move forward ? Will Quinn find out about his double life ? These questions were raised in the pilot and it seems the upcoming episodes, including this one, will get us some answers.

One thing that slightly disappointed me in My Bad was the acting. When it comes to Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter I expect the best and generally they deliver. Their moonlight scene reminded me of Dex chat with the Ice Truck Killer. From the lighting to the pace it was a calm and sad moment that should move you. I really appreciate how their relationship is developed because it's easy to relate to it, even if you don't have a brother or sister. They could be best friends, it doesn't matter. An other element I enjoyed was the child acting. Christina Robinson as Astor and Preston Bailey as Cody really did a good job and I was specially impressed by the first. She's young but already able to convey complex emotions through her eyes. Their performance wasn't flawless but definitely a convincing match to the adult one. It leads us to Desmond Harrington, the man behind Joey Quinn. He has become much much more than the playcop next door. His traumatic experience with Christine in the past season shaped him a new spirit. He won't make the same mistake twice. Frowning most of the time the writers have still found him a few comic relief moments, involving Deb of course. Their scenes were welcome because of their contrast with the darker and more controversial ones. Creepy and poetic blood analysis with daddy ? Checked. Intense investigation with dual elements ? Checked.

Let's also not forget the top notch production, specially the ambivalent visuals, and the memorable appearances of James Remar as Harry Morgan. This season recipe is starting to smell real nice and all major arcs have tremendous potential. And they haven't already played their trump card yet ! I can't wait for the guest star to finally lemon up the screen !
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Blood on the U Haul truck
jotix10016 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Dexter is trying to get his life in order. New adjustments after Rita's death must be made. The living arrangements become chaotic as the kids, Astor and Cody, do not want to stay in the house that was the scene of their mother's murder. For the time being, Deb's apartment serves as the temporary home for Dexter and the children.

The FBI investigation about Dexter being involved in the slaying of his wife is over. There is nothing that indicates he might have done the deed. Maria LaGuerta is happy when the whole thing is over. A gruesome discovery of a severed head in a small park, brings the detectives to examine the evidence. The badly battered head has no eyes and there is a cut on the mouth. As Deb takes in the scene, a female officer, Cira, approaches her and points out the crime can be attributed to the Santa Muerte, a criminal group whose motto is "see no evil, speak no evil", which means the slain woman must have crossed these criminals at one point of her life. The remaining body is found nearby.

At the station, Vince Masuka is trying to put together the way the woman whose body was so mutilated was killed. He is seen practicing with a dummy. A machete is the weapon that was used in severing the head from the body. Angel walks in the station and is handed Maria's mail. He is puzzled when he finds a statement that shows her wife having a nice amount in it. He wonders where did she get all the money. As it turns out, it is Maria's retirement account. She has enough common sense to put all she can to live on her later years, while Angel spends his salary without saving anything.

Quinn, talking to Maria, sees some sketches about a suspect, Kyle Butler. Seeing them, he becomes interested in the man being sought. He asks Maria to have copies of the drawings. Dexter is busy trying to move some things from his former home. For that, he rents a UHaul truck. He notices a dark stain on the wooden floor, which he figures is blood. Later on, he realizes a crime was committed because of the blood showing under special light. Going on line, he gets the information of who was the previous renter. According to his findings, it is Boyd Fowler, a man that works for a company that picks up dead animals on the road.

Dexter decides to tail Fowler to his house. A blond lock of hair gets his attention. Outside the house, he also finds animal remains. A closer look reveals that Boyd Fowler is taking a drum to a dump site what contains a pond. Opening the lid of the container shows the body of a young blond woman. Dexter becomes interested in finding what is behind his finding.

Scott Buck wrote the episode, which was directed by John Dahl, who gave us films like "The Last Seduction" and "Red Rock West", but whose latest work has centered in television series. The chapter sets the tone for what will obviously come after. The "Santa Muerte" killing plus the woman in the barrel will be explored during the season, as it is usually the case with other "Dexter" seasons.

Michael C. Hall is basically the reason one keeps coming back to the series. His serial killer career is, after all, a way of dealing with those criminals that get away unpunished. Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington, Lauren Velez, David Zayas, C.S. Lee and James Remar do a wonderful supporting job to the success of he series.
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Overheard phone machine messages and misplaced cellphones aren't enough? Now it's an opened snail mail invoice that delivers the key message?
s k6 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When/where does it end? The lazy, contrived plot devices keep shooting this show in the foot. Repeatedly. (As if anyone really cared about the Batista-LaGuerta soap opera relationship in the first place.)

And one thing is becoming more and more clear: families, and serial killers, just don't mix. Astor has now taken the mantle of "most annoying character" from her dead mother. (At least she comes by it honestly.) Nature or nurture, and all that.

And with everything that's going on...Dexter's attention is drawn to some blood in the back of a moving van? Seriously?

And given all the time Dexter spent with the Mitchell's, between the THREE of them, they can't come up with an accurate image of Dexter for the sketch artist?!! C'MON, MAN! That's just REALLY STUPID WRITING!

And one final question that never seems to get asked: Does the notion that Dexter has feelings (assuming they're genuine) make him a better psychopathic serial killer, or a worse psychopathic serial killer? (I'm not sure there's an easy answer to that question. But it lies at the heart of this series. I just wish the series delved more deeply into that question, and others like it, rather than stupid soap opera filler distractions. Maybe something along the line of an extrapolation of "Leon The Professional".)
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