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Although it runs just a fleet 40 minutes, the film proves a rich and memorable journey.
Orlando Sentinel
Best taken as the perfect film to transition your kids from animation to live action fare – short, sweet, and educational.
The visuals are excellent, featuring a refreshingly small dose of forced cuteness, and plenty of the animals' natural movements.
While the visuals aren't nearly as eye-popping as those of the underwater movies, the film is more inspiring thanks to its human heroines.
The women's efforts have already had a fair amount of publicity, so the attraction here is the cinematography, and it makes good use of Imax and 3-D technology, with lovely aerial views and startling close-ups.
Ironically, Born to Be Wild banks solely on its tameness to captivate and inspire, aided by an upbeat, sometimes incongruous soundtrack.
Kids will squeal with delight. Adults will smile indulgently at the mildness of it all.
Boxoffice Magazine
Parents will want to stay for this one.
Narrator Morgan Freeman manages to be both soothing and somber, so it's not until the credits roll that we realize how much more we want to know.
Village Voice
If not for its outsize IMAX presentation, this handsome nonfiction film would be little more than an uplifting episode of PBS's "Nature."

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