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360 has a circular structure that's deftly pleasing, though the human drama is just facile enough to make it seem, in the end, a little too much like connect the dots played with people.
It is disappointing (and a little boring). The chief problem relates to structure. The film unspools more like a puzzle than a cohesive narrative.
The Hollywood Reporter
La Ronde 2011-style is simply a game and its makers expert gamesmen. The film is never less than intriguing. But the artifice shows all too clearly.
If the film had not been afraid to go a little darker (like its sexually frank opening), dig a little deeper, and develop its characters beyond their stereotypes, it would have been a much stronger effort.
Fittingly for its occasional ring imagery, 360 is hollow in the middle.
With a multilingual cast of mostly unfamiliar faces, plus a few stars, 360 feels too abstract, orchestrating break-ups and hook-ups in a passionless vacuum.
Banal, blundering and at times downright ludicrous, 360 is a full-circle misfire that Meirelles' lively images can't salvage.
Time Out
Scene by scene, you want to laugh at all the ham-fisted kismet, even if the committed cast holds your attention. Hopkins is especially good in his chaste May-September interactions with Flor, and he has an AA confessional that is genuinely moving.
Village Voice
There are fleeting moments, but Morgan's narrative promiscuity leaves 360 feeling only spread out and empty.
Slant Magazine
Directed by Fernando Meirelles from a dusty script by Peter Morgan, 360 is all superficial stimulation, hollow and stiff as it beats the dead horse of we're-all-connected narratives.

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