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What does the insect community make of ITV's celebrity freak show? | Stewart Lee

The ants and cockroaches in Stewart Lee's cellar are less than impressed with I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

Periodically, I am changed into a monstrous verminous bug. My wife recognises the signs, locks me in the cellar and slides saucers of milk and slivers of lard under the door to sustain me. We do not know why this transformation occurs. We suspect it may relate to some form of deep-seated shame or self-loathing, perhaps rooted in a childhood experience, or brought on by watching too many ITV celebrity reality shows, which we know are wrong, and yet are drawn to despite knowing better. But the vile metamorphoses are soon over. I become an insect for little more than a month at most each time, so we continue with our lives as normal, my poor wife making increasingly feeble excuses as to why she must attend all the cheese evenings,
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Barry Paine obituary

Writer and narrator who was the voice of BBC natural history programmes

In 1983, Barry Paine, who has died aged 73 after suffering a stroke, became the voice of BBC Television's The Natural World. In doing so, he turned from writing and directing his own wildlife films to writing and narrating for others. He liked, as he put it, "to give a voice to the wild animals and plants that can't speak for themselves but require a medium for that message to be disseminated as widely as possible – to you and to me. That is really what wildlife broadcasting is all about."

This was a time when critics customarily suggested that viewers turn down the sound to watch the stunning sequences without words or music. The challenge for wildlife film-makers was clear: having spent months in the field, they had to return to base, supervise the edit and the post-production processes and,
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