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Season 1

22 Jun. 2010
Nelson the Online Predator
A group of animals meet in the back garden of a London pub. Nelson,a fox,steals a computer and starts an online romance,seemingly with a woman called Wendy but actually a vengeful hen called Ruth,out to get her own back on fox-kind.Afghan hound Destiny bites her owner Gary so that he will take her to Obedience Class,where she has taken a shine to bad-boy dog Rivers,whilst Marion,a cat whose owner has just died,finds a new home when he takes the place of missing lookalike Chopsticks. Sadly for him Chopsticks returns.
29 Jun. 2010
Destiny the Reluctant Sniffer Dog
Marion goes to the disco where he first sniffs catnip and becomes addicted until Nelson cures him by getting him to sniff so much it makes him ill. Nelson looks after his sickly nephew Kieran,the runt of the litter,with whom he identifies as he ,like presenter Paul Ross,was also the runt. Kieran seems to have a bright future solving jigsaw puzzles - until a cupboard falls on him. Destiny finds out that she can identify her future partner by bottom sniffing. She almost ends up with Nelson until she discovers that the smell she likes best is her own bottom. Malicious ...
6 Jul. 2010
Marion the Young Lover
Marion falls for a kitten called Lollipop but she is under-age for sex and he has to wait another day before she is legal.Having used up most of his nine lives can he survive? Destiny meets a guide dog and decides to blind Gary so she can be his guide. Unfortunately she blinds the dog and has to take on his owner who comes to a sticky end when she passes him onto Nelson. Nelson auditions for 'Springwatch' but finds that the animals are all actors and two of them plan to kill him live on camera. Fortunately violent cousin Vince is star-struck and can be persuaded to ...
13 Jul. 2010
Nelson the Stroke Virgin
When Marion saves a child from drowning Destiny takes the credit and becomes a superstar until she fails to save another toddler and is exposed as a fraud,becoming Britain's most Hated Dog. She does redeem herself by rescuing Nelson who,in his desire to be stroked, gets locked in a cage on a petting farm with a coachload of sticky-fingered kids coming to stroke him to death. Kali meets a lesbian crow who wants to introduce her to the local avian gay scene and has to be frightened off by a phallic scarecrow.
20 Jul. 2010
Kali the Genetic Engineer
Sex-mad Destiny is on cloud nine when her new boyfriend Archie cannot get enough with her. However she feels betrayed when she discovers that Gary has paid his owner and this is a stud dog,brought in to get her pregnant. Nelson's French pen-friend Christian arrives but behaves very oddly,showing mood swings and frothing at the mouth. He has rabies. Nelson believes he has caught it but his test samples got mixed up and the real sufferer is Archie,putting paid to Gary's little plan. Having survived a pigeon cull Kali plans revenge by creating a super-beast to take over ...
27 Jul. 2010
Destiny the Infectious Risk
Gary feels mean when Kali gets impaled on one of the anti-vermin spikes he's put on the roof,takes her in and feeds her. She balloons in size. Nelson falls for Sandra,a filthy,bad-mannered vixen he meets at the rubbish dump because she is in heat and he finds her attractive. Against his friends' advice he marries her and soon regrets it. Fortunately for him a newly released Kali falls on top of her,making him a widower. Destiny wins a dog show,thanks to some wise-cracking fleas who have infested her and helped her win the intelligence test but her subsequent behaviour...
3 Aug. 2010
Marion the Superfluous Feed Character
Having accidentally put Vince into a coma Nelson looks after his territory and tries to bring culture to its occupants - in vain. For Destiny, however, fed up with being controlled by all the men in her life,Vince is the perfect placid boyfriend who never answers back - until he comes round. Kali is appalled that the electrocution of her mother is shown on 'You've Been Framed' and hatches a plan to kill Harry Hill.
10 Aug. 2010
Nelson the Naughty Arsonist
Kali has her wings clipped and ends up grounded and,unless she can wing it,Vince will eat her. Destiny gets snapped up by a photographer but learns that she is modelling for dog porn - the dreaded advertising calendar.Marion joins a group of animals intent on stopping the Bonfire Night celebrations by blowing up the pub,with Destiny inside. Nelson and Marion set out to save her but Kali's new rocket-powered jet propulsion ends the evening with a bang and lands them all in hospital. Or was it just a dream?

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