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Season 2

7 Nov. 2011
Marion and the Force-Field
With Gary too depressed to walk her after she has scared off his girlfriend Destiny finds herself in a celebrity dog walking group where she learns just how to make footballer John Terry's pet love her. Nelson is visited by his old school-friend,terminally ill beagle Rory and fulfils Rory's request for a mercy killing. This makes him a hero in the eyes of a secret society of foxes out to kill the dogs responsible for the Great Sussex Hunt Massacre but he is too soft-hearted to do them in and hides them in the pub garden. Fortunately for him they do the job for him ...
7 Nov. 2011
Kali and the Rickshaw Inferno
Destiny is on heat,attracting a whole pack of slavering dogs who leave Tony for dead and pursue her back to the pub, where she and the other animals are besieged. To pass the time they make use of the karaoke machine,Nelson hoping - in vain - that he can use it to woo Destiny. Marion is shocked by Vince's foul mouth and sets out to kill him but is prevented when Vince explains that he has Tourette's and can moderate his language when singing show tunes - which comes in handy for calling the dogs off. Kali feels responsible for a man's death and is mistaken for his ...
14 Nov. 2011
Destiny and the V.E.T.S
Kali's perch is usurped by immigrant pigeon Ochi fleeing Mugabe,who catches up with him to return Kali's rightful place. Destiny decides to camp out in the garden to prevent Gary taking her to the vet,thus allowing Marion to vie with her as a house pet,though inevitably her dirty tricks campaign prevails. Nelson,meanwhile,falls for older fox Eileen who turns out to be Vince's mother. Though Vince gives his blessing Nelson's shock proposal causes Eileen 's demise and Nelson finds himself in a race against time to prevent Zoe Ball from wearing his late beloved as a ...
21 Nov. 2011
Nelson and the C***'s Speech
Vince is marrying his beloved Penny and all the mongrels have been asked to the reception,where Kali hesitates before eating the main course - her cousin - and Destiny has to pay a homeless dog to pose as her beau. Nelson is charged - on pain of death - to make a best man speech which puts Vince in a good light but nobody can recall an anecdote about him with one redeeming feature,so Nelson tells it like it is,evoking a surprisingly self-critical reaction from the groom.
5 Dec. 2011
Marion and the Myocardial Infarction
Nelson meets Robert,a chimp who once earned a living as a Bubbles impersonator but,after Michael Jackson's demise and the popularity of bland music is unemployed. Nelson gets him an audition with Scott Mills but has reckoned without Robert's unfortunate habit of playing with himself when stressed. Destiny befriends a camp,wise-cracking chihuahua whom she persuades to become gay whilst Marion gets himself lots of owners but has a narrow escape from one who is a taxidermist and Kali joins a group of other pigeons,all of whom want sex with her before she can quit the ...
12 Dec. 2011
Kali and the Psychological Warfare
Whilst Kali indulges in her new hobby of outstaring celebrities Destiny marries a very old dog with dementia so that she can have his Oinky Pig toy when he dies only to find the will contested by his daughter. Marion discovers his long lost son Leslie whom Nelson hopes to use in an effort to bring lovelorn ginger Neil closer together with the object of his affection Denise. However there is a problem - Denise is spoken for and Neil is deranged so that the eternal triangle ends very messily and Leslie returns to his mother,who is most displeased with Marion.
28 Nov. 2011
Nelson and the AMAZING Nuts
Pursuing the rat who stole his Bombay Mix Maion gets stuck in a tyre and becomes a reluctant YouTube sensation though his attempts to remedy this with his skill as a classical pianist fall flat. Destiny is alarmed when a tortoise shows her the graves of Gary's previous dogs but Nelson fears he will be homeless when Gary plans to concrete over his lair for a smoking area. Learning that if he has an endangered species as a house-mate the plan can be thwarted leads him to try and interest red squirrel Mary in co-habitation but she is a non-starter and ultimately Gary's ...
19 Dec. 2011
Vince and the Helpful Horse
On New Year's Day,after dreaming of playing badminton with Lembit Opik, Nelson tries to recall the events of the night before. He slowly recalls how Destiny brought home Nita,her identical twin,who fell for the fox whilst Marion married a Siamese lady-boy and Kali threatened suicide. Vince stole a kebab and killed the pursuing police horse,whom Nelson had to cut up and serve as meat. Sniffer dog McSorley threatened to arrest Nelson but Nita came to the rescue. After such a hectic evening Nelson decides that next year he will stay in.
19 Dec. 2011
Miquita and the Obligatory Clips Show
Presenter Miquita Oliver goes behind the scenes at the Mongrels set,interviewing each of the leading actors in turn as well as featuring the lavish song numbers from the series. We also learn interesting facts,such as the unsuccessful marketing of an all-swearing cuddly Vince toy and the number of languages into which the show has been translated,including ancient Latin. Plus the inevitable deleted footage and extracts from the American remake.

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