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We open in a warehouse with water pouring from the ceiling. Annie (Piper Perabo) is on the ground next to a woman's body. She's holding a gun. She's trying to figure out what's going on when police approach her and take her into custody.

Back at Langley, Joan (Kari Matchett) is mad at Arthur (Peter Gallagher) for putting Annie in harm's way to draw out Ben Mercer (Eion Bailey). She just wants Annie out of federal custody.

Cut to Annie shackled to a desk. The same FBI guy she met while playing hooker comes in to interview her. He recognizes her.

She says she works for the Smithsonian.

Outside the room, the agent is upset to learn Annie's lawyer is there despite the fact Annie hasn't been allowed to make a phone call. We see the lawyer. It's Joan. The fed isn't buying it and tells her he wants intra-agency support.

Joan talks to Annie, asking her why she's there. She wants details. Annie's in shock. Joan tells her to start at the beginning.

Two Days Earlier Annie attends an auction at Bramble's as part of her Smithsonian cover. An attractive private art buyer flirts with her. The bidding starts, he's up to $3 million and Annie thinks something is amiss. A man blurts out $10 million and gets the piece.

Annie looks at her notes again, trying to figure out why it went for way more than it was worth.

Back at Langley, Annie asks Auggie (Christopher Gorham) if she should report it given someone circled the item in her notes. He tells her to.

Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy) checks with Annie they're on for her family bbq.

Later, at the bbq, Danielle (Anne Dudek) peppers Jai with questions. He says he's just a suit.

Inside, Danielle declares Jai "the George Clooney of where ever's he's from." and comments on his cheekbones.

Later, Jai walks Annie to the door. He says he understands some relationships take time to get over and he'll be around.

Back in her place, Annie's aglow as she takes her shoes off. She turns around and there's Ben.

He tells her that he was in love with her, and leaving her is the hardest thing he ever had to do. However, she would have been in danger if he'd stayed. He tells her he was with the Agency. She realizes it was Ben who saved her on the train tracks. He's on his own now.

She ask why he's there. He tells her to look into the painting. He says the guy who bought the painting is named Hillburn, the number two for an arms dealer, they use the auction to move money.

"So just to be clear, you're not asking for forgiveness, you're asking for a favor?" Annie asks. She asks him what he wants her to do. He tells her to ask Bramble's director Sophie Jaclin (Sienna Guillory) about specific lots from February and bring her into Langley. He tells her to use his name and mention Mona Lisa if she doesn't believe her.

He says the agency is using her to get to him. He tells her not to trust Joan and Arthur. "Maybe I don't deserve this, but I'm asking you to trust me," he says.

The next day, Annie looks up Ben on the computer. She gets an access denied message. Auggie hears. She tries Sophie Jacklin and gets the same message.

Back in custody, Annie tells Joan that Sophie told her about the auction.

Cut to Annie going to see Sophie, and asking about the lots Ben told her about.

Sophie makes a call as she shows Annie into her office. Annie mentions the arms dealer, Mourrat. Sophie asks what agency Annie is with. Then she pulls a gun on her.

Annie tells Sophie she's there to help. She mentions Ben and calls her Mona Lisa. Sophie believes her. Ben was her contact at the agency, but she thought he was dead.

Annie asks Sophie to come with her. Sophie says they have to hurry because Hillburn is on the way - that's who she was on the phone with.

They're going out a back door when Hillburn's two men stop her. A security guard surprises them and after one of Hillburn's men shoot him, Annie and Sophie run into the warehouse.

The men follow.

Sophie offers Annie her gun, but Annie tells her to take it and head for the dock. Annie grabs a vase from the shelf and throws it for a distraction. She makes her way until she's on the other side of a shelf of art from one of the goons. She pushes it on him and the shelf hits an electrical box, which starts a fire.

She goes down an aisle but runs smack into another goon. A shot rings out and he falls. Sophie announces her gun apparently works. Another man comes up behind Annie and grabs her. She fights him off for a while and he socks her in the jaw. She's knocked down and groggy. She reaches for the gun on the floor near her. The other goon approaches Sophie and they shoot each other.

The sprinklers kick in. We're back at the beginning with Annie getting up with a gun in her hand and Sophie lying on the ground.

In interrogation, Joan clarifies Annie says Sophie tipped her to the overbid and then denied anything was wrong. Annie says she was worried she was being watched.

The FBI agent comes in and shows Joan a file. It confirms two men in the shoot out were Turkish, which is why she's in federal custody.

At Langley, Auggie tells Jai only that he's found Annie deleted her browsing history.

In interrogation, Annie pauses before she answers Joan's question. Joan thinks Annie's stalling. Annie says the overbid was for a Russian missile guidance system - what Ben told her. So what were the Turks doing there?

Joan asks if Sophie told her who her first handler was. Annie says no.

Jai waits outside Annie's place for Danielle to leave then he breaks in. He goes through Annie's stuff and reports little findings to Auggie. Auggie says Annie was looking into pretty classified stuff. He asks Jai if he's ever heard of anyone named Ben Mercer. Jai says no as he finds a photo of Ben with Annie in her album.

Jai makes a call.

Joan answers but says nothing. She asks Annie what she was searching for in confidential databases. Annie says art. Joan tells her she doesn't believe her and says she'll leave her to federal prosecution if she doesn't tell the truth. She asks about Ben Mercer.

Jai watches security footage from the auction house, including Sophie pulling a gun on Annie in her office.

Annie asks if Ben was why she was recruited. Joan asks if she's seen him. Annie says yes.

Joan steps out to meet with Jai. He tells her Annie went to Sophie. They know she looked into Ben.

Joan goes back in to talk to Annie, announcing no more games. She says Ben is a liar. She wants the name of the buyer or she'll leave her there to be prosecuted.

Cut to Annie coming back to work with Joan.

Joan tells Annie that Ben went rogue. Annie wants more information and Joan shouts her down, saying she could be fired or tried for treason for what she did. Annie asks again if they're using her to get to Ben.

Annie goes to see Auggie. He says even if he knew about Ben, he couldn't tell her. Annie tells Auggie she has to work with the FBI on the shooting. Auggie says that's a huge break and that Joan must like her.

Annie feels guilty about Sophie.

Outside the auction house, Annie pulls up with Agent Rosabi (Noam Jenkins). They check out the crime scene. He tells her not to get lost in the guilt. Rosabi knocks over a statue and they agree the bad guys left it teetering.

They check out the painting and find its box is empty.

The security guard sees someone carrying it out on the footage and goes to investigate. Annie and Rosabi follow the trail and find the security guard, shot dead. They realize they just missed the painting.

Back at Langley, Joan sends Annie home.

Back home, Annie lights a candle. She remembers Ben left it there. It has a marina and boat name inside, Casablanca II.

Annie goes to the boat. She finds the hot guy from the auction and the old guy who overbid. The hot guy is Hillburn. She sees the missile plans.

Hillburn tells his guys to kill her. They march her down the dock, she head butts one and uses a spare oar to take out the other. She makes a run for it onto another boat. She leaps from boat to boat as they follow. She leaps onto one boat and misses, ending up holding onto the prow. The goon jumps behind her and lands in the water, but grabs her leg. Hanging on, she grabs the anchor and drops it on the guy's head. She's swimming back to the dock when the other guy has a gun on her.

But Jai and other agents come up behind her. Joan had them follow her.

Joan reports to Arthur. She thinks Ben wanted to make sure Sophie was brought in before he took down Hillburn. "Sometimes men can be misguided when they think they're helping women," she tells him.

She says they're not using Annie as bait anymore. He says it's not her call and Annie is in it whether she wants to be or not. Joan isn't pleased.
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