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All things considering, this movie really isn't anything too bad.
Boba_Fett113825 July 2012
Seriously, this movie could had been a lot worse. At least its not being one of those cheap looking B-action movie flicks. It actually is a technically pretty well made movie, with of course also one truly great cast in it.

Believe it or not but this movie actually stars Sean Bean, James Cromwell, Ving Rhames, Christian Slater and Dominic Monaghan all in one special soldiers of fortune team. A cast list every movie would and also should be jealous of. No idea why they did this movie but I guess they need a paycheck like this, every once and a while. it was also great to see Colm Meaney as in the villain in this movie. It's funny but I was wondering not too long ago what Colm Meaney was up to now days, since I hadn't seen him in anything for years now. And then boom! His face popped up in this movie, still looking the same as 20 years ago.

Storywise, the movie was really dropping the ball toward its end, which was a shame since I really was with the movie at first. It has a ridicules concept but at least it got presented convincingly enough, also thanks to its fine actors of course. After a while you'll start to realize the movie isn't going anywhere anymore with its story. It's as if half way through they threw away the script and decided to put in some simple action sequences instead. I truly think that this movie and its story had far more potential in it, so that's truly a big waste.

It's not a particularly spectacular or involving genre movie to watch but it at least isn't boring or offensively bad, in any way or form. It's definitely being a better movie than just the average B-genre movie attempt and I hope that director Maxim Korostyshevsky continues making movies and who knows, maybe one day he'll have his big breakthrough, which seriously isn't anything unlikely, since you can definitely tell the right skills and talent are there. All he needs now is a more decent script and a bigger budget to work with.

Not a great genre movie but a good guilty pleasure.

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Worse than Laughable
phantomias3322 June 2012
This movie was horrible. Sean Bean is a good actor and there was some others in the movie that made my wife and I decide to give it a shot. It was REALLY bad. If the overall quality of the opening sequence wasn't enough to set the tone, the subsequent scene of Christian Slater playing cards should do the trick.

My only question is: surely actors have to know during the filming that this is a really, really poor movie, right? How could you not.

I'd be more comprehensive but this movie doesn't deserve any more of my time to be spent on it. Stay away. It's not even so bad that it's's worse than that.
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What the hell
joerg-nezmeskal25 July 2012
Seriously, to all those haters: what were you expecting from a recent dtv release starring ving rhames and Christian slater? If you were expecting anything else than an action packed B movie, than you, sir or madame, are a moron. But if you came in for a fun ride with a bunch of washed up actors doing their best to bring cardboard characters to live, a ridiculous plot, hammy jokes and some big bang for your buck, than you 're surely going to enjoy this one. The movie is fast paced, funny and incredibly well shot (it's always nice to see an action movie that's not shot in an Bulgarian backyard or an empty warehouse), there's plenty of action (some big explosions, shootouts with nasty guns, knife fights and even a jet ski chase) and those actionsetpieces are nicely shot, edited and lit that you can easily follow them and won't feel dizzy. It also helps that the cast is doing great and seems to be into the joke. The movie is a throwback to early 90's action flicks like Lundgren's "Men of War" or "Double Force" and it will surely satisfy the action fans till the big brother enter the theaters with "Expendables 2".
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fordonfood17 July 2012
What a waste of time. How could Christian Slater have signed to this project? When did he become a tacky B Grade actor? And, I'm shocked that some of the other cast, who are usually high quality actors, also signed on to this movie.

The costumes and weapons are cheap and artificial looking. The sets and landscapes don't seem to fit the plot. The plot doesn't fit the plot. The special effects, and explosions are cheap, nasty and very badly executed. The acting is shallow, the score is bad, the script and dialog totally disengaging.

I painfully watched 2/3 of the movie and gave up. I joined IMDb specifically to write a review of this appalling movie.

I will hesitate to watch another Christian Slater movie in the future.I feel sick, disappointed and ripped off. Do not waste your time.
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An instant guilty pleasure.
Cree Johnson16 July 2012
This is by the definition a bad, bad movie. Almost nothing works, the villains are cardboard cutouts, the story is virtually non-existent and the special effects often fail. However i still enjoyed the hell out of this movie. The rag-tag team of money-loaded idiots was surprisingly likable, and i genuinely did not want any of them to get hurt.

Christian Slater is at his best, compared to some of his other roles his performance here is practically Oscar worthy. Sean Bean can give weight to anything he's given, and it shows. While his character was so obviously badly written, his performance camouflaged that as a mystery element which made him honestly the most interesting one of the bunch. Rest of the main cast deserves my props as well for being likable and making their underdeveloped characters as interesting as possible. Most of the jokes are hit and miss, but some were pure gold, that made me and my mates laugh out loud for the first time in a long while.

All in all from technical point of view this movie deserves a 2/10, but from the entertainment point of view it's a solid 9/10. And to me all movies are made for entertainment. If you have a few mates with you - grab some beer and watch this movie. Excellent way to spend an evening!

P.S. If you like old, goofy Schwarzenegger movies - this one is for you. It's absurdity is only matched by how friggin' enjoyable it is!
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A bad made for TV movie that is made more legit by the casting. Surprisingly entertaining with great cast. I say B+
Tony Heck28 July 2012
"You and Ernesto are pimping out your revolution as some kind of tourist attraction for a bunch of millionaires and you expect me to be your guide." Iraq war vet Craig McCenzie (Slater) is living out his post war days in Montana playing poker and running a business out of his camper. He is recruited to become a "tour guide" to a group of millionaires who want to experience real warfare. What starts out as a "camp" soon takes a dangerous turn and a real battle takes place. I have to start by saying that even though the cast is very good and full of well known actors this is still a B movie. That said I actually enjoyed this. Normally not my kind of movie this one was entertaining enough to keep me watching and enjoying it. I didn't watch the trailer before viewing and when it got to the part where it revealed the plot point of being a reality-show type island I almost turned it off. The actors they picked to be the millionaires kept me watching and even though this is nothing but running around and shooting it is worth a watch. It also may have helped that I had no expectations about it going in. One of the better B movies that have come out it a while and Slater's best movie in a long time. Overall, an OK movie that is helped a lot by the casting. I surprisingly give it a B+.
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what can i say.....
rightwingisevil16 July 2012
this movie is so horrible that not only might have ruined several good actors' hard-earned good images but also might fatally ruined their market values and henceforth cast them into the B-level bad movies' official candidates. first of all, chose Christian slater to be the inevitable leader who would lead a bunch of thrill-seeking rich people to overturn a tyrant of a small island was a horrible casting job. in order to build this guy's credit, the first ten minutes were spent on his mission in the taliban country, saving his sidekick and blew up a taliban's hideout. but the whole episode was just such a joke, so false and so ridiculous that after this stupid part, the whole movie was doomed to be a ridiculous farce. i wouldn't waste more words to review this moronic film, because it won't worth a penny.
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Amazingly strange and heroes with a big laugh.
bie-616 July 2012
With a somewhat good cast, actors with lot of experience - it is very difficult to watch this film as something other than surprisingly horrible.

It is filled with mistakes, uniforms, weapons, really bad effects and also the music seems more bought from a cheap sound library than made specifically for this movie...

SPOILER: Well no need to spoil anything, cause everything is way to obvious and nothing new here...

I feel kind a cheated for the actors input and also for not having more humor since all characters really plays it up...

The 3 stars given is because of the actors is in the movie, and sometimes some beautiful scenery and that I watched it (although I checked my mobile several times and went for more pops) I LOVE movies, but this one and stupid unnecessary violent horror movies is really waste of "going to the movies" and can only range as an amazingly strange B movie.

Heroes with a big laugh.
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Not as bad as expected...
Husofant2317 July 2012
I seriously don't understand why some people actually think while watching this movie. Do they expect to see awesome acting, with awesome effects and a mind breaking story? It's a solid action flick with many actors from other B-movies or television series. The effects are OK, the action is solid, actors do their job. I see it as a homage on other action movies some scenes kinda reminded me of "The Expendables". I have no clue with what kind of expectations some people watched this... If you can enjoy movies like "The Tournament", you wont regret watching this movie. Just don't expect to see a 50 Mil. dollar budget movie. If you don't enjoy B-movies don't watch them...
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Not too shabby, but nothing great
DYouKnowWhatIMean16 July 2012
This film has a wonderful cast. The acting is fine even where the actual written dialogue fails to deliver. The plot is simple enough to follow and there are some spurts of humor coming from the "Soldiers of Fortune". I wouldn't say the concept is original, in fact the movie itself is highly clichéd in all fields. Even with all the negative aspects, it still has a bit of a shine that will keep you watching till the end. This film should not be taken seriously. I came in with low expectations and was surprised that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. With Christian Slater as the lead, one can expect the movie to be b quality, but this certainly is not his worst performance. I suggest this movie to anyone looking to pass the time and be entertained
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