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  • FBI Agent Kat Russo arrives at Nick's precinct in search of a criminal who may have taken refuge in The Gates. But the deeper Russo digs, the closer she comes to uncovering the community's dark secrets, and Nick finds he must balance the demands of the Bureau with preserving harmony within The Gates. Elsewhere, Andie's "hunger" leaves her weaker by the day, and Brett is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her sated. On the rebound from his recent breakup, Charlie finds himself with an unexpected new crush. Behind her mother's back, Mia seeks Devon's tutelage in the ways of the Craft. Finally, still reeling from Christian's betrayal, Dylan and Claire struggle to repair their bond


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  • "The Gates" - "Identity Crisis" - August 22, 2010

    It's a peaceful day at the Gates.

    Nick pulls up to the bank and gives a knock. It's after hours. He needs access to video surveillance footage. Nick watches as he turns off the system and grabs some bank keys. He goes to a security deposit box and before he can open it an FBI agent stops and arrests him.

    We then flash back to "One Day Earlier." Nick is quizzing Dana about a field trip to a museum she's taking. She doesn't know the names any of the parents chaperoning. Sarah says she's already signed the consent for so all is okay. She asks him to talk to Charlie about his girl trouble. He tries to talk to him but Charlie says he's moved on from Andie and doesn't want to talk about. Sarah says Andie is the one who's missing out.

    Nick gets a call from Marcus. An FBI agent has come to the Gates and wants to talk to Nick. She's special agent Kat Russo, she thinks a target of a federal investigation is living in the Gates and wants his cooperation.

    Dylan, Clair, and Emily have a tense, non-speaking meal. Emily is practicing for a spelling bee. She wants to stump her mother. Emily wants to make sure Dylan is coming to the spelling bee. He is and kisses her goodbye. She wonders why he doesn't kiss Clair say he loves her. He says Clair knows exactly what he thinks of her.

    Kat is looking for a man accused of fraud. He's Gates resident Robert Jessup. He's a pharma salesman with no record. He's off property. Kat wants to get in his house. Nick wants her to go through the proper channels. She says she intends to get a search warrant. Nick tells Marcus and Leigh to cooperate with Kat and dig up info on Jessup.

    A client tells Devon that she's doing well with her cancer treatment and whatever Devon is giving her. She's still teaching Mia to work on various remedies. Devon explains she's using certain "forbidden" substances to help the sick and when Mia is older she will teach her also.

    At school Andie sits listless and weak on the floor. Brett tells her to take what she needs from him since she won't hurt him. As Andie leaves, Lexie tells Brett Andie doesn't belong with the pack. She asks Lucas when she's going to take the pack back from Brett and he's ruining things by allowing Andie to be part of it. Lucas says if she has a problem with her love life she needs to fix it herself.

    Kat and Nick go to Jessup's house with the warrant. She's been tracking him for over two years. They bust in since he's out of town and take a look around. She goes up, while Nick stays down. Nick stumbles on a mannequin in a room dedicated to martial arts. Upstairs Kat has found a full operation for making fake passports, driver's licenses, and other stuff. She says if they find his client list a lot of people are going to be in trouble. Nick leafs through a folder and finds pictures of Christian and Clair. Kat thinks her case just got bigger.

    Back at the station they look over the compiled evidence. He thought it was a financial fraud case. She wonders if there's a problem. He says no. She asks Leigh if she can break the encryption on Jessup's computer.

    Nick calls to warn Dylan. Jessup was one of their own, helping vamps with new identities. Dylan wants to talk in person. Nick doesn't know if that's possible. Kat walks in and tells Nick he seems distracted. Nick says "wife and kids." Kat says she wouldn't know because she never got the opportunity for a family.

    Andie and Charlie eye each other in the school hallway. Lexie approaches Charlie before he can get to Andie. She sort of hits on him. He sort of responds to it.

    Kat rides Leigh about breaking the encryption. Nick tries to defuse the tension. Marcus has found out that Jessup has a safety deposit box. Kat works on getting a warrant for that.

    It turns out Leigh was bluffing. She broke the password already and opens up Jessup's email and deletes all of his emails, several of which were from her.

    Mia and Devon work on a spell. It's a simple one but it works. When Devon goes to get something Mia sneaks some secret ingredients from a cupboard. Devon comes back and says she saw her. Saw her surprise at doing the spell that is. Devon says once she master this, the sky's the limit.

    Nick goes to see Dylan and another vamp named Ben. They say Jessup can be unpredictable when threatened. Nick asks what's in Jessup's safe deposit box. Dylan says it's a thumb drive with the identity of thousands of vampires, some of whom live in the Gates and others who live in anonymity around the world. They say Nick has to keep Kat from finding the names. The other vamp says if it was up to him they'd kill Kat but Dylan has convinced him to let Nick handle it. They give him a fake flash drive to switch it with the one at the safe deposit box. Nick is mad that Dylan has put him in this position, in order to save Kat's life he has to jeopardize his own.

    At school Lexie bumps into Charlie again. They flirt some more. Andie notices this. And then Brett hounds her again about taking what she needs from him. He pulls her into a classroom and kisses her. The succubus mojo beings to work and suck the life from him. He collapses and gasps for air but then he heals almost instantly and points out that he was right, it worked.

    Clair approaches Dylan at home. He is silent. She wonders if he wants to know where she's been. He wonders if it matters since she could be lying to him. She says she went to the bakery and has the receipt. He says she can leave it on the counter. She says she knows he's hurt but so is she and she's his wife and she needs his help. She begs him to look at her. He says Christian broke their bond so he can't tell her everything will be okay when he doesn't believe it himself.

    Sarah calls them and tells Clair Dylan forgot to pick up the girls after school so she did it. Emily won first place in the spelling bee. They both forgot.

    We are then back to the moment in the bank with Nick and the safe deposit box and Kat pulling a gun on him and arresting him. But now we see he was able to switch the drives before he got caught. She has him step aside and grabs the flash drive he put there.

    Back at the station she interrogates him. She asks who he's working for, and wonders if it's Jessup. He claims ignorance. She wonders if someone in the Gates is blackmailing him. He says he has nothing to say and if she wants to arrest him she should. She says she has what she wants so she's going to let it slide but her advice is that whatever he's caught up in to take his family and get out.

    Nick goes to Marcus and asks him to get info on Jessup. He catches up with Leigh who is following Russo. He tells her to let Kat go. Leigh says she can't since her name is on the flash drive.

    Charlie and Lexie flirt some more. He says that he likes the fact that she seems low drama. She hops on her bike and says she wants to show him something.

    Nick tells Leigh he switched the drives and wants to know why her name is on the drive. She says she knows what he knows about the Gates but she's not a vampire. She says she's on the flash drive simply because after a bad break up she needed a place to start over.

    Marcus discovers that Kat Russo and Jessup were engaged. Kat played them. Nick sends Marcus to watch over Kat and Leigh to call the FBI and get everything she can.

    Mia is impressed that kissing Brett made Andie's succubus vein look so much fainter. Andie is sad because kissing Brett only works because it doesn't hurt him, but it hurts her because she can't pretend she feels something she doesn't. Mia says maybe there's another option. Andie says Mia's mom's medicine made her sick so she stopped taking it weeks ago. Mia says she brought her something and produces the stolen serum of devil's weed. Mia says she's seen it work miracles with cancer patients. Andie wonders if Mia really thinks it will work. Mia says she does and puts a drop on Andie's tongue.

    Kat drives by Jessup's house and sees his car. She busts in and he's arguing with Dylan on the phone. When they see each other they both fang out. He tries to reason with her. She's mad that he turned her into a vampire. She says she's going to kill him for what he did to her and then she's going to kill everyone listed on the flash drive. She reads something in him and asks what's wrong with the drive. He says it's not his. They have an elaborate fight with swords and then she stakes him on one of his workout tools on the walls.

    Charlie and Lexie stroll through the cemetery. She's come to put a flower on her twin sister Charlotte's grave. She died the day they were born. Lexie comes here often to keep her company. Charlie puts a flower on the headstone and says it was nice to meet her.

    Andie looks in the mirror and her succubus vein is gone. She first calls Charlie. She then calls Sarah and asks for Charlie. She doesn't leave a message and runs out of the house. Lexie walks Charlie home and says they should hang out again. She kisses him just as Andie walks up. She sees it and backs away. Lexie rides away.

    At the station Leigh and Nick are trying to track down Kat. Turns out the FBI says Kat's been dead for two years. Just then she walks in, fangs out. Nick draws his weapon on her. As does Leigh. Kat's come for the real flash drive. Kat says no one should suffer at the hands of their kind as she has. They wonder what that makes her. She says she didn't know he was a vamp. She was shot in the line of duty and Jessup took it upon himself to turn her. She says she didn't want it and now Jessup is dead and the sooner the rest of the list is dead the better the world will be. Leigh says she can't judge all vamps by Jessup. Nick agrees they aren't all monsters. Kat can't believe Nick actually chooses to help them. Nick gives her the flash drive but says he can't protect her. She says she doesn't need his help.

    As she's driving away she stops at a red light. A car of fellow vamps, including Ben pulls up beside her, stakes at the ready.

    Dylan and Clair are bummed about missing Emily's bee and she won't eat or talk to them. Clair wonders if this is how it's going to be from now on. He says he doesn't know. He says he's sorry for what happened to her but she still betrayed him and the repercussions of her tryst with Christian broke the very essence of what binds them together. She says they can fix that. He says they can but wonders if that will really solve their problems. He says he loves her but it's probably best that they have some time apart. She wonders how they'll tell Emily.

    They go up to speak to her and she's not there, the ring that Christian tried to give Clair is lying in her bed in Emily's place.

    We cut to a cheerful Emily in Christian's car asking where they're going. He, with a big burn mark on his forehead, tells her not to worry about it.

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