The Intouchables (2011) Poster


Philippe: My true disability is not having to be in a wheel chair. It's having to be without her.

Philippe: Tell me Driss, why do you think people are interested in art?

Driss: I don't know, it's a business?

Philippe: No. That's because it's the only thing one leaves behind

Driss: 100 euros says I can lose them.

Philippe: You're on.

Philippe: [Driss shaves Fran├žois beard turning into a weird mustache] Oh, it's awful.

[moments later, it's turned into a old-fashioned mustache]

Philippe: I look like my grandpa.

Driss: Okay. Let me shave the rest off.

Philippe: [Fran├žois now has a Hitler mustache] No, come on.

Driss: That's not funny, no?

Philippe: Don't you mean "nein"?

[does a German gibberish, they both laugh later on]

Driss: I'm not going in there, even you! I'm not gonna lead you in the back like a horse.

Driss: [after listening to classical music] We listened to your classics. Now it's time to listen to mine.

[plays Earth Wind & Fire]

Philippe: Hope well and have well.

[repeated line]

Driss: She got the hots for me.

[repeated line]

Elisa: Leave me alone.

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