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Heaven help us if this MESS is the best 2 major movie stars can achieve
FountainPen16 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS AHEAD, BEWARNED!! Home intrusion, (stolen) diamond dealer, multimillionaire couple with asinine rebellious daughter, inept robbers... yeah, you've seen & heard it all before, many times. On THIS occasion, Cage and Kidman try their hands and prove as inept as the criminals. WHAT a MESS! Is it remotely plausible that an ultra-rich man in a stupendously lavish and gaudy huge mansion with manicured grounds would open his door to UNidentified men posing as the police on some pretext??? (How about showing some iD, a badge; how about phoning police HQ to check their bona fides before you let them into your ten millio dollar home??? Honestly! Bloody ridiculous! From this point on, the noise level increases, the "plot" goes to hell, all the characters show their most crude and moronic sides, and the director probably left the scene to grab a few beers, telling the actors to make it up as they went along, cranking up the violence several notches. At least there's plenty of light in this movie, no skimping on the wattage here, so we can see all the ''action'' clearly. Yeah, what a MESS. No wonder Nicole Kidman spends much of her time staring bewildered into space, open-mouthed. Give this garbage a miss. Sleep, read a book, write a few emails, make a sandwich, wash the car, paint a picture, do ANYthing but spare yourself the waste of time that constitutes this deplorable motion picture. Yecchhhh !!
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Just an awful movie all round
areatw31 July 2017
If you thought having high-profile stars like Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman feature in a film could save it, then think again. 'Trespass' is proof that names mean nothing and why you should never judge a film by whose in it. This is just an awful movie all round. Home invasion films have never been my thing but this one stood out as being particularly bad.

The script is just dire. It's only so long before the constant screaming and shouting becomes tedious and annoying. Too many of the scenes felt unrealistic and repetitive, and the middle part of the film goes absolutely nowhere. The constant crying and screaming really grated on me after a while and I felt a sense of relief when the end credits rolled. 'Trespass' is just dreadful.
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I Hope You Enjoy Yelling
Samuel-Shovel30 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Woof! This movie's all over the place. Much like all over Joel Schumacher movies, I came away unimpressed and confused. At a certain point, the law of diminishing returns kicks in in regards to plot twists; the more twists you add, the less weight and impact these twists cause. By the end of the movie I was just shrugging off all the twists and red herrings because they were no longer doing anything for me.

The cinematography on this film is pretty lackluster. The acting here is awful. I appreciate Cage trying to chew up as much of the scenery as possible in this one. I can see why he got nominated for a Razzie. And the amount of yelling, screaming, and crying in this movie is through the roof! Rarely are we talking with our normal voices and tones in this one; it can get exhausting.

This is an extremely forgettable thriller. The only positive is it runs about 90 minutes so you can be in and out of this one pretty quickly. Probably best to just ignore it though.
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So Annoying and So Silly in So Many Ways
Michael_Elliott1 April 2017
Trespass (2011)

** (out of 4)

Kyle Miller (Nicolas Cage) and his wife Sarah (Nicole Kidman) find themselves being held hostage by four masked criminals who are demanding that he open the safe. The criminals believe that there are some priceless diamonds in the safe but Kyle fears that if he hands them over that they'll kill the family. Soon a cat and mouse game is going on.

Joel Schumacher is a director that often leads to a large debate over the quality or lack of quality in regards to his movie. I personally think the man has messed up a lot of potentially good movies and this film owes part of the blame to him. However, the biggest issue with this movie is that it features one of the dumbest and most boring screenplays that you'll ever see. I mean, there are some interesting ideas scattered throughout the film but sadly they're all thrown away because of some really poor characters and some really annoying situations.

I would have to give away several spoilers to really explain why this movie was so stupid but I'm going to avoid doing that. The biggest problem I had with the film is that all of the characters were so poorly written that I just wanted to jump through the screen and kill them all. Every single one of the characters did non-stop stupid things and after a while it just became really annoying. The screenplay tries to throw in one twist after another but none of them are well thought out and they too just become annoying.

The films clocks in less than 90-minutes without the end credits and it's meant to be a tight thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Sadly, that never happens because Schumacher just doesn't bring any tension or suspense to the screen. Yes, the screenplay is partially to blame because do we ever really fear these crooks? I didn't because to me they weren't threatening and I'd argue that they were nothing more than a bunch of idiots.

As far as Cage goes, he gives a pretty over-the-top performance at times with some of the screaming getting a couple laughs. With that said, he is Nicolas Cage and he is still good enough to hold your attention throughout all the camp. The supporting performances were mostly good but one does have to wonder why Kidman would attach herself to a film like this. She usually does much better projects so I'm going to guess it was due to a favor for the director? Either way, TRESPASS is a really silly movie that's mildly entertaining but it's so frustrating to sit through because it should have been better.
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An unexpected gem
Kamil Yellowfield9 November 2016
Don't know why this was put into the rubbish bin by people. Sure, it is no masterpiece, and nothing original, but movies are supposed to entertain and it does exactly that.

I watched this with my missus when our first choice of a film did not work. but glad to see it instead.

Almost all takes place in one location, but delivers. Do not get disheartened by the low ratings and give a chance when in mood. you won't be disappointed.

Normally not keen on mr Cage, but he is rather superb here. Cannot decide whether the lady was really nicole kidman, or someone else, though. She looked very thin. and much older than i remembered.
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Didn't do much for me...
hodwatt-2051824 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The biggest problem with 'Trespass' is that I found the villains to be extremely weak. They try to act tough but you get the sense that they are just a bunch of cowards, because they keep backing away; for example when Nicholas Cage's character refuses to open the safe, the head bad guy runs up and points the gun at Nicole Kidman's head to try and scare him into opening it, but you can tell that he isn't going to shoot her. He has plenty of excuses to kill someone throughout the film but doesn't take advantage of any, because he (Ben Mendelsohn) and the rest of his crew just don't have it in them to cause any serious harm. It really takes any tension out of the film. If you want my advice, skip this one and go and watch the Spanish home invasion thriller, 'Secuestrados' (Kidnapped). It has a very similar premise to Trespass but it is much more tense and frightening, because the villains in that film are extremely ruthless. You get the sense that they have little to no regard for human life and will sop at nothing to get what they want. In this sense, it is much more visceral and stomach churning. I didn't care much for the main characters in this film. Nicholas Cage comes across as an idiot and you actually want to see him die, which is frustrating since he doesn't. I did find the subplot of Nicole Kidman having had an affair with one of the baddies, but that didn't do much to save this highly forgettable film. The daughter (Liana Liberato) is your classic annoying teenaged girl who I also wanted to see die. To be honest I wanted everyone dead early on so this film would be over.

So there you have it, I'm not recommending this film, but go out and see it if you really want to. It's important to make up your own opinion...
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Painful to leave a review
kevandeb15 February 2016
Somewhat hacked off that it has taken me 15 minutes to find out that you cannot review via your iPad, and via browser is not the easiest. In fact leaving a review is as painful as watching this movie, contrived, painful, more trouble than it's worth and not worth the effort. The only reason I am bothering is to save somebody the trouble of losing a chunk of their life watching this drivel. Clichéd, formulaic and boring to the point of inducing a coma. I really like Nicolas Cage, starred in some great movies like snake eyes and con air, but he is really just taking the pay check in the last few years and like some other great names like De Niro & Pacino, it is sad to see. not that Cage is in their league.
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Dull, unoriginal, predictable
grantss30 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Dull, unoriginal, predictable. The best home-invasion / kidnapping movies, eg the original 1997 version of Funny Games, Kidnapped (Secuestrados) (2010), are edgy, unpredictable and don't necessary have happy ending. Trespass has none of those qualities, hardly edgy, quite predictable, and I won't spoil the ending. The genre is such that it is difficult to so something original, and here Joel Schumacher doesn't even try.

Worse than being unoriginal and predictable, there are random sub- plots which do nothing but pad the story. The random detours, initially there for shock value and always seeming contrived, wear thin very quickly.

Performances are OK. Not surprised to see Nicholas Cage in this crappy movie: he likes to mix profound movies with outright trash. You would think Nicole Kidman would be more choosy though. Liana Liberato puts in a solid performance and is a star of the future.
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Very enjoyable home invasion flick
Davis P10 July 2015
First of all I'd like to talk about the casting, Nicole Kidman and Nicholas Cage were perfect in this film, they fit their roles really well. Also Cam Gigangent really did well in his role too. Also the girl that played Nicole Kidman's and Nicholas Cage's daughter was very good, and displayed some real talent. There might have been a few moments or Nicholas Cage might've over acted a bit, but those moments were very brief and rare, so they were overlooked easily. Joel Schumacher is one of my favorite directors, and once again he has impressed me with a great film. This movie has great action sequences, plot twists, and very intense suspenseful moments! Even the dialogue was pretty good, I didn't really enjoy the constant profanity, I thought the film could've toned that factor down, but other than that I enjoyed it. If you enjoy a good suspenseful home invasion flick I think this is the one for you! 8/10
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it was okay, Watched it because of Cam Gigadet.
nizzledee22 June 2015
This movie was okay, i really only watched it because of Cam, whom was the character of Jonah. He was pretty good but there should've been a bit more story line to it. It's almost cliché that he used to work for them and knew they were rich. Defiantly has happened a lot of times i'm guessing. I would've rather him try to be with his Nicole kidman's daughter. I don't know why but it would seem more interesting - besides they seem more realistic not this 28 year old dude trying to get a married woman, seems too easy. I did like the criminals though, it seems a bit more realistic, problems - fights and betrayal, seemed like a normal hit man kind of thing. It's almost weird how Cage's character knew his wife was having an affair, well that's what i got from it. overall i was there for Cam. So i guess it was okay.
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It's just too goddam sad and depressing at times.
ericrnolan10 May 2015
"Trespass" (2011) isn't a bad movie – it's competently made. There's good acting all around, especially from the incomparable Nicole Kidman.

It's just too goddam sad and depressing at times (with little emotional payoff afterward) to be extremely enjoyable. The pacing also seems way off. There are several times you think the movie is over, and then more emotionally draining violence against unarmed victims ensues. That's kinda not a good thing here. The film also suffers a little in comparison with the terrifying recent horror film, "The Strangers" (2008).

I'd give "Trespass" a 6 out of 10.
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A decent home invasion thriller with noticeable flaws
Andrew Gold25 April 2015
Nicolas Cage has been on a bad movie streak for a while now. Every now and then he makes a winner, but most are forgettable B-movies that he agrees to do for a paycheck: You can't blame the man for doing his job. However, not all B-movies are bad - in fact, they're ideal entertainment if you want to sit back, relax, and shut off your brain for a couple hours. Trespass provides that mindless entertainment in spades, with a few head-scratches along the way.

The premise of Trespass is simple: Nic Cage plays a diamond dealer who lives in a beautiful house with his wife and daughter, and some thugs break into the house one day to steal his stash. Nicole Kidman plays his wife who feels distant from her hard-working husband, and the daughter is a typical rebellious teen that sneaks out and goes to a party behind her parents' back. Nothing special.

What makes this movie interesting is the performances. Cage taps into his subtlety - something he rarely does these days - which helps the tension and uneasiness of the atmosphere build until he finally bursts (on more than one occasion). And you never really know what is going through his head. These characters have secrets, all of them, and herein lies most of the film's faults.

The villains in this movie are a mixed bag. Each of the burglars have their own agenda that we find out over the course of the movie through the use of flashbacks and security cam footage. Some of the reveals are a pleasant surprise, others leave you scratching your head. It gets to the point that they're trying to intertwine all these villains' motives together but it ends up feeling forced and underwhelming. However, it is nice that they tried to do something different. Also Ben Mendelsohn's performance as the lead maniac and his eccentric back-and-forth between Cage really adds to the gravity of the situation and makes for a gripping protagonist-antagonist dynamic.

So to wrap up, this is not a thinking man's movie. You can try to put all the pieces together at the end but you'll only end up confused and disappointed - it's not worth the effort. The best thing you can do is grab some popcorn, turn off your brain and watch the events unravel before your eyes. You won't remember this movie as one of Cage's best that's for sure, but it's far from his worst. A good date movie? Sure. It's only 90 minutes, and if you're a fan of Nicolas Cage, you'll surely get at least some enjoyment from Trespass.
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Disappointing but not Terrible
hilbertjl30 March 2015
Taking into consideration the stars of Trespass, I'd really hoped it would be a great film (despite its description on Netflix sounding mediocre). It wasn't. Yet it wasn't a particularly bad flick, either. I'd call it the kind of movie you might watch for a little mindless escapism, and it's fine for that as long as you don't expect to come away pondering deeper meanings or metaphor.

What Schumacher did well was to keep the pacing taut and avoid maudlin bloat. That, however, doesn't make up for lack of real substance. Personally I felt it was a waste of normally great actors and could easily have been handled by lesser talent - there was one perplexing thing about Kidman's performance, however: her accent was all over the place. One can't blame any of the cast for not fleshing out their characters well, as there just wasn't any real opportunity for that sort of thing.

To summarize, yes I found it disappointingly unoriginal, but as a 'what you see is what you get' genre piece it most certainly could have been much worse. Watch if you're bored or happen to love predictable home invasion stories; avoid if you're planning to use your brain to dissect it during and after viewing.
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After bowing out of "Panic Room", Kidman fails to make up for it with "Trespass"...
moonspinner5525 March 2015
Wealthy married couple with a teenage daughter (and a wall safe potentially filled with cash) have their home invaded by thugs posing as cops. Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman take turns being kicked around or begging for mercy, with the plot-twist being that they're cushy union is all a sham (what a revelation to get after an hour of f-bombs!). While the viewer waits for something to happen, jewelry drawers are emptied, guns and knives are brandished, and director Joel Schumacher does everything he can to make these thieves as dangerously charismatic as possible. Schumacher wants to make a point--that there's a fine line between the 'good' guys and the 'bad' guys--but since he obviously relates more with the thugs than the family, his picture just seems lurid and full of bombast. An expensive production is frittered away on a masochistic scenario with enough tired tread on it to halt nearly all interest after the second act, while everyone panics with painted-on hysteria. *1/2 from ****
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bad script in another questionable Schumacher movie
SnoopyStyle15 March 2015
Kyle Miller (Nicolas Cage) is a fast talking diamond dealer. There is friction with his wife Sarah (Nicole Kidman) and their rebellious teenage daughter Avery (Liana Liberato). They live in an upper class high security home. Avery sneaks out to a party with her best influence friend Kendra. Elias (Ben Mendelsohn), his stripper girlfriend Petal (Jordana Spiro), his younger brother Jonah (Cam Gigandet) and Ty (Dash Mihok) are a gang of home invaders masquerading as police.

There are a lot of questionable motives coming from Kyle. I don't understand why he won't open the safe. I don't understand why he tells them about the fake diamond necklace. The most obvious play is to plead poverty and hope the necklace is enough to get rid of the robbers. So they saw him with a bag of cash. Unless they're following him 24/7, he could always say that he already paid somebody else. It's ridiculous to fight them on opening the safe. Looking back on the film, I don't see what his play was at the time. They could have chopped off his fingers one at a time until he opened it. And this also has one of my personal worst pet peeves. Why doesn't criminals ever wear gloves? Director Joel Schumacher tries to amp up on every ugly thriller move. That would only work if the script works and this script doesn't.
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Très passé
Guy9 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
TRESPASS asks an important question about which is more fake: Nic Cage's hair or Nicole Kidman's face? By the end you won't care because this is a film of staggering awfulness. Plot: A rich husband and wife are trapped in their super-expensive house by thieves who want the diamonds hidden in their wall safe. It's a perfectly fine idea but it's sunk by the combination of dire acting, boring direction and contrived plot twists that make no sense; the attempt to visually imply a prior affair between the wife and one of the robbers is especially hilarious; in flashback she looks like his mother, whilst he looks like a shaved ape who hit the gym. None of the characters are remotely attractive or believable. Don't waste your time.
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Sadly only average, despite the A-list cast
bowmanblue4 March 2015
First of all, let me inform you that this film holds the (dubious) honour of being the quickest cinema release to go straight to DVD (just over two weeks). The reason, sadly, was that it hardly set the box office ablaze and the filmmakers were desperate to try and recoup some of the money they obviously had to fork out for Cage and Kidman.

Trespass is part of this new genre of thriller/horrors, known as 'home invasion movies.' Basically, a gang of unlikeables enters a lovable family's home and threatens them/robs them etc. Will Mr and Mrs Average survive and dish out some well-deserved retribution along the way? In the case of Trespass, who cares? It's a pretty basic film - basic plot, basic script, basic characters and even basic acting from two stars who should know better. The characters spout clichés - the robbers shout, the hostages scream and any small plot development or motivation you can see coming a mile off (I won't give anything away, just in case you don't).

It's not the worst film of its genre by far. I didn't feel like I'd totally wasted an hour and a half of my life. It's just it should have been better, bearing in mind who was in it. I don't know what Cage and Kidman were thinking, agreeing to star in this.

Bottom line - it'll never be more than 'just okay' (and there was something severely strange about Nicholas Cage's hair - I couldn't put my finger on it).
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The two Nics - Cage & Kidman - in trouble
a.lampert4 January 2015
Reading all the bad reviews here decided my decision to put my view. I actually found this movie quite exciting to watch. I don't always want to dissect a film as I'm watching it but to just try to enjoy some harmless entertainment which I found here. It rattles along at a fairly brisk pace, which involves an apparently well off family, being invaded by four mentally challenged thugs, three guys and a woman. The two leads, Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman are the married couple who have a daughter living with them, who just happen to have some personal problems to deal with, even before the gang invade their home. The script is totally unbelievable in that Nic Cage constantly tells these thugs, reasons why they are doing everything wrong. I think in reality they would have just either killed the occupants or disabled them in some way after not finding anything quickly to hand and then scarpered. The unbelievable part is that the things that Cage comes up with, keeps making these villains stop and consider whether what he's saying, makes any sense and whether he has a point! All a bit far fetched. Anyway, this drags it out to about 90 minutes which keeps the action going. A sort of poor man's Panic Room but still fun and quite gripping to watch. Maybe I just like these kind of thrillers and I do like the stars which helps.
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What's the point?
Adam Peters2 January 2015
(13%) After about ten minutes the invasion happens, then you start to wonder "what trick, or tricks, has this got under its hat?". Then after forty or so minutes you horribly realise that there aren't any. None at all. If this were the very first home invasion movie ever then everything would be fine and dandy. But after "Funny games" (the original, not the pointless remake), the gripping and very well made "Panic room", or even the family classic "Home alone", this just looks like the product of someone who doesn't give a damn. Not only has the plot been done before and better, but the characters are as off the shelf as any cheap cotton T-shirt. Cage is a workaholic businessman with little time for his family, Kidman is a ignored, bored housewife, the teenage daughter just wants to go to a party with her friends, and the bad guys are just plain bad, and nothing more. It couldn't be any more lazily assembled if it tried. Cage at the very least tries, but even he knows there is very little point to this utterly generic waste of time, effort and talent.
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Most convoluted film ever
Leofwine_draca22 December 2014
Hmm. This one's not great, if I'm honest. It's a typical kidnap/hostage thriller that manages to drag a straightforward premise out to a lengthy running time by making each and every scene as complex and convoluted as possible. The story sees Nic Cage and his family held hostage by a violent criminal gang, but after this point absolutely everything is thrown into the book: the recession, recriminations, adultery, gangsters, lies, romance, you name it.

Each scene seems dragged out to breaking point. There are ridiculous sub-plots (like the kidney stuff) which go nowhere and only seem to have been influenced to pad out the running time. Sure, there's suspense here and some well-handled action, but it's essentially a movie which sees its cast of characters shouting and screaming at each other for an hour and a half, which is wearying in the extreme.

I'm a bit ambivalent over Cage, as some of his films I love (such as KNOWING) and others I hate (THE WICKER MAN remake, obviously). But he's shrill and shouty here, and his character a bit of a jerk. Still, he's better than Nicole Kidman, who still seems to be trying to act like a young sexpot despite her advancing years; I can't help but feel a little sorry for her. The supporting actors are acceptable, but none of them stand out and there are one or two weak links in the chain (Cam Gigandet seems particularly out of his depth). TRESPASS isn't the worst film I've seen, but it is disappointingly formulaic for a Hollywood flick.
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Nicolas Cage what is wrong with you?
Rickting20 December 2014
In this cliché fest from Joel 'Batman And Robin' Schumacher, a rich husband and wife are held hostage by thugs in their home, who want the contents of their safe. A needlessly convoluted and deeply boring situation plays out, filled with backstories, exposition and head banging tedium. If it wasn't for Nicole Kidman's noble efforts and the occasional burst of tension this could easily be a 0. There's nowhere to hide with this film. This is just a terrible, terrible movie in almost every way. Everyone involved should be ashamed, except for Kidman. Nicolas Cage, a year after his return to form in Kick-Ass, goes back into shouty, overacting mode and makes a fool of himself yet again as he goes into a performance so predictably maniacal it's not even fun anymore. Meanwhile, everyone else is terrible in this, and Joel Schumacher's direction is less interesting than a blank sheet of paper.

The truth is, this isn't really entertainment. It's like being locked in a tight space with someone who hasn't washed for a month yelling and screaming in your face for 4 hours. It's a mean spirited and repetitive film which I'd already half forgotten the next day. I was so bored I was half asleep during the second half. With many clichés and no thrills at all, Trespass is lacking in any fun or excitement at all. Thankfully there is justice in the world after all, and this bombed at the box office. Rarely has a film deserved to bomb more than this useless, lame, lifeless garbage. The film does nothing but scream at you for 90 minutes and a result it feels like 190 minutes. A painfully dull film which should only be watched if you're having difficulty sleeping, this is so lacklustre and tedious there really isn't a lot more to say that hasn't already been said. In a year full of awful films, this undoubtedly one of the worst. Still, this is supposed to be a claustrophobic thriller and it's so bad when watching the film it can feel claustrophobic so they manage to let the audience emphasize with the characters. That's...something I guess.

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The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078
Tss507820 September 2014
Has Nicholas Cage ever made a bad movie? Granted that some haven't been as good as Trespass, but when you see Nicholas Cage's name, you know you're always going to be entertained. Teaming up with famed Director Joel Schumacher and the always intense Nicole Kidman, Cage stars in a type of film we've all seen before. Trespass has a common storyline, but it's done in an unexpected way, with an ending that will leave you speechless. Kyle Miller (Nicholas Cage) is a wealthy diamond merchant, who has finally built the mansion he's always wanted. It has also made him a target for a sophisticated team of thieves, who want their share. Surprised at home one night, the Miller family is held hostage. Positive that if he gives them what he wants his family is dead, Kyle refuses their demands, leading to an epic standoff. Nicholas Cage shows a different side in Trespass, as he's not the cunning hero that saves the day, but rather a family man, trying to protect his family. He's paired with Nicole Kidman, who while being a terrific actress, usually makes films I have no interest in seeing. An action thriller is also something out of the norm for her, but she handled it like a pro and her chemistry with Nicholas Cage was outstanding! Finally, the cast is rounded out by OC star and teen heartthrob Cam Gigandet. I've made it clear that I feel a lot of these "heartthrobs" only get jobs because of their looks, and if that's the rule, Gigandet is the exception. Playing both sides in the conflict, the young star does an outstanding job. Gigandet's character is easily the most complex, having to play the good and the bad guy. It's his role and the twist associated with it that makes the whole film rise above similar films like Panic Room. On the surface Trespass is just another copycat, but the story turns out to be far more complex than a home invasion. A unique cast of characters with terrific chemistry, combined with one of my favorite Directors, make for what can only be called a must see movie!
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If you have seen one home invasion film...
Spikeopath13 August 2014
Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman play a couple being held hostage in their own home by masked criminals who want the contents of their safe. As the stand off escalates, secrets come tumbling out; on both sides.

Joel Schumacher directs a super cast that also includes Ben Mendelsohn and Liana Liberato, in this wildly over the top home invasion thriller. At first glance it seems like a standard robbery, but the makers aim for something more complex via character dynamics, which works up until the mid-point, but after that it spirals out of control and the twists and flash backs become boorish. The dialogue is often awfully trite and the finale is too WTF to pay you off your patience. Ouch. 5/10
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surprisingly a good b quality
anchoreddown30 June 2014
Best known for his colorful schemes of imagery, Joel takes a stab at something slightly different. The script is a little predictable at times, however this hostage movie brings to life some new dynamics. Both Cage and Kidman have good presence and the other actors seem to pull their weight enough to make it plausible. A rich family gets their home broken into by a handful of thugs. Turns out, the stakes get higher as the film goes on, as you are guessing if Nicolas Cage is lying about his financial status. The distributors are better known for their sci-fi flicks, making Trespass a diamond in the rough. Worth the watch. Oh, and this one should be limited to the adults due to the amount of cussing.
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A Good Take On A Well Worn Theme
sddavis638 May 2014
To be honest I wasn't expecting very much out of this. Yes, it had a pretty solid cast with Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman as the leads, but the premise seemed overdone and therefore not all that interesting. A home invasion movie? Another one? It seems to me that there's been a lot of home invasion movies done in recent years, and how much more could possibly be done with that basic premise. The bad guys are going to break in to the rich family's home and be vicious - and eventually they're going to lose. That's how it happens. Every time. So, no, I wasn't expecting very much out of this, and for the first while that's exactly what I got. It seemed like the stereotypical home invasion movie. Yawn!

I have to say, though, that the story picks up speed. There's a lot of twists and turns involved, and - more to the point - there are so many lies being told by almost everyone involved in this that there comes a point when you aren't really sure who's telling the truth and who's not, or why what's happening is actually happening. So I give credit to those who put this together for taking a very well worn premise and turning it into something that actually did capture and hold my attention.

Cage and Kidman were both pretty good in their roles - Cage as a diamond dealer, and Kidman as his wife. I didn't find anything spectacular about their performances, but both were solid, and the movie makes all those twists and turns, and eventually the lies are sorted out and the end result is a pretty decent take on that well worn home invasion scenario. (7/10)
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