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Cable Quality Horror but better than watching paint dry...
sawilson0052 February 2012
Well, Where to begin??? First, let me say that this is not a horrible movie, but it's not a great one either. More along the lines of a made for cable horror flick with a little bad language and zombie like action. Starts off slow and stays that way till about 25 minutes till the end. And that's about it! Has a couple of ex-TV stars, Brian Krause-aka Leo on Charmed series and Kadeem Hardison- From A Different world and The Cosby Show. This is one of those "Doctor did something he shouldn't of done and now must face the consequences" movies. Can't really give you much more without giving to much away. But if you've got a little time to kill, eh, give it a watch. There's worse movies out there, but there are better ones too.
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Well done, even for the well worn subject
curt_doolittle11 February 2012
Judge a movie for what it is.

This movie was made for 900k. Casting was respectable. Character development was excellent. Directing and camera work at that budget level was excellent. The director succeeds in making you care about the characters. The protagonist's moral dilemma isn't really clear enough for the pace of plot development, but that's to be forgiven. It's arguable that the pace of shooting was too long for the script - it could have been given M. Night Shyamalan long-shots treatment and worked, but again, not for that budget, and not without a lot of patience with the actors.

I loved that it wasn't over acted. Smart people acted like smart people - which makes for a more tempered pace. Makeup was a little weak, And they could have added five minutes of expanding despair by working in the fate of the other characters, but I'm sure the budget wasn't there.

I enjoyed it. I'll watch it again. The whole family gave it a thumbs up.

I'll bet it gets remade at a higher budget.
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Remarkable for the budget
knightcrawler-15 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I really hate zombie movies but this movie is about the precursors to an outbreak. For the low budget it was made well enough. The writing was pretty good, it could have explained the aids drug the doctor was creating better and what his agreement with the hospital admin and government was, but I could overlook that part. I just took it as a super serum that might cure aids and the hospital and gov had some say into it as they usually do.

The silly part was that he was still making rounds instead being a full time researcher or that nurses and others were telling him to go home and get some sleep. He was treating patients when he probably would have been worrying full time on the new infection and trying to find a solution.

The budget did not allow a walking dead type ending so you need to use your imagination.
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