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3 Jan. 2012
Les Hunts a Thief
Les discovers someone has broken into one of the backrooms and begins a full scale manhunt. Meanwhile, a customer tries to sell a guitar signed by Kid Rock and reveals a tightly guarded secret that has Rich seeing a pile of cash.
10 Jan. 2012
Full Metal Panic
Les and Seth go ballistic when they discover loans are down for the first time in history.
17 Jan. 2012
Dirty Tape
Ashley comes out from behind the security glass to confront a menacing customer head-on. Then, rare Nirvana memorabilia has Seth and Rich seeing dollar signs, but will the nostalgia cause them to spend too much?
24 Jan. 2012
Only in Detroit
Seth sees stars when a former NHL MVP comes into the shop with a buddy.
31 Jan. 2012
A storm threatens to knock out the store's power. With piles of cash at risk, Seth scrambles to create a battle plan only to be shot down by his father's old-school philosophy that insists "everything will be ok."
7 Feb. 2012
Gold Battle Begins
Seth confronts Les about the blackout and opens the door to a screaming match over their conflicting business styles.
14 Feb. 2012
Gold Day in Hell
Les discovers Seth's plan to change the business structure and goes behind his back to confront the employees head-on.
20 Mar. 2012
Face Off
Tensions are at an all time high following Seth's stand-off with Les.
27 Mar. 2012
Last Man Standing
Seth must prove his worth after Les hands him the keys to the kingdom.
3 Apr. 2012
Family Traitor!
Seth makes a major mistake that could lead the store to a financial disaster.
10 Apr. 2012
Millionaire Mayhem
Les and Seth eye a $20,000 sale when a client requests a custom diamond ring be made in 24 hours.
17 Apr. 2012
Urban Hillbilly
The Golds face-off with the dirty South when an urban hillbilly tries to sell them unusual items to fund his farm.
24 Apr. 2012
Competitors are a fact of life in business, but when merchants start poaching customers on Les' property, he plans to catch them in the act.
1 May 2012
Ashley's Breakdown
Seth explodes when Ashley buys a worthless roulette table, but what starts out as a compulsive argument turns into the worst fight in the family's history.
8 May 2012
Ashley's Aftermath
Ashley returns to put Seth in his place. Meanwhile, a customer is robbed and fights to sell her last remaining possession. And later, Les sits his kids down for a royal reaming that may finally get them both on track.
22 May 2012
Devil in Detroit
A rash of break-ins has the Golds on high alert. As they prepare to catch a thief, a customer comes in claiming to be the Devil himself. Can they strike a deal or will they be forced to exorcise him from the premises? And later, security catches a burglar in the parking lot, but as they drag her inside, they're hit with a surprise no one saw coming.
29 May 2012
Cash Money Moron
Les takes a customer's word on an item's value and forks over massive cash. But later, Ashley makes a discovery that leaves Les looking like a fool. Can he turn around this catastrophe or will he be hung out to dry???
5 Jun. 2012
You're Fired. I Quit!
Seth schemes to get some fresh cash into his internet department, but when one of his guys makes a colossal mistake, Les demands blood. Unwilling to hand his father a severed head, Seth takes a stand and squares off against Les.
12 Jun. 2012
Kill Em All
Les discovers broken merchandise and calls his staff to the carpet. The next person to step out of line is getting fired.
19 Jun. 2012
Rich vs. Les
Tensions are at an all time high as Les aims to fire the next bumbling employee. But when Rich makes a fatal error it leads to an unforeseen ending that could change 25 years of history.
10 Jul. 2012
Rich Returns?
Rich returns to confront Les about being fired. In a last-ditch effort, Rich spots what he thinks are stolen goods.
17 Jul. 2012
The Shocker
Seth's new money scheme draws harsh criticism from Ashley. But if it works, it could means millions for the store.
24 Jul. 2012
Million Dollar Story
Les loves a good story, but is he being duped by a group of savvy salesmen? Seth and Ashley try to pin him to the wall on his intent to buy, but Les stands firm.
31 Jul. 2012
Amy Got Back
Seth is blindsided when Les brings back ex-employee Amy who he claims screwed them over. While she's known for flaking out, she racks up sales better than anyone in the store.
7 Aug. 2012
Tripped Out Cash
Les buys rare rock memorabilia that may be worth a pile of cash. Then, when a man gets caught trying to secretly sell his girlfriend's ring, she dishes out a punishment that's never been seen in the store before.
14 Aug. 2012
Motor Mouth
Les is tempted to break store policy when a fast-talking customer pins him to the wall. But when Seth steps in, will the cash be taken off the table?
21 Aug. 2012
Cold-Blooded Robbery
A customer is found hiding in a refrigerator. Ashley swears he was waiting for closing time to sneak out and rob them. She demands they hire overnight security, but Les squashes the plan. It's a move he may regret come nightfall.
28 Aug. 2012
Les' Spending Spree
Les is handing out the hundreds for a parade of items that Seth and Ashley claim are worthless. When the kids reveal his backroom piled sky-high with everything from Pontiacs to prosthetics Les is flat out busted.
4 Sep. 2012
Burmese or Busted?
Les is presented with a jar of gold powder that could be worth thousands, but Ashley is convinced it's nothing more than eye shadow. An explosive acid test reveals its true nature.
11 Sep. 2012
Lawyer Up Son
A conflict over a fake receipt turns into a full-blown war at the window. But when Les tries to call the customer's bluff, she comes back with a Motor City lawyer who could land Les in hot water. But Mr. Gold has a big surprise up his sleeve.
18 Sep. 2012
Seth's Big Bet
Ashley challenges Seth to a unique competition that puts the Golden boy in over his head. If he can't deliver the goods, the world will hear the one thing he's been fighting to keep a secret.
25 Sep. 2012
Oh No He Didn't
The kids discover their other store is quietly going bust. When they confront him with the proposition to sell it, Les flies off the handle making it crystal clear that the store is not for sale.
2 Oct. 2012
Oh Yes He Did
Seth's secret plan to sell Pontiac is in full motion, but when it hits a snag, Ashley is pulled into the fray.
13 Nov. 2012
Family Matters
After Seth attempted to sell his father's business out from under him, Les cannot forgive or forget his son's betrayal.
20 Nov. 2012
Pay to Play
When a rare guitar finds its way into the shop, the Golds can't decide if it's the real deal, or a fake.
27 Nov. 2012
Shell Game
Les can't?believe that a hustler would edge in on his turf, but when customers start getting scammed in his parking lot, the Golds have no choice but to take action - and fast.
4 Dec. 2012
Gold Meltdown
A Hollywood player brings in a high end custom job that has Seth scrambling, but one sloppy mistake could lead to disaster.
11 Dec. 2012
Vintage Victory
When a junky old bike rolls in, Les and Ashley are at odds as to what it's worth.
18 Dec. 2012
Ashley's Bad Day
Ashley's attitude is nothing new, but when her sass starts costing the store business, its up to Les and Seth to get to the root of her problems.
25 Dec. 2012
Motor City Dream Cruise
Detroit hosts its annual Dream Cruise, and the Golds know they have just one day to cash in on automotive merchandise.

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